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Perfect Green Week Completed +$1,450 | Steve’s Futures Pulse 162


Hello fellow Futures Warriors. Happy Friday or as I like to say, TGI Futures. Well guess what? We did it, five trading days this week and five green days. It was a perfect green week. Today it was the Light Sweet Crude. We found a breakout mode opportunity and we captured 21 cents and 40 cents in a very short period of time. Now as usual, I recorded all the actions so you get to hear my commentary as the trade came to life and right before your eyes you’re going to see this market surge and how we captured $1450 when it was all said and done. I’m in a good mood heading into the weekend. Think of my barbecue today. What do you say? Hmm? What should I put on the grill? Comment down below and tell me what I should put on the grill, because I think I’m going to get by the pool today and do a little grilling. What should I cook? Come on. Look at Futures polls today.

Let’s go take a look at the Light Sweet Crude’s here again. It’s been good trade. Light Sweet Crude’s been good market for us if you’ve been following along my YouTube videos. We’ve done quite well in Crude. There we go. This one, similar story, but [Juxtapose 00:00:01:12], right? All the congestion is down below here from where the market is. You can see it. There’s a nice little base of congestion here. My disposition on this one is to look at the 30 minute chart and say, “Hey, we’ve got a good bit of support down here. Okay.” This yellow line that you see running across, you see it here, you can… Where is it? It’s over here. That’s called master point of control. What it represents is the highest volume traded price on the board. You see how it extends? This one right here and right over here. I’ll draw it as well.

That’s good support down below. When there’s a high volume price like that and that’s why you give it that yellow color, so you can see explicitly that’s where it is. But this market stand a good chance of giving us that break to the upside. I’m going to go take a peak here at the scanner here and I’ll bring it up. Let’s show you what I’m doing so you can see this by the way. I’m looking at the scanner and I’m bringing up crude oil here and I’m paying attention down over here. This is called the Landscape Chart. What this does is, this tells me very quickly and easily, where the market is relative to weekly, daily, four hour and 60.

Now, look what I see here. Okay. $53.25 would be an awesome area to see this market get to, because it’s going to start on the 60 minute time frame, which is actually swing timeframe. It might start to break higher and if it does, that’s only going to help our cause. A little bit lower, at $52.61, as I put my cursor down in the bottom right, you can see if we break above that, on the four hour we’ll start to get bullish. Okay. So that’s a beautiful thing as well. Here we go.

Pardon me. [inaudible 00:02:50] in the short-term to watch you. As you can see, we’re almost there right now, I’ll break about $52.49. Also at $52.55. If we break above there, you’ll see a nice little long range bar. Thing to aware of here is, we do see a master point and control coming in right around at 53 bucks a barrel. Okay.

But herein lies your opportunity right here. Right here is, call it about $400 worth of opportunity. Okay.

Let’s come back to that one here. I’d like to see [Pollack 00:03:23] just a tad, just to smidge here. Okay. I’m zooming out a little bit here so you can see where the market’s been as well. It’s been some good trades if you… Pardon me. If you look at this chart, even on the 10 here, look at long, short, long, you’re on the right side of the market. Okay. so it’s just… Your job as a trader is really quite simply to to find good places to pick a battle with the market. That’s really what your job is. Okay. The goal is not just to say should I be long or short, it’s identify probabilities favor long. In this case, on the crude oil, but, Okay. Now, where’s a good place to pick the battle where I have some resistance behind me here. Okay. This crude’s about ready to take off to the upside here and get ready guys, it’s CLN9, that’s July contract Light Sweet Crude. We’re going to keep an eye on this thing here. Okay.

Why are they not… Hold on a second let me take a peek here. Give me a moment. Oops. Hold on a second. Bear with me. CLN9 July, so it’s July. My apologies. I had an August up on one of my boards, but that was a carry over from the gold. Okay. Crude, you can trade, symbol QM.


Don’t stress about target’s Alberto. Okay. Remember, we focus on risk. We always talk about risk first, because the targets don’t matter whatsoever if the risk is too much on the trade. what I’m saying? Focus, focus, focus on risk, because setting targets is somewhat [Fugazi 00:05:13] and I’ll tell you what I mean by that. Setting targets based on a moment in time. Yeah, I could say, “Hey, yeah, we’re going to… I think we’re going to get up here.” Okay. Market’s breaking right now by the way, but as information comes in as this market goes this way, I’m going to have all this new information. And I might say, “Well, we ain’t gonna get there, I got all this new information. We’re not going to get there anymore. It’s just not happening, so I need to adjust my target.”

I put less stress on setting an initial target, because really, I know it’s a moving target, no pun intended anyway. Focus for me is risk, making sure that I’m all comfortable with the risk. Profits take care of itself. But if you got to know, like I referenced earlier, about 53 bucks a barrel might be a good target. I said about $400 earlier, so somewhere in here is where you’d be looking to take some of your profits if the market makes a run towards that 53 bucks a barrel. Okay. About $400, not too shabby. Okay.

You a get nice little… You’re getting a decent little bit of prop up from that POC, $52.31. Market’s about ready to make that break above $52.49. Get ready. Watch this up here. When we break free of this [Sony 00:00:06:22], you’ll see a nice fast and vertical bar up here. Get ready. Would really like see this market pull back just a smidge here. Even $52.40 I wouldn’t feel too bad about. See how we’re hovering $52.44 right now?

On the risk side on this one, let’s talk about risk here. Really would like to be down below $52.06, so even a couple of points down below that, $52.04. Marcus getting ready to give us that nice little boom. If it can break above that $52.55, this is remember, you see this time and time again if you’ve been following along, you break free of our value areas, these balance zones and then, boom, you get that nice long, long range bar. That’s how we make money. Okay. It’s a beautiful thing. I don’t think this market is going to give us that pullback that we’re hoping for. We’re fast approaching here for this 49. Watch the break, it’s going to get fast and vertical right here. Get ready. $52.55, you break that, boom, there she’s going to go. There she goes. We’ll see. Here we go. Follow the Yellow Arrow. We’re waiting. Two things need to happen. Okay.

I’m looking for either the pullback $52.40 or if that thing breaks $52.55 level. We’re going to capture that as well, so you can basically put this on. It’s a little tricky. I guess it’s somewhat advanced, I would say, where you got to manage two different things, a Buy Stop Order into the trade, as well as a Limit Order and you gotta be sure to cancel the other one otherwise you can get filled on both.

Boom, boom, boom.

This would be a sin for me. It’s a six unit, so middle of the middle of the road.

Okay, so if the $52.40 filled… The $52.40 filled, so that’s going to be our official entry. You got to pull back there. We’re looking for some support to come in for us here on this $52.31 level. Want to see a re break up above here. Stop down here, just initially. I’m going to put this thing down below. You could see $52.06 down below that. Again, from a Stop Loss standpoint, we want to leverage this in our favor here. Okay. Market’s breaking up a little bit to the upside. Got $240, got six units on it, so you can run the math on that. Woo-hoo, $40 each.

This is where we’re going to make money up here if we get the break above $52.55. Get ready. This can happen just like that.

I am not always trading breakouts. Nope, that’s not true. Breakouts is one part of my strategy, helps identify bullish or bearish breakouts, but I’ve been doing a lot of in the box trading, which is not trading breakouts, you’re trading inflection points at that point. Okay. I’m going to go over some key areas, so $52.40 is right here and I liked that. Why? Because we got this congestion down below. It’s going to be what’s going to prop the trade. Here we go. We’re making some money. I’m up for $540. Thanks for those of you that are joining me here live today. Little special treat. Here’s where we make money in Market Profile. There we go. Looking at turning green over here already off to the races we go. Up $600 on the trade. Here we go. $52.04 is the stop. $52.04 is of the stop down here. Just initially here, we’re going to be moving that probably, pretty quick here if we get a… a chance to do so of course and that’s the whole idea.

Market’s fighting through that or trying to pick a battle here with this supplies zone. That’s that $52.55 level right there. We’ve just got to get that pop up here. That’s what we’re looking for, so you’ve got your $100 a contract here already, those of you that are scalp traders. Congratulations. Happy Friday to you. I know some of you like to go grab your hundred and go on and take your money and run.

This is July contract yet. Okay. August contract is going to be Q, if you’re trading out there as a day trader, trading in the July is just fine. You’re not going to be in this trade a long time. Here we go now, let’s go. Woo-wee. Follow the Yellow Arrow. Follow the Yellow Arrow. It’s climbing up the top 40 hits folks with your help and your support. No need to send in financial donations. You keep those for yourself. Okay. Here we go.

Up $840. Having a tough time breaking that $52.55 levels, so I’m a little bummed about that, but it’s good to go at any time for me. However, it means, if I continue to see it struggle to break above that $52.55, this is where I’ll start to get aggressive on profit taking on all but one of my six units. Okay. We’ve got $900 in running here now on the trade. Having a tough time breaking. Look at this level here, see our struggle to give the break above that $52.55. Come on. I’m going to give it just a little while longer to give me that break there. It’s starting, it’s starting, it’s trying, it’s… It just needs this a little…

Okay. That… Hey, that seemed to work. Come on, everybody. Having a tough time breaking. It’s really loving that supply area right there. It’s trying so hard… so hard on that 30 minute chart to give us that break. It’s just wants to so desperately. Go. Go. Give it a little encouragement people. Here we go, $50.62, we’re off to the races. I’m up $1,300 on the trade now. Remember, we’re long from down here, $52.40 on a limited order. There it goes breaking. Off to the races go. We got 22 cents. That’s $220 a contract. We’re off to the races here now. $1,300, $1,400 and climbing. Here we go. Follow the yellow. Follow the yellow arrow. Come on now.

Dang it. See, I can’t pretend to freeze when you got this… that can’t freeze that. Just sold out five of my units. I’m going to tell you the price I got just moments ago.

Bingo. Where did we getting here? 61, $52.61. Sold out five of my six, which is nice, because I just realized $1,000 and 50, $1,050. My risk is just… We’re going to have a green day again, which means, yes, yes, we did it. We achieved our goal. Green, green, green. We’re green machines this week. Okay. Sold out five of my six units. That a booked a thousand bucks. Time to dive into a three minute chart here, because I want to really tighten up my stop here and mitigate any give back I’m going to have on the trade. You can see the boxes are still staying way back down here. My stop’s going to come just a smidge down below our $50.40. It’s coming down to… My stop is going to go $52.38, so it’s got $20 risk at this point, which is pretty awesome, right?

That’s the type of risk we love to see. Remember where long? $52.40. We’ve got just one unit left with a measly $20 risk. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? On five units we made 21 cents. Each penny’s worth 10 bucks. I had five of six. We’ve closed out for 21 cents, that’s the $1,050 and we’ve got just $20 give back risk on that remaining unit. We got a free trade. This is how we trade here. Well, that’s how I trade anyway and you’re welcome to… But we basically put these trades into a situation where with our multi units and scale outs, when we see the markets not following through… Look at the market retreating even a little bit further from where we got on. I’m feeling pretty good about being aggressive on the exit here. Look where the market topped out.

  1. We sold 61. $52.64 was the high. 61 was our cover, so my give back’s going to be only $20 worst case scenario, which means I’ll make a G. It’s another G-day today. My worst case scenario is I’ll make $1,030 today unless the slippage is atrocious, but let’s assume I get stopped out. This is kind of fun. This part of trading is the fun part. The hard part is the pre-entry analysis. That’s the hard part. That’s where you’re working for your money. You gotta be smart, you gotta look at the charts, you gotta come to class and learn to what to look for you gotta make sure you have TAS Market Profile. If you ain’t got it, you don’t see that. Let me give you an example. Here you go.

Anybody want to just look at volume and this chart right now, because that’s all we’re going to look at right now. Okay. So, here you go. Here’s the [ebony S&P 00:14:21]. Good luck. It’s ridiculous. It’s atrocious. It’s fantastic that many others do trade just like this. Looking at a chart like this with maybe… I don’t know. … a moving average or something. No edge. No edge, edge and that’s the beauty. And good for us, those of us that are using our Market Profile, those of us that are using our TAS Market Profile indicators. Look at the difference side by side. No information before.

Okay. And here’s your after. Look at… You can see what side of the market you should be trading on. Super, super slick. All right. Let’s go back here. All right, so we’ve got a free trade here. We’ll see how this one shakes out. We made 1000 bucks. Worst case scenario, even if it gets stopped out at this point, market’s retreating back a little bit, but we get ourself a chance for a free trade. It’s like having a free… I don’t know. … lottery ticket or something. Well, it’s not even free. It’s better than free. It’s like a thousand dollars scratch off that you just won except you’re able to not have it be just a total guessing game throwing your money away as a gambler’s mentality. This was a strategic move. We saw, we talked about it even before the trade.

How much did you guys make following along here? Anybody? $200 for Joe. 80 bucks a contract for Bo. $360 for Jeff. Awesome. $200 for Matt for $489 for Michael. Nice job. Good job on your [seminet 00:15:52] man. You like [MDT 60 00:15:52] trader? Me too. I created it. You don’t have to say you like it if you don’t, but I think it’s pretty cool.

What else? What else? Robert’s got $200. Zen made to $260. $140 for Karen on two contracts. 2K for [Benjo 00:16:11]. Nice. It ain’t just my thousand bucks. Let’s add up all those dollars and I think we’re collectively as a group, us TAS Warriors, us Futures Warriors… on any given day we’re grabbing tens of thousands of dollars collectively as a group out of the market, right? I go grab $100, $200, $300. You guys go grab your $100, $200, $200, $500 here, $200 there. Some of you get even a whole lot more, because you trade bigger than me. Kudos to you.

That’s what’s awesome about community. That’s what’s great about being a futures warrior. Not to mention, it’s a heck of a lot more fun than sitting here and doing this by yourself. Let’s face it, man, this is better than what I… I pay $100… what… $171 per family member basically for a membership that I rarely go to at the health club. You guys remember earlier tools like this?

Look, there’s a lot of stuff out there. I know that. There’s a ton. The power of the Internet is a blessing and a curse if you ask me. The blessing part is, well, it’s easy to get information, check out stuff, sell stuff, reach people all over the world with an idea, a concept, a tool, a strategy. The downside, and I’m still in this trade by the way, we didn’t go get stopped out, so I still got 150 bucks running by the way on this crew trade. We might get another surge here. Here we go.

The bad news is it’s cheap, inexpensive and easy for somebody sitting in their pajamas to create a website, say that they’re the best with really no vetting, no proof, no institutional or street credibility or anything, and they can say whatever they want in reality. It’s not some kind of policing mechanism out there that says, “This guy says he’s number one just because, well, I don’t know. He has a nice website and he says he’s number one. Sure.”

Scary, right? Who Do you believe? Oh, you believe people is what it comes down to, right? Anyone can put words on paper and that’s what Ross does good. That’s what Mike does well. That’s what the entire community here at warrior does as good, as it’s about… It really is about people. Trading is what we do, make no mistake about it. We like making money. That’s what makes our time spent together worthwhile. I guess we could do basket weaving if you want, but I would much rather make some money trading the markets with you.

It’s people. It’s people helping you to learn a new skill that becomes your skill, your knowledge, and literally til the day you die. And don’t go dying on me. You have a way to make money literally. Some of you in warrior here… There goes the market here, we’re breaking to the upside by the way, as I’m talking and it’s okay that I’ve talked. Part of me talking to you actually helps me from being antsy on the trade myself, so enjoy the entertainment value. We got $200 in running on his final freebie trade.

But you’re learning a skill, so I want your focus to be… Some of my… I don’t want to say naysayers and skeptics, but they’re out there. I love them to death. Without them, it means I’m not doing something right. Right? If you don’t got a big bullseye on your back or your product isn’t that big bullseye on, it means that you’re not drawing enough attention, right? So you’ve to kind of… If you’re in business, like of course, we all are here at Warrior Trading. That’s to be expected, but the reality is, that we’re teaching you skills. It’s more valuable to me than becoming dependent on me having to tell you what to do every trade. I’m going to show you what I’m doing, use what I’m doing as some nice live examples, some tangible, holy cow, this stuff works, but when I’m done trading for the day, I don’t want your opportunities to be done. They shouldn’t, because in Futures, 24 hours a day.

Remember, you could be looking for opportunities in other markets, in other time frames and it shouldn’t be restricted based upon my training schedule or a couple of markets that I like to focus on. I want it to be your favorite markets, your favorite timeframe, and you could do that with the tool. That’s the beauty of TAS Market Profile.

Those of you that are sitting in new with us here today, we did set up actually, a special website for you as a warrior trading member. You just come on over to tasWarriors.com, T-A-S Warriors.com and we’ve got a very special price. Over 50% savings, actually, in fact, so that’s something to be pretty stoked about. Here in about what, five minutes, 10 minutes I grabbed 1000 bucks and running. I’m up to $220 on this last one here and for what, 150 bucks?

It pays for itself. It really does. Some of you have already recouped your investment on your longer term plan already and thank you for your love notes that you’ve sent me.

That’s exactly the way it is. It’s not a cost. Yes, it costs money, but as in any business, if you don’t put one penny in a business and many of you are business owners, you know this. You don’t put one penny in a business, I’m going to assure you there’s not many businesses that get one penny out. Okay. Except, this is your trading business.

Market’s being a little stubborn in braking to the upside here. You can keep this one in play for you guys. It’s kind of a freebie trade here at this point. That was fat. That was… Let me put it this way. When you take advantage of a moment in time opportunity to secure access to the tool that helps you make money for years to come. That is the gift that keeps on giving. And I like to say your future self will thank your now self. It’s like Michael J. Fox, right? Back to the future. You’re going into the future and you’ll say, “Gal Lee, I’m so glad I did that, because A, I saved a mountain of dough.”

For your loyalty and your commitment of course… But thanks again, for those of you having the confidence to embrace the product. It will serve you well. It will continue to serve you well. And I’m gonna be right here every day to teach you how to use it.


Don’t get any better than that.


Market’s trying to test it’s a short-term highs here. We’ll see if it gets there. And here we go, $52.61.


Come on, go on and take your money and run. Perfect green week guys. Flex your muscles.

Five green days, five days of trading. That’s how I like to go into the weekend.

Here we go. Look at that thing go. [inaudible] Remember, run towards 53 bucks a barrel is where you’ll also get some resistance. Here we go. We’re pushed on the high. Here we go. We’re making money. I’m up on the $300 on that last unit, which is just a bonus, right? I’ve already locked in my worst case thousand dollars today. This is all just bonus stuff.

I’m thinking about maybe grilling, maybe today. I’m kind of in that, maybe BBQ mode today.

It’s Friday.

Going to get out on the golf course in actually, not too long from now. Within the hour I’m going to go get on the tee box, try to hit a little white ball in a hole about 450 yards away. Probably a more frustrating endeavor than trading for me.


I got to tell you, if you never heard my hole-in-one story, so I’ve had one in my life. Good job, Karen, $270. We’re pushing on the high. There we go. Look it there, it’s gone. $52.77, we’re making a run towards that 53 bucks a barrel. Focus. Eyes on the screen. I don’t have time to type right now guys. $50.73, we’re position making $350 on that last unit now. I’m up $1,400 for the day.

Here we go.

We’re making a run towards that 53 bucks a barrel. Here it goes. $52.87, $52.86. I’m up another $400 on that one. Bingo, I just closed it out for another $400. I’m out $1450 for the day.

Sold out that last unit on that nice little extra surge. That was that little free remember, lottery ticket. That was $52.80 sold out that last unit and I am done personally, here for the day. $1450 to recap the trade for you guys, here’s what it was. I want to show you how it came to life. Remember, learning the chart pattern… Many of you, I could see you guys are typing in how much money you made. How much you guys make now? You guys got to update, because some of you guys had that last unit with me here too. This is a good example of how to trade Market Profile in day trade timeframe using volume congestion zones to dictate a good place to pick a battle, because we had support down below, so we placed a buy entry at $52.40.

I’m going to circle it right here. It was back in… right about… right here. Okay. And it was over here on the 30 minute chart, so we’re looking at the 10 minute chart here, the 30 here, side by side and in both cases if you… This’ll be posted by the way. I’m going to put this up on YouTube. Okay. And you’ll be able to re watch this. We put the trade on, because both timeframes had congestion, which you can only see if you have my Market Profile of course. Right? That’s why you need TAS Market Profile. You got to have the tools to see what I see.

We had nice master points of control member. Remember, we talked earlier about these yellow lines. That was below us, so we had a nice support from that. We had balance area levels, POC levels and so forth here that we had supporting the trade as well. So we have levels, congestion, master points of control, which is high volume zones right below us, not too far down below us. So we pulled the trigger at $52.40. We initially put that stopped down at $52.04 as discussed and we put it there by the way, because we wanted to be down below this demand zone. Okay. See, that’s $52.06. We wanted to be across all that congestion right here. I’m just highlighting it now. We wanted to be on the other side of it in terms of stops.

It wasn’t bad risk in this scenario. $52.04 with a $52.40 entry, a 36 cent risk, so call it $360 an initial risk remember. I want to condition you guys to think about risk differently than maybe how you initially maybe thought about risk. Because if you look at this, you go, “Oh gosh, 36 cent risk and great, you made 21 cents and 40 cents. It’s not that great.” I want you to think about risk differently.

When I put in my initial stop here, I call it an apocalypse prevention plan for a reason, because it’s the absolute worst case scenario for me if everything does not go my way. Okay. Most of the time, 99% of the time I already have another level where I know I want to move my stop, but where was that stop? $52.38 where it worked its way to a $20 risk very quickly in the trade. You saw it, so you could get some skewed… if you’re running risk reward to dictate whether it’s a good trade for you, it doesn’t operate in a vacuum like that.

$1450 is out, what we yielded today and here’s how it came to life. $52.40, long right here. Market gave us the move. It wasn’t without the market doing a little ebb and flow. We didn’t have to take a lot of heat on this trade. We did get fairly instant gratification, but the market started to work its way higher up, up, up, up, up. We sold out out the five of six units at $52.61 right here and I told you, remember our stopped that started down here. We moved it up, up, up, up and we moved it to 38, which is right about there, to set risk from our initial entry, so that’s again, you’re trimming $360 per contract risk to 20 bucks just like that. And Best of all, we had a good example of how keeping that, what I like to call the runner, that last unit, that six of six lots that I had for me…

Some of you had two and you took profits on one, you left one going. Some of you had three, you took two and left one. Whatever permutation of that… Some of you probably traded bigger. I don’t know. Kudos for you. That’s a free opportunity to make more money. It’s like being able to sit and… I hate using gambling analogies, because we don’t gamble as traders, but it’s like being able to sit and play roulette for free. You get to keep your chip on the number you want and you get to keep spinning it, keep spinning it.

Nice job. Rock grabbed $840 on two contracts. Beautiful thing. So we ended up getting out of that last unit up here at $52.80, which is right here. Okay. This was… I call it T2, target two. This was T1, target one where we got out and then our entry was back here. so all right, long.

You guys learn something today? That right there for many of you, almost paid for your two years. Reach out to the team, [email protected] if interested. There’s no better deal than right here at Warrior Trading.

Great things happen when good companies come together and put together the tools, the education, and the knowledge and the community to make it all happen, so if you had fun here today and you want to share your appreciation of Ross, he’s the man to thank. Send an email over to Ross and the team at [email protected] He likes to hear your success. He likes to hear it too.

It really is more important than our individual success as mentors, to be honest with you. For example, hundreds of you had come in here to learn in the rooms and yeah, yeah, yeah, today, the value of what I did over the last hour was about $1450. Right? 1,450 bucks, okay, cool, whatever.

But being able to reach hundreds and thousands of people in the broader warrior trading community, I saw over 413,000 active followers on YouTube. That’s just absolutely insane. It’s almost a half a million people. Holy cow, we’re going to give to the Kardashians a run for their money if we’re not careful. Let’s do it. Tell a friend.

But for me, I think there’s a lot of people in this world that sell a lot of things and they don’t feel good about it when they’re done, when they wrap up their workday on Friday and they go into the weekend, they make money and they may be make a lot of money selling something. People sell a lot of things. In fact, every one of you sell something to make a living.

That’s how you make a living in this world. You sell something, right? You have to. Gosh, I’d love to be able to say that I don’t have to make a living and was born in royalty, butler at hand, without financial needs for families and so forth, but I do. I’m just like you. I’m really, absolutely, no different than you. I’ve got three, three beautiful kids, a lovely wife, a 10 year anniversary coming up in October. I can’t wait for that. Might find ourself in Europe and you’ll be able to follow my travels if we do, by the way.

But I’m a simple dude. I really am. I don’t need flashy things and there’s a lot of people that’ll show you their newest Lamborghini that they just leased.

I’m not one of them unfortunately, so where I probably lack excitement on in that department for those of you are looking for fast cars and me sitting in a hot tub with whatever, not going to find it. You’re more likely to find me maybe, in a hot tub, but it’ll be about a bunch of kids under the age of 10 running around having fun.

But it’s real life. The opportunity’s real, the money’s real, what we do here is real. That’s, yeah, that’s what for me is most important. And it’s tangible. Any of you can do this. You guys could really… You could do this. I’ve been doing this a long time, almost 20 years, so you don’t got that big of a head start in most cases for most of you, but this is not something that’s going to take you nearly 20 years to do. I didn’t have… To be totally frank with you, I didn’t have the benefit of you being able to sit in a room like this. These types of environments did not exist when I first started my professional career in the industry.

Yeah, I need to hook up with Roberto, man. He’s a good friend of mine. We have some fun. If you talk to Robert or my dear friend and fellow mentor, ask him who’s the mini golf champion though? He’ll tell you. He’ll tell you. All right guys, I am done for the day, $1450 there’s going to be probably some other opportunities yet today. Remember the rule on Friday though, as we start to get a little later into the day things start to go a bit flat line barring a technical catalyst or a fundamental news item. We had a good week. Five days, five green days. And I’ll meet you back on Monday. Tell a friend. Woo-wee.

Tell a friend. Here’s the rule of thumb. If you have a friend you like, pay it forward. Help them learn to trade. If you have a friend you don’t like, well, don’t tell them. See everyone so long.