The Trading Stations of Warrior Trading Students

Hey everyone!  This week we asked our students to send us pictures of their trading stations.  We got a ton of really cool pictures!  You’ll see one student who trades from the back of his RV, another student who trades from his Boat, and tons of students who have pieced together trading stations through use of multiple computers and monitors.  I remember when I first started trading all I had was a Macbook Pro.  I added 1 external monitor, then eventually added a few more.   When I left Etrade I got a PC so I could use Speedtrader and Suretrader.  Today I have an 11 monitor layout powered by 3 Lenovo PC’s.  Looks like most of our students are using PC’s but a few have some cool Mac setups!


Add comments below!  Which trading station is your favorite?

















25 thoughts on “Our Students Trading Stations

  1. Love seeing all the setups! You can tell all the young eyes with little charts and the “older” eyes like mine with fewer bigger charts. LOL Thanks to everyone for sending their pics in – very inspirational!

  2. Wow … I’m so far away from a real trading station 🙂 …nice settings all of you guys … right now I’m where Ross was in the beggining 🙂 … one laptop and a tiny monitor 🙂

  3. Good to see the different setups. Going beyond the monitors, I am interested in what computing power traders are using. Single, multiple computers/laptops? Processing power, etc. Is an Intel i5 powerful/fast enough or should I go with an i7?

  4. I wouldn’t select any of them. I am even more organized than any of these setups. I will provide a picture off my setup once I get the setup I want.

  5. Nice pics. Favorite is #1 for clean setup and #2 for the tower. Most importantly I would like to know the specs. Also, would it be better (cost effective) to build your own pc or buy a trading pc from the companies available.

  6. This is great for ideas, I am also interested in the CPU (desktop). Do you plan to go into the types of CPU the Warrior traders find best?

  7. Nice computers and monitor set ups. But some of the desks and stands definitely leave something to be desired. LOL!
    But that is coming from someone that builds Verizons customer service desk and displays. And is a beginning part time trader.

  8. Ha ya! We have many people with many different budgets in various stages of building their setups for trading. Solutions for one person will vary from another. In the end, whatever works and helps to make more money is what matters! A good workflow is a MUST!

  9. Something to consider! Although, it would probably vary so wildly. Many people trade on iphones all the way to super high end gaming setups!

  10. After looking at these again, all it did was confuse me even more. Why a combination of desktops and laptops? Is one CPU with modern processor not enough to handle daytrading?

    I have no idea what basic setup to start with and now my mind is blown!

  11. @Jason – To answer your question… Yes, a single modern machine is plenty to handle day trading. A lot of people use a combination of machines just because they may have the machine already and want to make use of it. I personally use two machines, but the main one drives all the primary 6 monitors and the second just has a single monitor and an output to a TV. I usually use the second one for the chat room, but also have all my trading software on it too so I can exit positions if my primary machine fails.

    Basically, a single machine is fine, but if you want to drive more than three monitors, I’d get one with two graphics cards. As always with computers, faster is better, but I would say at least 6GB of RAM, two well sepc’d graphics cards with 1GB RAM each, and a solid state hard drive for the OS drive will give you the best setup for day trading. You don’t need to start with 6 monitors, but if you get the machine spec right, you can start with a couple of monitors and grow from there!

  12. Thanks for the info at the end. Still as a newbie I need to know what each monitor needs to display, or what goes where. Thanks again

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