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OptionNET Explorer Review 2021

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OptionNET Explorer Review 2017

OptionNET Explorer is a next generation options analysis platform that enables traders and investor to track and analyze option strategies is great detail. The web platform is built by options traders for traders and investors. Unlike other platforms that offer fewer features and a lackluster GUI, OptionNET Explorer has set itself apart from its competitors. For starters, it allows traders and investors to control risks as well as improve trading results.

As a complete options trading and analysis platform, OptionNET Explorer also allows traders to backtest complex options trading strategies, analyze results and even monitor trading activity. The platform is designed to maintain and access extensive historical options data eliminating the need for you to maintain your own database.

OptionNET Explorer imparts all the benefits of an online platform since it runs directly from the trader’s computer without any lag. It allows access to user account information and backtest history stored on secure servers from any location in the world. You don’t have to copy information between your office and home machine.

Option traders have the chance of designing and backtesting multiple trading strategies for similar or different underlying symbols. That is not all. The platform keeps track of every adjustment and commission providing you with cumulative profit and loss figures which enables option traders to concentrate on incorporating best trading decisions.

Product Features

OptionNET Explorer has a ton of sophisticated features and tools to analyze various options trades from simple directionals all the way to super complex, multi legged strategies.

Design, Test and Monitoring Environment

As said earlier, OptionNET Explorer provides a platform for options traders to design and test strategies for different symbols. All this is achieved through the click of a mouse. Thanks to this feature, option traders can keep track of any adjustments as well as commissions thus having access to cumulative profit and loss figures. As a result, option traders are able to concentrate on formulating and executing trading decisions.

That is not all. Option traders can monitor different positions in real time via a single window. No additional fees are charged.

Access To Historical Data

OptionNET Explorer developers understand that option traders should not compromise on formulating and backtesting trading strategies. Furthermore, they know that huge spikes can occur within a 30 minute period. This can make a difference between profits and losses. To protect you, OptionNET Explorer provides access within 5 minute intervals thus giving option traders a comprehensive view of the market together with tools designed to provide information. As a result, OptionNET Explorer has become a popular platform among option traders as you can see why.

Intuitive Interface

OptionNET Explorer is designed with a simple, intuitive and modern UX which helps to enhance the trader experience. It comes with a familiar user interface together with controls available on popular platforms. As a result, the learning curve is reduced for beginners.

Free upgrades are available all through the subscription period.

First Class Support

Need any help with OptionNET Explorer? The platform comes with a fully integrated support suite that allows option traders to search its knowledge base for answers to different questions. It also allows users to create tickets when problems arise. Furthermore, users have the option of chatting with support staff thus having their questions answered instantly.

The support platform provides online help documentation as well as instructional videos which help to educate beginners. As a result, a beginner’s education is accelerated setting one on the path of becoming a professional options trader.

OptionNET Pricing

OptionNET Explorer combines different features in order to offer options traders the best. With the platform, option traders have the ability of developing and implementing trading strategies with the goal of making a profit. The platform is available with unique tools and high end features. To ensure users have access to different features on the platform, OptionNET Explorer developers have created the following pricing packages.

a. 30 day trial @ £ 50 ($66.88)
b. 3 Months @ £ 150 ($200.63) purchased after trial
c. Annual (12 months) @ £ 500 ($668.77). Offer available with a discount of 16% after Trial.

Each of the above packages is inclusive of:

i. Access to historical market data for all US equities and indices in 5 minute intervals
ii. Software upgrades available during subscription
iii. Unlimited access to support staff
iv. Orders can be sent directly to select brokers
v. Free access to OptionNET Explorer education series

Final Thoughts

Option traders have been able to create over 11 million trades thanks to backtesting features available on OptionNET Explorer. As a result, they have perfected their trading strategies thus profiting from the market. Furthermore, users have access to historical intra-day pricing data as well as 24/7 support team that is ready to answer any questions. Are you in search of the next generation options analysis platform with tons of features? Then make sure to check out OptionNET Explorer! They currently have a 30 day trial going on.



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