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$528.64 in 1hr plus my 3 Laptop Giveaway!


$528.64 in 1hr plus my 3 Laptop Giveaway!



All right, guys. So, let’s do our midday market recap. But before we do, a couple announcements. Well one, I was out yesterday; took the day off, but back today. Got back into it, had a pretty decent day, $583, not bad. A little below the $1,000 a day average, but in the last three trading days, it puts me up, let’s see … right around $5,100, 62 … about $6,700, which is not too bad. So today was definitely “stay focused, look for A-quality setups, don’t push it” and that worked out really well.

Now, I want to also remind you guys that tomorrow at 1 p.m. we’re hosting our webinar where I’m gonna be giving away three laptops. All right? So let’s see, yesterday, or on Monday, I showed you guys one of these laptops. I’m gonna show you another one of them here today. So these are Lenovo laptops. I went out and got these on Friday after making $5,000 Friday morning.

So, these are pretty much the same specs as the laptops that I use. They’re brand new Lenovo Y520s, I think. They’re 256 gig solid state hard drives, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and these things are gonna be quick, they’re solid. I think it’s a 15″, it’s the same size as the one I have right now. I’ve been using … I have three Lenovos and I’ve been super, super happy with them. So let’s see, I want to put the sticker on this one, the same as I have on my own computers.

So let’s see, all right, so it’s gonna go in the top corner. All right, so let’s get this sticker on here. So what we’re gonna do tomorrow is … this is kind of an exciting thing that we’re doing here. This giveaway’s a little September back-to-school special. So we’re gonna host the webinar, it’s gonna be 1 p.m. Eastern. I’ll give you guys the link where you can all sign up. And I’ll be giving away … actually I don’t like the way I put that on. Let’s get that straight.

I’ll be giving away these three laptops. So, the way I’m gonna do it is, during the webinar I’m gonna talk about the three strategies that I used to take $583, turn it into $100k. And at the end of the webinar I’m gonna invite a group of students to join me for our August and September Warrior Pro Trading course. I’m gonna give away three laptops. Two of those laptops will go to new students who join me tomorrow, one of the laptops will go to a random attendee who’s in the webinar. All right?

So, that’s the game plan for tomorrow. So this guy is ready to go, ready to ship out. I already put the sticker on one of them, so this one’s number two, and now I gotta get the third one ready to go. All right, so I’ll put this all back together here. I’ll just put that there. Actually, I’ll put it over here for right now. All right. So that one’s ready to go, and now let’s get the third one.

All right. So open this up, and I want to get my sticker on here. Move this out of the way. Charger cable. Yeah, you know, the reason we didn’t do a Mac giveaway is because most of us trading aren’t using Macs. You know, PCs are kind of where it’s at for trading. All right, so this one, ready to go. Get the sticker. Warrior Trading. This is gonna make a really nice trading computer, and it’s also gonna be pretty good for gaming. Just put that on straight.

There we go. Awesome. Looking good. Okay, so that’s two ready to go. And then the third one has already been ready, so we’ve got all three of them ready to ship out. So, webinar’s gonna be tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern. All right? And we’ll call out one of the winners during the live webinar, and the students, once the students join us, we will be emailing them to let them know who won. All right? So students, we will send you guys emails, and we’ll obviously have your email so that’ll be easy to do. All right, so we’ll put this guy away. Okay. So, I just wanted to remind everyone on that coming up tomorrow at 1 p.m.

So, now today we’ll go over, kind of start talking about my trades today. You know, coming back into the market after a day off, nothing really unusual there; I take days off from time to time. And so, generally when I saw yesterday that there was some really good trades on RTNB. You know, I saw it went all the way up to $3, and I thought, “Dang! Once again I missed a really good opportunity.” But, what happened in the middle of the afternoon?

It got halted, and then it ended up resuming at after hours, down whatever, 50% from the highs. So a pretty big drop, which is always a little bit scary; we never like to see that. Whether you’re a long bias trader or a short bias trader, getting stuck in a halt is not a lot of fun. And I know some people are still stuck in the DGLT halt, and who knows how long that’ll last. I know some people are still stuck in the halt on WIN, and again, who knows how long that’ll last.

So you definitely want to keep the approach of: get in, get out, take your money and leave. Not overstay your welcome, not try to just hold, and hold, and hold these types of stocks. Today I kind of thought it wouldn’t even be in play. I was like, “It’s not gonna be in play. RTNB yesterday got halted and ended up opening lower.” Well, what ends up happening right out of the gates? It squeezes from $1.80 all the way up to $2.80, which was really, to me, pretty surprising.

You can see the best setup on it was pre-market, or it was not pre-market, it was in the first 15 minutes. It was the opening range right … this consolidation that ended and broke out at 9:44, which was breaking over $2.08. And that was really probably the best spot. But when I looked at it I thought, “Well, I don’t really like the daily chart. I don’t think the daily chart’s that strong, I think it’s gonna be weak. I think it’s gonna be choppy, so I’m just gonna leave it alone.” And it ended up going all the way up to $2.80.

So it pulled back, it got halted going up. It comes back down, it gets halted coming back down, and then it sort of just, at that point, back below the VWAP, and I thought, “Well, maybe now it’s ruined.” But I decided to take a trade when I saw it pop up right here at 10:22, it popped up to $2.40. It pulled back, and then on this candle here, I got in on this 1-minute breakout as it was breaking over the VWAP. So my very first trade today was at 10:25, which is a little bit late in the day. Got in 5,000 shares at $4.39 average, and I sold at $4.38 and lost about $80. I lost like a penny and a half. I got in with 5,000 shares, looking for that immediate break up over the half dollar. It didn’t happen. I stopped out fast. That was the right thing to do. So I bailed right out of that and just said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to wait.”

While I was waiting I saw ZN on my scanners, and I saw it forming a 5-minute setup. And I looked at that, and I thought, “This thing looks pretty clean. It looks like a good quality 5-minute setup.” My entry was over $2.74. So you can see here, long 5,000 shares at $2.74. It pops up to a high of $2.80. I wanted it to break over high of day, which was 84. Ends up not doing that, I stopped out at $3.70, and I lost $211; 5,000 shares. So at that point I was down about $293, right around there, and I was thinking, “Well, you know, here we go. Another red day. This is annoying. Maybe I’ll just throw in the towel, take the hint. Two trades, both of them red. Obviously I’m not having a very good day.” So, that was my thinking.

And then I kept RTNB on watch, and I saw it drop down and start to consolidate and move back up. And when it started to move back up, I thought, “If this thing can break over the half dollar …” This is what I’m thinking in the back of my mind. I’m thinking, “If it can pop up and break over the half dollar, and get over this level of $2.43, then potentially it could …” over the half dollar, people who are short will cover.

And it’ll squeeze just from their covering, up to $2.60. Now, it’s possible, if this moves from $2.50, to $2.60, $2.70, and it goes up 10% very quickly because shorts are covering, it’ll get halted on a circuit breaker around $2.70, and high of day was $2.80. It resumes at $2.85, $2.90, and boom, squeezes up over $3. That was the back of the mind potential. So as it popped up to 39, again, it pulls back just a little bit, and this is where I said, “You know what? I’m gonna give it another try.”

So I got back in right here, basically at the same price. I got back in at 39. Yeah, $2.39, right back in. So, back in at $2.39 looking for the break over the half dollar. And obviously, I’m glad I stopped out on the first trade. I wouldn’t have wanted to hold 5,000 shares from 39 all the way down to $2.15 on this drop. That would have been a couple thousand dollars in the red; I don’t want to do that. But it popped back up, I get back in. It shows me strength.

I get in here and it pops up to 49, which was good. At $2.50 we had a seller on the ask, about 15,000 shares. And we saw him getting taken out. 15,000, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then we popped over the half dollar and went all the way up to 57. That wasn’t as high as I was hoping. I was hoping we would really open up, squeeze above 60 to 70, get halted on a circuit breaker. Didn’t happen, and so that’s when I decided to start selling, and bailed out.

Now, we saw a buyer, a 20,000 share buyer, put up an order at $2.50. So then once I was up, once we were at like $2.55 by $2.53 and I saw that order, I said, “Okay, that’s my new stop, $2.50. If it breaks below $2.50, I’ll sell.” And it came down to $2.50, and it was like 20,000 shares and then 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and boom, that’s when I sold the rest at $2.50. So all out and generally I feel pretty good about that trade.

Ended up making back from the $83 loss on the first one, like $880 or whatever. So, finishing the day up $795 on RTNB, and down $211 on ZN, gives me $583.61 of profit. So, green is good, I’m happy with that. Not gonna overstay my welcome today. Just keep that mentality of “take the money and run”, and so that’s what I’ve done today.

I see PETS on the scanners here, pretty big drop there, so it might be some opportunities to trade this off of the 200 moving average down here. I would keep that level on watch. All right. So we’ll focus on that, but for those of you watching the recap, I will see you first thing tomorrow morning, or hopefully in our webinar tomorrow at 1 p.m. All right, so that’s it. I’ll see you guys later this afternoon. All right, thanks.

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade; hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.