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Starting Off April With a Bang! +$14,955.69


What’s up everyone? All right, so finishing the morning here up $14,955.69. $26,000 in two days. That is a great start to the month of April. I’m excited, I love it, and this is how quickly the tide can change. On Thursday, I only made $585, and then boom, Monday morning, great opportunity, SLS, right off the watch list, and a big winner.

Today, that for me was another big win. It was a continuation setup. Watching for the break over previous days high. So, $26,000 here, two days in. Right now this is the 58th trading day of 2018 for me, and I’m averaging $3000 a day. I’m loving it. Hopefully April is going to be a really strong month. This is obviously a really good start, so we’ll see where it goes from here, but we’ll breakdown all of today’s trades in today’s midday market recap.

What’s up everyone? All right, so we’re going to do our midday market recap. What a day. Another really big day. This is one of the biggest days of the year here, finishing the morning up. I’ll drag up my P&L. Up $14,955.69. You can see it right here. This is I mean, amazing start to the month of April. It’s really fantastic. Going to write it down here, 58th trading day of 2018, plus $14,955.69, plus 11,000 yesterday, is $26,000 in two days. Not bad at all.

Tomorrow my account’s going to be right up around 103,000, 104,000, somewhere around there, and that’s a big step forward from 75,000 on Friday to 103,000 on Wednesday morning. Just loving that momentum. It really, it’s funny how quickly the tide can change. Thursday last week, it was a really slow day for me. I only made like $585. I actually forgot to write down in my calendar here, so it was +585 on Friday, or on Thursday. On Wednesday, it was +6k, and on Tuesday, it was +2000.

A couple of decent days. Last week was a little slow, and then boom, Monday morning we were watching SLS. That was the one that was right on the watch list, and I took a trade on it yesterday morning. That was the first trade yesterday. Now, today we were watching SLS for a continuation and you can see I’ve got $10,800 profit on that name.

I was watching this sort of box here. We had 9.24 as the high, and we had 7.88 as the low. Now, I was not super interested in buying it when it was like in between the box. I was really looking for it to break out. As soon as I started to see it squeeze right here on this candle, I jumped in. I took 10,000 shares at 8.80, 8.83, 8.85, and added at 9.21, and sold half at 9.94. That was a full dollar per share, right there, 5000 bucks.

And then, that was on the squeeze here up to, let’s see, all the way … Geeze, we went all the way up to 10.53 which is really quite something. Sold half there, sold a quarter more at 9.78, added a little bit at 9.89, added more at 9.90, 9.99, I sold. Starting to scalp it a little bit more aggressively but really it was that first trade with 10,000 shares, about 85 cents per share, $8500. And boom, that was a big, big win on the day.

Now, I already had a $742 cushion from BPTH. This was one was on our gap scanner this morning. I took a small scalp. Well, it was 10,000 shares, but a small scalp in terms of cents per share. In at 96, anticipating the break over $3. We broke 3, hit a high of 3.09, and then rejection. But it was enough for a winner. In at 96, out at 3.04. Small little scalp there, 740 bucks.

I had a cushion, used that to be aggressive on SLS on the first trade, and then we had MYND. MYND was a little bit of a funny move. It had this gap, it sold off, and then it squeezed up and it was halted. That was right here. It was halted at 2.40 something, 2.46. It resumed from the halt at a low of 2.60, and so I jumped in this one at … Let’s see. 2.81, 2.94, added at 3.03, sold half at 3.12, a quarter more at 3.12, added back at 3.11 and 3.12 sold at 3.35, 3.52, added at 3.51, sold at 3.63.

Ended up being a pretty nice big move there from 2.46 up to 3.72, so for that one, I got $3401, with 88 cents. With that, I was up 15,000 on the day, just about. So, a couple little scalps on SLS, later on, but nothing really big. The one that I missed, which I was kind of being a little bit cautious here on this first candle to make a new high. I looked at that and I thought, “You know, I’m a little iffy on buying at 68 here, 9.68-9.69,” because this candle dropped all the way down to 9.17. It felt like a little bit of a flush.

It just made me iffy about buying it right in this area. Sorry, it was … Where was it? It was back in this area here, but it ended up working out really well, and it popped from 9.69 all the way up to a high of 10.76. Again, with 10,000 shares, that could have been another $8000 winner. I mean, that could have been awesome. It then pulled back, I got in here at … Sorry. 10.60, for the break over this level, and scalped it up through 11.09.

My best exit was $11. Nine cents off high of day, so not bad. It’s one of those things we talked about yesterday. You may not capture the top and bottom of every move, but when you have moves that are this big, even if you do only get a fraction of it, from there to there is 70 cents. From there to there, you’re getting another 40-50 cents, so these are really nice big winners, and fortunately today I was able to capitalize on them, be a little aggressive on the share size, and $15,000 of profit.

It’s not the best day I’ve ever had. Best day is over 40 grand, so it’s not the best day ever, but it’s a good day, and it certainly is nice to have a couple of back-to-back big green days at the beginning of the month. If we continue to have a month like this, it could be really incredible, but inevitability there will be a point in the month where things do slow back down for small caps, and it’s back to the way it was on Thursday. Making $500 and then that’s it.

The thing with Thursday is that I took a trade and made $5000. Sorry, I took a trade and made $500, and that was just, it was like there was one trade, one opportunity, it didn’t really work out that well, and then there was nothing else for the rest of the day. Nothing else that looked good, so I just said, “I guess that’s it.” That’s what happens on slow days. It’s not necessarily that you’re losing money, or that trades like this, you’re screwing them up. It’s that we don’t see these opportunities at all.

When you have them, you really want to be able to capitalize on them. I encourage you guys just to study, rewatch the live examples of these trades. Look at what I’m looking at, what I’m reading on the level two, what’s making me press the buy button, watch it in slow motion, and really just try to understand how I was able to do it. The goal is for you to just keep practicing, get better and better and better, and get to the point where you can be trading these ones side by side with me.

I see David said he made $68,000 yesterday. SLS was obviously a massive mover. There’s another student that made $100,000 yesterday, and I think he made another 25,000 today. These are some pretty big amounts of money to be making, but when you have a stock that goes from $8 to $11, today and yesterday, from $5 to $10, it’s not unthinkable to have really big wins. These are huge moves.

The thing is, you don’t even often see a move this big on thickly traded stocks like even a Facebook may not move this much in a day. So, for a stock priced at this $5-$6 price range, to make this type of move, if you’ve got money, you can take some big size of it, and you can really lock up some big wins. Anyways, be interesting to see what this SLS does here this afternoon, if it continues to go higher, squeeze over 11.

It’s curling, it’s consolidating, it is on light volume, so a little bit of a caution there, but it seems strong. Anyways, I made my money on it, I’ll be done with it today, but can always get back in it tomorrow if it’s still holding up. So, in the last two days, I’ve taken 16 trades, and had 15 winners. Only one loser. One lost today, about $675. Loving that accuracy, great momentum, good start to the month, and hopefully it continues.

This is the thing. Now, if you’re a short seller, you’re trading the opposite side of these, you’re going to start feeling a little nervous about shorting the next stock that pops up, because maybe it does squeeze up like SLS, or … What was it? MYND. Maybe it does squeeze up like this. Now, this one’s pulled back a little bit, so it didn’t hold its level super well, but certainly in here, I would have been scared holding this to the short side if it squeezed from 2 to 3.75 and I was still holding it short. This might be starting a next round of hot momentum after just a couple of slow days.

Anyways, it’s just about getting in, capturing your profit, and getting back out. I’m over half a million dollars in my account that I started with $583 back in January of 2017. Half a million dollars of profit. My average winners are only 18 cents per share. They’re not big winners. Yeah, I’ll have a winner like this that’s a dollar per share, with 10,000 shares, and obviously that boosts my average, and I’ll have a lot of winners that are only two or three cents per share. It averages out, but 18 cents average. You don’t have to be always swinging for the fences. You can go for those small wins. They will pay your bills, and you can do really well with an 18 cent average gain.

All right, so I’m sure Mike’s average winner is probably like 75 cents or something like that, ’cause he’s trading those higher priced stocks, but there’s obviously more than one way to be a successful trader. But for me, just getting in, capturing my profit, getting back out. Like I said during inner circle seminars, my max risk for me is the moment I’m full size until the moment I’ve sold half. That’s when I’ve got the most risk on the table, and once I’ve sold half, when I’m up 15, 20, 30 cents, I’m in the driver’s seat.

If I do get lucky, and I get into a stock like SLS and it squeezes up a full dollar before I start to see weakness and decide to sell half, then those just add some icing to the cake. Anyways, that’s it from me here this morning. Another solid day of trading. $15,000, so happy about that, and time to go spend some of that money on lunch. Probably get a little Caesar salad, so $14-$15, and the rest I’ll just keep. That’ll be that.

All right, so anyways, we’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, pre-market analysis, around 9:00-9:15. All right, see you guys in the morning.

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