TAS Market Profile Review

In our TAS Market Profile Review we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of this advanced technical indicator.  This is an update to the review written by Ross in 2014.  You can see his original review by clicking here.  New traders are often faced with so many choices when choosing different trading technologies, it can be daunting and discouraging, not to mention expensive. Fortunately, if you are like most people, you turn to trusted review sites to help guide your decision making process. Not all tools are right for all types of traders. But, in the case of the TAS indicators, there is a little something for everyone. TAS provides a suite of 7 high tech and proprietary indicators that compliment your regular charting software.


tas market profile review

TAS Market Profile Indicators

Part of TAS offerings include the TAS Scanner. This unique tool allows you to see stocks moving in different time frames with varying levels of buying or selling confidence at key levels. Of the 7 different charting indicators however, my three favorite are the TAS Market Map, TAS Vega and TAS Boxes.


TAS Market Map – “delivers a visually-appealing Market Profile layover that reveals volume gaps, congestion and breakout trades.”


TAS Boxes – “expose the fair auction supply and demand value areas. Trade in breakout mode when outside of these levels or play the range inside them.”


TAS Vega – “powers up your price bars in REAL-TIME by replacing traditional coloring with TAS directional bias cues (green = bullish, red = bearish).




Some Pros and Cons



– Can be very accurate in many different types of markets, performs better with liquidity.

– Top notch customer service

– Ability to use the same tools as institutional traders

– Advanced scanning tools

– Robust educational center

– Works with several different market types and instruments



– Expensive for new traders looking to minimize overhead

– Can be complex to setup and understand, there is a slight learning curve

– May not work with every trader’s style, but can be adapted for most




Summary of TAS Market Profile

In summary, there is no silver bullet when it comes to trading. Most traders will learn early on, that there is no such thing as a one size fits all, tool of all tools to simply print money. So, finding that balance between the right combination of tools and overhead cost is critical. TAS Market Profile fills a unique role for traders who are looking to pay a little money to avoid having to do a bunch of heavy lifting. I have been using TAS indicators for a couple years now and would hate to even imagine what trading without them would be like. As with anything, make use of the free educational tools that accompany the products, so that you can get the most out of them.