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How Long Will It Take To See Trading Results?

trading Results

This is by far the most common question I receive from our students as well as other traders that are still striving to reach profitability after years of struggle. Although this is a very frequent question, it is natural and normal for one to want to know what their time investment will be and if this path makes sense to pursue.

Asking the “How long does it take to trading results ” question is the wrong way to approach the situation. Rather, let’s take a look at a few very simple and straightforward questions that will have a greater impact on the beginning of your journey.

What is Needed to Become Profitable?

This is one of the more important questions you should be asking initially while you are getting started. In any aspect of life you always want to acquire what is needed to reach your goals and by asking this question you will position yourself for a proper start. Simply put, you need to learn the basic fundamentals of trading.

Learning the correct way to trade can be much easier said than done but the time spent building a strong foundation of both knowledge skill set will go very far. So, take your time to study and gain as much real time market exposure as possible to jump start your path to profitability.

What is the Realistic Length of Time it Actually Takes?

The answer to the question all new traders want to know unfortunately does not have a specific time frame, and as hard as it is to hear that YOU are the one to decide the answer!  Each individual has different learning capabilities which will affect their timeline. We are all wired differently and while some have a natural born talent, others will require additional time to push through the many hurdles encountered during the beginning stages.

I have seen traders become profitable in 3 months and others who have been trying for 3 years with no success. What’s most important is that you acknowledge and understand that this process can be quite lengthy, monotonous, and even frustrating at times but if you focus your attention to growing day by day you will find success in due time.

Just remember, do not become overly fixated on the end results as that tends to detract your focus from the processes that get us to the destination. This is a race that is won by the slow and steady!


  • robert cox

    March 5, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Absolutely right Ross, patience and discipline is what will make a trader succeed in trading. Awesome post. Also, great trade on friday. Wonderful way to finish up the week. You went from being in the red a few days back, being in the green with $5 and then ending the week on a high with RNVA. Awesome job! Patience and sticking to the rules.

  • Michael B

    May 1, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    Yes, and I have found having the right trading platform helps a lot. Psychology of trading is huge also. I’ve heard you talk about loss and how it can sometimes make you take hasty trades to try and make that loss up. Guilty! I’ve had to force myself to walk away at times instead of forcing trades. Wait for a good setup!

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