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I want to take this opportunity to write a Warrior Trading Review of TAS Market Profile. TAS Market Profile is an invaluable tool for chart analysis.  It is used by Bloomberg and is very popular among institutional traders.  It is widely used by FOREX and Futures traders, but Equities traders can also appreciate the clarity TAS provides.

TAS Market Profile is a suite of 7 custom indicators that I add to my eSignal charts.

My favorites are Boxes, Vega, Navigator, and Market Map.

Tas Market Profile Review

As a daytrader I use these indicators to try to anticipate where institutional traders are going to step in.  A big component to these indicators is volume.  Like VWAP (volume weighted average price), volume is a critical indicator that often suggests price action before it takes place.

TAS Market Profile Indicators help me quickly see the lines in the sand where I should step in or step out of trades.  Remember, these are indicators thousands of other traders are using, including some of the big institutional traders.

I always want the wind at my back when I’m trading.  I’m willing to be a counter-trend trader, but only when I begin to see trend exhaustion warnings.

When I’m scanning through my scanners alerts from Trade-Ideas I load the symbols in my eSignal platform and review the TAS Market Profile Indicators.  This gives me an immediate picture of the context that the current patterns are forming within.

TAS Market Profile is an invaluable resource for me and my trading.   I highly recommend it to traders looking to use the best tools.




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