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No Shortcuts Can Replace Experience


No Shortcuts Can Replace Experience

As human beings, we always feel the need of rushing to get what we want. Although it’s great to have ambitious goals in life, we often miss the big point of working hard enough as well as being very patient at the same time in order to get there. I guess the main fear here is to be wasting time chasing something we may never get.

The problem in all of this approach is that millions of great ideas will never see the light just because of the lack of execution behind those strokes of genius. Because ideas are really worthless without the right amount of work to bring them to life. With that said, here I want to focus on the journey of execution that requires a high amount of persistence, patience, sacrifice (read my latest blog post about it here) and trust in the process.

Everything starts with that little tiny seed called “desire” and passion into trading and the proper education (here is where I personally started from) that provides the fastest route to each personal journey towards success. From this point on, it is where each trader’s path becomes unique.

As individuals we all are different and we have distinct ways to look at the same things. This is exactly why each chart, setup or trade idea can be more easily recognized by somebody than by anybody else. Here is where the journey gets really personal because the tools we have been given to build up the fundamentals are now available and how to actually implement the best possible infrastructure for successful trading it’s really up to us to decide.

Learning From Every Lesson Equals Never Wasting Time

Now, it’s all going to be part of a peculiar learning curve that will eventually make itself past the break-even point and consistently turn it into a successful trading career. We simply cannot leave our fate into the hands of others, just because others will never take care about ourselves more than we could.

All we need to do is accepting the game of continuous practicing and get used to keep learning after every failure without giving up. Getting taught by every lesson equals to never wasting time.

In fact, no shortcuts can ever replace experience. And here is a great example about one hot topic we often debate in the Warrior Trading chat-room, that is the place where thousand of traders interact and share precious knowledge every day (learn more about it here if you’re not part of the community yet). This is “price action”.

Price action is defined as the following (source Investopedia). “Price action is the movement of a security’s price. Price action is encompassed in technical and chart pattern analysis, which attempt to find order in the sometimes seemingly random movement of price. Swings (high and low), tests of resistance and consolidation are some examples of price action.“

This is a very interesting matter because the ability of reading into it is one of the best possible assets for any successful day trader career. The ability of reading the price as it goes means being somehow connected to a certain equity price movement.

And being able to interpret the exchanges going on in the level 2 and the time & sales windows is paramount (no worries if those terms aren’t familiar to you, everything gets explained in detail on the Warrior Pro courses).

In order to develop this kind of sensitivity, experience is the answer again. Investing time in regularly monitoring it live with our own eyes gives an enormous contribution into building the required level of self-awareness and improves the rate of success of predicting what’s going to happen next dramatically.

So, if you seriously believe that trading is what you want to do for your life and passionately committed to turn it into a profession, make yourself a favor and stop looking for any easy way out. Because no shortcuts can replace experience.




See you in chat-room.

Trade safe,

Roberto Barbaro



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