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Mmm, The Sweet Smell of Green! +$7,079.91!

What’s up everyone? Alright, so here we are, sixth day of April, and another seven thousand dollars in profit. Now, today wasn’t totally easy. I had a $9,500 winner, which was awesome, but I also had a $2,500 loser, which was not so awesome.


So net profit, seven thousand dollars. That puts me up 48 thousand dollars in the last six days. I’m already up more this month then I made all of last month, and well, I’m on track for another 100 thousand dollar month, if I can keep it up. That’s what I’m hoping to do is keep up the momentum, and expect that I will have a slow day. I may have a red day, but keep those losses as small as possible. That way, I can bounce back really quickly, and get right back into the green.

So 100 thousand dollar month is definitely within reach here in April, but it all depends on the market. As long as momentum is hot, I’m going to be able to keep capitalizing, keep wrapping up really big green days, but it may slow down. That’s the eb and the flow, and there’s not really any way to predict it, but boy, today was awesome, and April so far, has been really, really hot.

This is really exciting. I’m up about 198 thousand dollars on the year right now. My goal for this year was right around 670, 700 thousand dollars, because if I break 700 thousand dollars of profit this year, I will break one million dollars in my account that I started, which was 583 bucks, January of 2017.

As of today, the account is at 533 thousand, so I’ve got 466 thousand dollars to go, and it’s kind of one of those things like, I’m in the middle of a marathon, I just sort of crossed the halfway point. I just want to get to the end already. I want to be there. But this is a marathon. It’s not something … I’m not going to be able to get to the million dollar mark by the end of this month. It’s just not going to happen. I have to just pace myself. I have too just sort of settle in and know that I’m in this for the long hall, and the million dollar mark, that will come. I will get to the end of this little marathon, and when it ends, I’ll do another one, or whatever. But yeah, I’ve got a little ways ahead of me.

Anyways, right now, just enjoying the win being at my back, and getting a little bit of a nice boost here in the early part of the month, and that just puts me in the driver’s seat for the rest of April. Anyways, we’ll break down all of today’s trades in today’s mid day market recap.

What’s up everyone. Alright, so we’re going to do our mid day market recap here, but we’re also going to keep an eye on Cone. This one, high the last five minute candle, was 931, and that’s a level to watch for the first five minute candle to make a new high on this little pull back. It’s not a perfect pull back. It hasn’t come all the way down to the nine moving average yet, and it did do this sort of … It’s starting to pull back, and then it got one little more burst of momentum, and now it’s pulling back a little bit more, so I’m definitely watching it, but I’m not sure if it’s going to give us that low risk entry that I’m going to be really looking for. So anyways, just keep that one on watch while we start to go over the trades from this morning.

So, today, a little bit of an interesting day. Up $7079, which is certainly good, but a good size loss on MYSZ. Also, one trade in my IRA account, a measly $305 dollars, plus the $468 yesterday, is $700 dollars this week. That’s good, but you know, then of course I missed the big ones in my IRA, and that’s what’s disappointing.

Let’s look at MYSZ first. This morning, we had a couple of stocks on the watch list. I’ll just move this back down out of the way here. Let’s see, well, I’ll just put this here. Let me just grab my gap scanner. So gap scanner’s here. I want to keep that chart up right there.

So you see, here’s the first candle making a new high, which is over 31. Right now, it’s just bid at 21, ask of 39. That’s a big spread. The decreasing volume is kind of the red flag. You definitely want to see volume increasing into a break out, so this might just be another false break out here.

Anyways, we had CHFS on our gap scanner this morning, as a maybe. It didn’t end up working at all. No trades on it. It just didn’t work. I tried to take a couple trades on it right out of the gates at 15, and at 25, but it kept not getting filled, so it was just as well. It didn’t hold up well. It hit a high of 27. So no trades on that.

And then, MYS … Oh, we also had CUR on the watch list, but this one didn’t work either. It was just very weak. So no trades on those.

MYSZ hits the scanner, I look at it, and I’m like, “Okay, this thing is starting to move, and if it can break over the 200 moving average on the daily, which is 159, this thing might have some room to move. I mean, it could get up towards 2, 250. It’s a former runner, history of making big moves.

I jumped in my IRA, with 10 thousand shares at $1.58. I got filled at $1.58, and this is the crazy thing. I then put out a sell order to sell the whole thing, and that sell order took 12 seconds to fill. It took 12 seconds for my order to fill, starting to execute at 40.40, and finishing at 40.52. In my opinion, that’s unacceptable.

Light speed over here, I took the same trade. I got in with 20 thousand shares. Okay, I was being a little aggressive here. Again though, I was thinking this one, it’s a cheaper stock, so the dollar amount isn’t that high. It’s just a larger share size. Along with 20 thousand shares, it hits a high of 69. I was thinking if it got over 75, we’d have a good chance of hitting $2. And then on this candle, it pulled all the way back down to 52.

I thought, “Okay, I’ll give it the chance for a one minute candle to make a new high,” but that didn’t end up happening. I couldn’t afford to keep holding it, and so finally, I had to stop out, and I stopped out here at 51, and 49 with 10 thousand shares. Again, these orders, for 20 thousand shares, fired in the same one second period. Those were instant fills, just instantly getting filled.

Anyways, I had the trade here on this side. $300 is good, a profit none the less. As soon as it didn’t break over 69, I was like, “I’ve got to get out,” and so I sold it, but I held in my main account, kind of hoping that it would turn into a bigger win, but I probably should’ve just sold sooner.

At that point, I was down $2400 in this account, and I was like, alright … You know, I had said earlier in the month that I wouldn’t take a trade if I was down more than $2000. I would just be done for the day. And so, I started thinking, I was like, “Well, that was at 9:45,” and I said, “I at least have to wait a few minutes,” you know, give myself five minutes just to sit tight, and be patient.

During that time, nothing hit the scanners, and so I was like, “You know what? I’m probably just going to be done for today. I’m down $2500. It’s not that big of a deal. I had a great day yesterday, so it is what it is.”

Someone says, “Hey, check out Cone.”

And I’m like, “Yeah, I see it, but I don’t know if it’s really going to hold. Yesterday it made this big move, but then it retraced most of the move,” so I didn’t have a lot of confidence in it initially, when it first popped up right here, because the spreads were pretty big.

And then, we saw this kind of little burst of buying right here, at 45, and then going into the half dollar. At that point, I was like, “Okay, I’ll take a stab,” so I jump in with 5000 shares at 46. My stop is 35, so I’ve got a $500 stop on it, and I’m just sort of like, “Alright, I’ll give this a chance. If it works, I’ll add. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be done for the day, and that’ll be it.”

So I jump in 6.46. It pops up to 6.68, and then it gets … I tried to add at 68. I didn’t get filled there, and then it’s halted at 71. It ended up getting halted, and resuming higher. It resumed at a high of 7.21, and so I’m instantly up like 70 cents on 5000 shares. I added at 7.25. I then flipped out, and sold at … I sold a quarter at 49, another quarter at 64, and another quarter at 77, taking profit into that first squeeze here, which was up to 89.

It dips down. I sell some more at 8.50 … Oops, what’s going on? I sell some more at 7.50, sorry, 7.50, and then as it curls back up, I add back 7500 shares at $8.00, and now I’m scalping. It’s going … Working in this range, and I’m getting in, getting out, trading in this range. So, back in it at 7.90 average, selling at 8.15, 8.11. Back in at 7.92 and $8.00, selling at I guess 8 and 7.67. So maybe a small loss on that trade.

Adding back at … Or maybe selling the rest at 8.20. I ended up adding back at 8.20 right here, and selling that at 8.29. Adding back at 8.36, selling at 8.44. Again, this is being a very active trader. Getting in at 45. Getting out at 50. I’m churning shared, but through all of those extra trades, I made another almost $5000. My very first trade on it was about a $5000 winner, and so all of those little scalps, getting in, getting out, getting in, getting out, these are on one minute pull backs, like right here, and right here, and right here, and those pay the bills.

So really, this is a great month. It’s almost 50 thousand dollars of profit this month. I’m going to write it in the calendar, make it official. $7079.91. Just about 50 thousand in the last six days of trading. I’m up 48 thousand dollars on the month right now. I’m up 199 thousand dollars on the year. And I’m up 533 thousand dollars in my account that I started January 2017, which was $583.

I’m still … I’m more than half way now, to my one million dollar target. I’ve got … On my Excel, I have 466 thousand dollars to go. If that takes me 180 days, I need to average $2500 per day. That would get me there … Actually, that would probably not get me there by the end of the year. I don’t think we have a full 180 days left, if I take a couple days off here and there, so I probably have like 160 days left, and I would need to average $2900 per day to get there by the end of this year.

So far, this is the 62nd day of trading for me, and I’m averaging $3194 a day. So hitting that million dollar mark is possible this year, but I need to continue to have really good months. We’ll see. If it doesn’t happen until maybe a full year from now, in March, April of next year, that’s okay too. It’s not a big deal.

Anyways, that’s where we’re at right now. So far this month, by the way, my accuracy is really solid at 89%. I’ve had a total of 45 trades, and only three losers, actually four losers. So 45 trades and four losers, not bad at all. Definitely pumped about that. I just want to keep it going. Obviously, hot streaks come to an end, and sometimes, they come to a kind of big finish, where it ends up being a big red day. That’s the end of the hot streak, so I have to prepare myself emotionally that that could happen.

Today, being down $2500 wouldn’t have been a big deal. It wouldn’t have been that disappointing. As long as I keep the loss under … Probably under 5000, I’ll be … I won’t be that disappointed after a really nice hot streak here.

Anyways, that’s it for me, and we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, pre-market analysis, around 9, 9:15.

Alright, I’ll see you guys in the morning.

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