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Ross Presents a +$3,973.71 Trading Day!

What’s up, everyone? Here we are at the 60th day of 2018, my 60th trading day. Finishing the morning up just under $4,000. That puts me up $3,200 on the week. This is the crazy thing. I’ve taken 30 trades, and I’ve been right on 28 of them. 28 winners out of 30 trades. Only two losers in the last four days of trading. I really needed that big boost forward here. It puts me in the driver’s seat for the month of April because at this point, if I want to step back, if I want to ease off the throttle, I know that I’ve already got a big lead. Now, think about this as like race car. Around the track, around the track. I’ve got this big lead, so now I can lighten up.


The thing is, when you start in the backseat, when you start and you get past by a bunch of people, and you’re behind, you have a loss at the first day of the month, the first couple of days. You’re spending the next couple of days trying to get yourself back into the green, and sometimes, you get a little sloppy doing that. You gotta really be on the edge and push hard. It changes just your mental approach to trading because you’re in this kind of digging out of the hole and trying to get back up instead of just starting strong and staying in the lead and just standing tall and being confident.

$3,200 of profit so far on the month. That’s enough to go put the down payment on a Ferrari or Rolls-Royce or something, which is crazy. Am I going to do it? No, I’m not going to do it, but I am pumped, and this is a really just awesome start to the month.

Right now, sitting at $517,000 in my account that I started with $583 about 15 minutes ago, January of 2017. All real trades. All verified by my broker statements. It’s been a crazy run, but really, I’m only halfway there. This is the Indie 500, and I’m on lap 252 or whatever. I’ve still got a long way’s to go. Gotta stay focused, so we’ll just be back at it tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, let’s break down today’s trades in today’s Mid-Day Market Recap.

All right, everyone. We’re going to break down the trades from today, finishing the morning up $3,973.71, which is not bad. Another good day of trading. Right now, we’re definitely on a little bit of a hot streak. 30 trades this week with 28 winners, and $32,000 in profit. That’s just fantastic. April’s off to a great start. I mean, I’m at 92% accuracy. The average winner this week per share has been 24 cents. Average loser was 30 cents because I had a 45-cent loss yesterday, and the other was 15-cent loss, but with 92% accuracy, doesn’t really matter. $32,000 in profit.

Like that, the beginning of April, my account was at $75,000, and now we’re going to be close to 110,000. That’s a really nice big boost forward, and I’m definitely thankful for it. I love having strong momentum at the beginning of the month because it puts you in the driver’s seat, it puts you in a place where you feel like you’ve got your cushion, and now you can sit back a little bit and not feel quite so stressed about needing to have really big days. It’s just kind of grinding. Then once you get to that point where you’re not as feeling pressured, the trades just seem to come more naturally. You don’t force it. You take better quality trades, and then the profits are bigger.

It’s funny how when you start behind the ball whereby having a big loss at the beginning of a month that it can just really change your mental approach to trading for the rest of the month because you feel like you’re behind the ball, and you’re set back, which is obviously not a good thing.

John, good question. What I do is on our website every month, I update all of my broker statements. If you go to our website, and I’ll show you where you can find this. Here, let me just drag this down. You go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see a link for my verified earnings. 2018 verified earnings, they’re right here. The account as of … Actually, I’ve gotta up date that. As of 3/31, is at $483,000. These are my January broker statements and reports. 117,000 in January with Lightspeed and Interactive Brokers. February, -10,000. Lightspeed and Interactive Brokers. March, +42, 41,000. After fees, $41,973, and here are the broker statements. Those get uploaded at the end of, well, at the very beginning of the next month. These just came up yesterday as soon as I had my Interactive Brokers statement.

This is something that was important for me to show you guys that this $583 challenge, from $583 to what is now over half a million dollars is all verified. Those are all real trades, real gains, and it’s just proof that this strategy works. Right now, I’m sitting at $517,000 in that challenge. The goal is a million, and I’m halfway there, which is awesome. Sitting at $181,000 profit on the year right now. That’s a good question.

Trades today, DLPN and SNOA, these were straight off the watch list. We were watching both of these pre-market. SNOA I said that I was watching for a long over 4.72, which I kind of drew this line here. I thought if it broke that level, we might get a little bit of a pop. What ended up happening on this is I got in a little early at .69 and .70 as soon as I saw buyers, 7,500 shares. It pops up to 4.80, and I sold half on the ask at 4.77. It started to drop down, and I just was like, “You know what? I’m not feeling this. It feels a little weak. I’m going to just ease up,” and so I sold the rest on the bid at .70, and that was the right move because it ended up selling off. It didn’t hold up well at all.

CHFS was the other stock that we were watching in the morning, and this one also didn’t hold up well at all. I didn’t take a trade on it, but it was just very weak. Kind of disappointing there. Then DLPN, this one was on the watch list. It was gapping up, and so we thought, all right, it’s worth keeping an eye on for a long over 4.50. The bell rings. It starts to pop up. I jumped in it a 4 … Let’s see. I got 7,500 shares. Actually, just under 10,000 at 4.30. I saw it popping up, and I was like, “This thing looks good. I’m into it.”

I’m jumping in at 4.30. My mental stop on it was like 4.20. I was like, “Yeah, I’ll risk 10 cents on it. It looks like it’s going to break over the half dollar.” It pops up to .55, and then it drops to 4.10. I was down $2,000. I was like, “Whoa. Hold that one second. I was not planning on the spreads opening up that quickly.” It was sort of the moment of truth, and I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out, but I never like to sell into a flush. I wait for them to pop back up. It did pop back up, and you can see right here, the first one-minute candle to make a new high, that’s what I was waiting for, and boom, we got the resolution. I decided to start easing out of it at .49 because I was like, “That was a close call.”

Here’s the deal. If I take a trade, and I’m almost immediately down $2,000, I’m changing my mindset from “let’s have this be a big winner” to “let’s minimize the damage.” Once I was actually in the green, I was like, “I’m going to minimize the damage and get out.” Then I got back in at .44 and .45. I got out as it popped up here because I was nervous, and then I basically got right back in literally like 30 seconds later, but that’s how quickly the momentum can change on these from either seeming really strong to seeming week.

I switched gears, got back in, added at .45 at 5,000 shares. Sold at .59 and .69. Got back in at .70. Sold at .76. Got back in at .83 and .85. Sold at .94. Now I’m scalping. I’m getting in, getting out. Got back in at 5.08. Sold at 5.14, and then that, I guess, was my final exit as it came back down to 5.06. It squeezed to a high of 5.77. I mean, it ended up doing really well. I just sort of faked me out early on, and I had to really change gears on it from trying to get a big win to just minimize the damage. Then it ended up being a winner, but only $3,000 profit.

3,000 on DLPN, 500 on SNOA, and LFIN was the last one that I traded. Little bit of a higher risk trade here, buying it into the circuit breaker halt. It was squeezing up, and I jumped in at 16.57. It squeezed up to a high of 16.91, and then all the way to 17.45. I was up like a dollar per share. Tried to sell on the ask at 17.39. I didn’t fill, and so I said, “That’s it. I’m going to hit the bid,” and I’m hitting the bid literally one second later for 40 cents lower. That’s how fast this thing moved. It was at 17.39 on the ask, and I’m hitting the bid a second later at $17. One second later, it’s at 16.34. Think about that. I mean, it’s a pretty narrow margin for error. This was not an easy one, but it did end up pulling back forming a really nice five-minute bell flag, making them move back up. Remember, first candle to make a new high right down here. 15.73, stop. 15, 15, squeezing back up and a little bit right here.

Ended up being some good opportunities on it. I didn’t fully capitalize on it. The thing that I said this morning during live trading is that I’m okay with leaving money on the table as long as I’m walking away with profits because I feel like you’re either leaving money on the table or you’re giving back profits. I mean, either way, there’s going to be money on the table. It’s how do you want to do it. Do you want to leave it on the table and walk away, or do you want to be giving it back through the form of losses?

Anyways, today ended up being a pretty solid day. Little bit better than yesterday. Not as good certainly as Monday or Tuesday, but this has just been a great week and a great start to the month of April. Really exciting stuff. Again, guys, I mean, I started this account with $583 about 15 months ago. I’m at $517,000 right now. That’s all real money. It’s all just trading the same strategy every single day. My average winners are about 18 cents per share. Yes, sometimes I have really big winners, but the average winner’s only about 18, 20 cents a share, so it’s not about swinging for the fences, it’s about consistency. Get in, get your profit, and get back out. You can always get back in.

Yeah, David, not including the funds I withdrew, but the net gains are 517,000. I’ve got 100,000 in this account right now. The rest of the profits I took out, and I actually reinvested into index funds. It is in the market, but I’m not including that in the challenge because I’m not actively trading it.

Anyways, just really exciting here. I got my eye on the finish line, which is the one million dollar mark. I’m sitting right now $483,000 off that level, and I’m doing the math. I’m thinking, “If I can do 40,000 a month, I’m 10 months away from crossing the finish line. If I can do 60,000 a month, I’m eight months away, nine months … ” I’m just thinking when can I cross that finish line. I’d love to have a couple of really big green days. I’d love to have a 100,000 day at some point this year. I’d love to be in a market that’s strong enough for me to feel comfortable taking 15, 20, maybe 30,000 share positions, but right now, I’m not there, and as excited as I am to cross that finish line, I also have to continue to trade smart and manage my risks. It’s definitely that balance of not letting the eagerness override the logic to be a good trader.

Anyways, a really great week here. Four days into the month of April, four green days, and hopefully, we’ll finish Friday, tomorrow, with another green day. That’s it for me. I’m going to upload the live trades from this morning to the Warrior Pro classes so you students who are in the classes can watch them under the live examples. Hope you enjoy. I’ll see you guys all first thing tomorrow morning.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home-run trade. Hopefully, it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.