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Pure Inspiration Can Change Your Life

Pure Inspiration Can Change Your Life

When looking at my personal story, I always make an effort to analyze it with a third-party perspective. I really think that I need to process it in a way that I’m able to truly extract the key moments of realization that has made the difference in bringing the quality of my life to a totally different level.

When I felt I wasn’t happy with the job I was dedicating most of my time to, I made the decision to stop fooling myself about it by admitting the inner pain I was experiencing in my daily routine. I knew I did not want to be one of those people that stops raising questions about the process. I didn’t want to lose hope in looking for a better way to spend my time.

At the same time, I’ve never found joy being stuck in the game of complaining about my current status while pretending that my situation has been caused by conditions around me that I couldn’t be accountable for.

So, the first “wow” moment for me was when I realized that I was the one in control of my own life. Right after that, it was immediately crystal clear that I wanted to take complete responsibility of my own actions to change my life for good without blaming anyone else.

This Is What A Real Community Is Built Upon

That’s when I found Warrior Trading and I felt so involved in it that I immersed myself in the journey of learning everything I could about market dynamics in order to build the foundation of my trading career in the shortest possible time.

I have been fortunate enough to have found a place where new traders can find their own path to success. This is the pure inspiration that led me to the point where I am today.

Ross, Mike, Jeff and the whole team have chosen to show the real deal of what trading is like by sharing everything about their own journey, day in and day out.

They’ve purposely chosen to inspire rather than the relaxation of being admired. That’s the real milestone where this genuine community has been built upon. If you are one of the thousands of members that joins the chat room on a daily basis, you already know this.

I know how hard it is to maintain a truly positive attitude, especially when having a really bad day. I want you to know that I’ll never take it for granted because, as traders, we all know what having tough days feels like. Soon enough, you’ll be glad to have chosen the right path. You’ll get paid back by experiencing the results of your achievements.  

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas A. Edison

See you in the chat room.

Trade safe,

Roberto Barbaro