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$4813 Profit in 2 Days

Booking Profits Day Trading Momentum Hey everyone!  Another strong day for students in our chat room!  Yesterday I locked up over $3k and today I finished with $1718.  That puts me up nearly $5k in just 2 days of trading.  In other words, that’s 1/2 my monthly goal of $10k/mo.  Here’s the problem most traders […]

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+$3109.57 in 1 trade

Weekly Goal in 1 day trade What a day!  I thought it was going to be a slow day this morning.  Our Gap Scanner had a few interesting setups today including $BLFS, $CETX, and $REN.  $BLFS was squeezing up with an interesting headline about a 10 year agreement with Kite Pharma.  This sounded really interesting […]

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$3k on 10 Stocks in 3hrs

The Window of Opportunity! The momentum continues!  This has been an incredible week.  In the last 6 days I’ve generated over $20k in profits, all verified from my trading account.  Today I added $3239.62 to the totals with big wins on $AEHR and $CALI.   My biggest frustration was missing $HMNY.  I took a few trades […]

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