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The Snow is up Around a Foot, I’m up +$2026.63!



All right, everyone. We’re doing to do our midday market recap, go over the trades from this morning, finishing the day up $2,026.63, which is pretty good. ZZAN is one that I didn’t really capitalize on. I lost $107 on it, despite the fact that it’s up 33% today, just now breaking this little flag pattern and squeezing up all the way to $19.74. I was watching this but I kind of had already said, “I’m done for the day,” so I didn’t really want to push it here.

The thing is, the last trade I took on this was right here on this red candle. I got in at $16.72 for the first five-minute candle to make a new high. I tried to take 4,500 shares. I only filled 1,500, canceled the other two orders, sold 35 shares at $16.98 when it popped up the whole dollar, was planning to sell the rest up at high of day, $17.40, and that just didn’t happen. It turned around quickly and dropped all the way back to $15.55.

I stopped out for a loss at $16.50, but it just kind of made me think, “You know what, probably better just steer clear of this one because it can go the wrong way really fast.” That could’ve been, if I’d filled 4,500 shares, a $1,200 loss. It would’ve really just hurt my day. So it ended up re-testing that level up here, tapping $17.62, pulling back, and then right here was just kind of the final breakout. We basically started to see volume right here around $17.55, knowing that $17.63 was that line that we wanted to see break.

Volume came in. It broke over the high of $17.73. Let’s just look at this on a one-second chart, just so you guys can see this. I know in hindsight it’s like, “Oh, that would’ve been a super easy trade,” but as it’s happening that’s not always the case. This right here was the breakout point, so it broke over and it hit $17.73 right here, so that was the breakout. $17.73, but then on the bid we had … Let’s see, 69, 69, 64, and then it popped up to 88 and then it started to open up.

You can see through this … You know, big spreads, a little bit of pullback, and then, of course, that big drop there from $19.61 all the way down to $18.94. I don’t know. I’m not going to beat myself up too much for not being aggressive on this one. There was probably room for me to trade it a little bit more, obviously, in this area, but I’m finishing the day up two grand so that’s a good day. There are opportunities all over the market every single day.

It’s not about capturing as many opportunities as you can. It’s about walking away each day green. If you’re doing that, you’re doing something 9 out of 10 traders haven’t figured out how to do consistently. Yeah, you’re going to miss some trades. You’re going to see things like this in hindsight that, “Oh, I could’ve done this, could’ve done that.” But as long as you’re walking away with profit, you’re doing the right thing. So I’m feeling okay about this here today. Anyways, that was my ZZAN trade.

First trade of the day was on ANY TE. This was off our watch list. Gave me $571 straight off the watch list. So not bad. Didn’t work out as well as I was hoping it would. We had this pre-market high here of 56. No, it popped up just before the bell to a high of 67. As soon as the bell rang, it dipped down. I said, “I’m waiting for it to dip down and then come back over the half dollar.” I’m going to turn off my video, for those of you on the Facebook YouTube stream, just so it’s a better broadcast.

All right, so it drops down below the half dollar and then pops up. I got in at $8.50, sold half $8.68, a quarter more $8.73, tried to sell another quarter at $8.74, it didn’t get filled, it dropped down all the way to a low of $8, and as it popped back up I sold on the pop. It ended up going all the way back up to $8.96, but I got out the rest of it flat. Was up about $750 and gave back about $200 on that drop, selling as it popped back up, which is fine. It wasn’t the easiest trade in the world, but green is good. That was my first trade on ANY TE.

Second trade was OGEN. This one we had on watch for continuation. I jumped in at $3.50, but as you can see I only got partial fills. Tried to take 7,500 shares, only filled about 2,500 so it just was one of those things where sometimes you don’t get the full order filled. I was in that at $3.50. Let’s see. Oops. $3.50 was my entry right down here, and we hit a high of $3.90. I actually added at $3.90 and yeah. Actually, sorry, we hit a high of $4. I added it $3.89, $3.90, and with selling it ended up $3.93, $3.94, a little at $3.98, and then sold the rest coming back down at, I guess, $3.68. $1,187.37 on that trade. Really not bad, so three minutes into the day, or six minutes into the day, I’m up 1,700 bucks, which is good. That was a really good start.

Then my last trade was PIXY. This one kind of popped up here out of nowhere, and I jumped in on the one-minute pullback right here along at $4.45 with 7,500 shares, selling at $4.49 as soon as it broke at level. Now, when I bought there, there was an 18,000-share seller at 45, and so I was watching as he started to get bought up. I went 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That’s when I was pressing the button. That’s when I was jumping in. Immediately, it popped up 10 cents, which is typical when a big seller gets bought up quickly like that, and I flipped out and sold on the ask. Took my profit on that, and then the last trade was ZZAN.

We’ve got as our XII on the scans now, but this time of day I wouldn’t take a trade so I’ll just mute my scanner so we don’t listen to them. Looking back at ZZAN, it looks like a false breakout up here. Excuse me. A little pullback, one-minute pullback. $19.41. First one-minute candle to make a new high, goes up to $19.70 but with the spreads it’s kind of hard because this is one that has pretty big spreads. You can see here on my level to $19.21 by $19.35, 14, 13-cent spread, 22 by 38. Becomes a little difficult to trade these. You’ve got to mitigate that risk by trading a smaller size, which works, but today I just didn’t overstay my welcome on that one. Probably missed a good opportunity here, but again, you walk away green, you’re doing something right so I’m not going to beat myself up too hard for finishing the day with 2,000 bucks of profit.

With that, I’m crossing over $9,000 on the month, although this is a little bit of a slower month than … Let’s see. In January, by this day in January, today is the fifth … No, today is the sixth day of March, so I’m up nine grand. One, two, three, four, five, six. By the sixth day of January, I was up, let’s see, five, 12, 21, 24, $28,000. So I’m straggling a little bit behind January, but you know what? That’s all right. Green is good, and still early in the month so just going to keep trying to build that cushion as much as I can.

At this point, I’m still down about, whatever, $1,000 because of last month losing 10 grand, so down $10,500 last month, up about $9,000 right now. I’m getting really close to being at all-time highs on 2018, sitting right now at about $451,000 of profit in my account that I started with $583 on January 1, 2017. So about a year and two months later, $450,000. Going for the million, but it’s going to take some time. Right now we’re in a little bit of a grind, so next target is half a million, $500,000. We’re $49,000 off that goal right now. I should be able to hit that. I could hit that this month if we see really good opportunities, but it’ll probably be in April or maybe May that I break over half a million. We’ll see. Just take it one day at a time. Not going to try to get too caught up in all those numbers, but just giving you guys an update of where we’re at here.

All right, so that’s about it for me here, finishing up Thursday. Let’s see, where does that put me on the week? Let’s see, $2,000 plus $4,600 from yesterday is 66 minus $1,000 from Tuesday is 56, plus $700 on Monday is about $6,000. $5,000 a week is pretty much the goal. That’s $20,000 a month, so that’s kind of where we’re looking and I’m right on track, so that’s good. All right, so anyways, that’s it for me and I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning, 9:00, 9:15, pre-market analysis and we’ll try to finish up the week with a couple more good trades. All right, I’ll see you guys in the morning.

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