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Thumbs Up For +$2,400!

Thumbs Up

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are finishing the 71st trading day of the year. Right now I’m actually on my 307th day of trading since I started with $583 in my account, $583, and as of today I’m at $588,000 in that account. Today $2400 of profit. Green is good.


Not the biggest green day of the year or of the month, but hey, you know, I’m happy with a green day. It’s been a little choppy the last six, seven days for me have been kind of up and down. So any day that I’m green, I’m happy. We’re going to break it all down in today’s midday market recap.

All right, everyone, so time for our midday market recap. We’ll go over the trades from this morning. Overall, not a bad day at all. $2,400 profit. You know, green is good. This isn’t the biggest green day for me of the month or of the year, but hey, $2400 is good. So this is, the last six days have been a little bit on the choppy side and I’m just glad to be finishing in the green, really. I mean, that’s what it’s about right now, being green. So 2,400 bucks is great. Yesterday was down 1,200, $1,298, so I recouped all of those losses today and then got myself more into the green.

So that puts me up right now, let’s see, where am I at on the week? I’m going to be sitting up around 5,500 on the week, which is, I mean, that’s respectable, I’m okay with that. Yeah, it was nice to average $30,000 a week for the first two weeks of April. But realistically, $10,000 a week is really good and I’m definitely on track to do that. So I’m going to write it in the calendar. Actually today is the 72nd day. I thought it was the 71st. So that means today is my 308th day since I started the $583 account. So $2,400.21. Green is good.

But I now have four red days under my belt for the month of April and we’ve got three days left. I really don’t want to have any more red days this month if I can help it. I kind of allocate one red day a week and so that gives me four red days a month and I’ve used them up, so got to really try to stay green, try to get this account up a little closer to 85,000, 100,000. That’s what I’d really like to see for the month of April. It might not happen but I still have a shot with four days left or three days left. If I can get one good eight, $10,000 winner, that would be awesome.

But today, as you can see, a couple of trades, small winner on LEDS. So LEDS was a continuation setup and what’s disappointing about this one is that I wanted to get in it at 3.50 but right before the bell rang, like right before in the minute before the bell rang, it popped up to a high of 3.56 and when the bell rang, it opened at 3.56 and surged straight to 5.16. I got in this at 4.86 and 4.89 with 10,000 shares. Tried to sell at 5.15, didn’t get filled.

Sold some at 5.09 which was awesome. But then got stopped out for a loss on the rest at 4.73. So I was about $1,000 on it and finished up only $350. So kind of a smaller win there, not really what I was going for with 10,000 shares but this one just didn’t hold up. It didn’t continue.

So I made the most of it and got some profit and then was on to the next one. UAVS was the next one that was on our watch list for a gap and go over 4.10. We had the pre-market high here right around 4.10. The bell rings and it dips down. It then does a red to green move. So goes from being red to green and as it surged up right here, I jumped in at $4 anticipating the break at the pre-market high.

If I’ve been watching it a little more closely, I would have gotten in at 3.90 but it just moved a little too fast. So I was at 3.97. I sold half at 4.23, added back at 4.25, 4.20, sold at 4.39, added back at 4.30, added at 4.40, got stopped out the rest at 4.30. So total profit on this, $2,049. I was up closer to 2,600 but I didn’t hold onto as much of those gains as I wanted getting stopped out as it came back down.

I was being a little more aggressive on it. I knew the daily chart wasn’t perfect but if it could get above 4.71, it had room to 6.07 which is the 200 moving average. So that was kind of what I was looking at, this area here, but just couldn’t quite do it. A little of a so-so trade. I mean, $2,000 is great.

But for me right now, when I’m going for five or 6,000, 2,000 is kind of an average trade. So a good trade. Nothing to complain about but it didn’t work out as well as I would have liked it to have worked out. For some of you guys who might be trading, you might trade with one-tenth of the share size that I trade with, so if I’m doing a $2,400 day, you might be doing a $240 day and that for you would be good. That’s still $50,000 a year which is great but it’s all relative.

So you might think, well, a $200 winner is average. For me, I’m thinking a $2,000 is average. Doesn’t mean it’s not good. Still a great trade. Still really good money but right now, it’s kind of average. When you get to a place where $2,000 is average, you know you’ve done pretty well as a trader. Anyway, so UAVS, I took a total of three trades on it. I only really made money on one of them. The other ones were kind of a smaller winners or losers. So a little bit of a choppy day.

Then we had EPIX. Someone called this one out in the room. I pulled it up and I saw that it was a reverse split, one to 20 reverse split. I was kind of watching it but I just thought the risk on this was too high. The volume is really low. Only 85,000 shares of volume today. This is what the spreads are looking at. 3.05 by 3.38. I mean, that’s a 33-cent spread. If I bought 5,000 shares right here, I’m instantly down 1,500 bucks. If breaks $3, this will be probably 2.83 in a heartbeat and then I’m losing $2,000 or more, 2,500 bucks. So when I first looked at it, it was at 4.90 on the ask. But it was 4.30 on the bid. So it’s like a 70, 60-cent spread.

I just thought, “You know what, the risk is too high. I’ll wait for it to hit my scanners. If it does hit the scanners, if it does start to open up here over five, I mean, 5.50, maybe I’ll get in once the volume is coming in.”  But I’m not going to try to guess if this one’s going to go. I’m going to wait for the volume and that was the right move, from $5, it’s back down at 3.05 here so it didn’t hold those levels at all which is a little disappointing. So nothing on that one.

CHEK, I didn’t have any interest in trading it. I had said, “Listen guys, this is a recent reverse split. We got two days of really great action. Made some money on it, not as much as we could have,” but some of you guys did really well on it so congratulations to those who did but it’s getting a little extended. Look at KBSF, another stock that did a recent reverse split and how that played out. So let’s back up here. All right, two days of fun and then the fun is over and it comes back down. That’s almost exactly what we’re seeing on CHEK, know when to walk away, know when to take your profits. Don’t give into FOMO.

So for me, I’m glad I didn’t give into FOMO. A little bummed that I missed some of the opportunities on it yesterday in the late morning. You can’t catch all of them. As long as you’re consistently walking away with some profit, you’re doing something right. So $7,400 of profit this month tells me that I’m onto something. So maybe I missed this one and didn’t catch the biggest part of the move but that’s all right. Green is good. So anyways, that’s about it for me. We are hosting a webinar this afternoon at 1pm Eastern which is going to be a lot of fun. Many of you guys have already seen the links for it. Those of you on Facebook, those of you in the chat room. By the time this video is uploaded to YouTube, the webinar will have already happened.

However, you’re welcome to register because we will send out a replay and we will host another webinar soon. So yeah, that’s coming up today at 1pm Eastern. I’ll post the webinar link here in the chat room for you guys. I just have to get the link, direct link. All right. But that’s coming up 1pm Eastern. So I’m going to take a little bit of time here, go grab some lunch. Close down the trading platform and then come back for the webinar at 1pm. All right. Caroline, yes, we are still onboarding new members into the [SIM 00:09:56]. So if your name hasn’t been called up yet, it will just be called up soon. So we are bringing new traders on the [SIM 00:10:02] everyday. So far, the feedback has been pretty good. So yeah, still working on that.

All right everyone. So hope you guys have a great afternoon. Hopefully I’ll see a lot of you guys at 1pm for our webinar. Anyone watching on YouTube or Facebook, love to have you guys give us some comments, give us a thumbs up, I’ll come back through and answer comments later this afternoon. If you’re not already subscribed to the YouTube and Facebook channels, you should subscribe. We’re putting out content every single day. All right. So anyways, that’s it for me and I’ll be back at 1pm for our webinar and then back at it first thing tomorrow morning, pre-market analysis starting around 9, 9:15. All right. I’ll see you guys then. If you’re still watching, you must have really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content. Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.