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Self Awareness Is The Biggest Thing

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Self Awareness Is The Biggest Thing


As many of the students of the WarriorPro program already know, I’ve recently decided to join the classes for the second time (that’s how I started my own career just a little more than one year ago). This time, I’m also serving as support for other students and I really feel the privilege of doing this.

Meanwhile, guess what? I keep on learning because there is no such thing of stop doing that, if you’re seriously evaluating this path to become a professional. Key point is, I’m still enjoying and in love with the process of doing so, even more than the money that I could be making. Loving the process is the number one secret behind being successful at anything (if you wish to know more, read my previous article about it here).

With that said, here I want to focus on the number one concept that will make every trader reaching the best possible results in the long run. That is self-awareness. Every single action a trader does must be used as an input to improve it. In my opinion, it’s the biggest thing. Let’s invest everything on it! Let me explain further.


Personal Development

I always suggest to maximize the amount of resources and time to be spent for your own personal development. Every single drop of sweat should be spent on this fundamental perspective. Whether is education, day trading mentor-ship, testing new strategies or learning from mistakes, it doesn’t change the fact that the personal commitment for your own growth is the way to go. You can’t really delegate your success to anybody else, that simply wouldn’t work.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you should be a loner and trade all by yourself. On the contrary, the community itself is a great expression of self awareness. And that’s not in contrast with the importance of being part of this big family by any means. At the end of the day, even this amazing community is a collection of individuals. The more each one is self-aware, the highest added value the whole community is going to give back to its members.

Keep on striving to boost self-awareness every day, so that you can make self-made decision about your own trading and upgrade your self-esteem along the way. Look around for yourself, that’s briefly the circle that every successful person feeds every day.


“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” -Billie Jean King


See you in chat-room!


Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro