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Time is Money! +$9,471.05 in One Hour!

time is money

What’s up everyone? All right, so finishing up the morning here up $9,471.05 taking two trades right off the watch list. It really doesn’t get a lot easier than this. This is, I mean an awesome hot streak. I remember had that red day towards the end of March, lost $11,000. That was right before the inner circle. The week I was down in Florida, made some money. It wasn’t a huge week. Then coming in the first week of April, $32,000, another $10,000 today, $42,000 on the month. And it’s April 9th, I’ve still got like three and a half weeks left. This is amazing. I’m just super pumped.


This is what I know I need to do if I’m going to break the million dollar mark this year. I need to have $50,000, $60,000 months back to back, to back to back. That might not be possible. This might be a great month. I might end with $50,000, $60,000, maybe even $80,000, but then next month could be back to a $20,000 month. As much as I’d love to be able to count on $50,000, $60,000 a month for the rest of the year, that’s not the way it works. There’s the ebb and flow of the market, so I’m just going to enjoy the hot streak right now and try to remind myself not to beat myself up too much on my next red day, or when things do start to slow down. All right, anyways we’ll break down today’s trades in today’s midday market recap.

What’s up everyone? All right, so we’re going to break down the trades from today. Another really impressive day of trading. I mean I’m impressed, I really am. Here we are on the, let’s see, one, two, three, four, my fifth day of the month and I’m up $9,471.05 in my main account with another $400 and something dollars in my IRA account. Here you go, you can see my PNL there in my main account, the $466 in the IRA. Another disappointing day in the IRA, just I can’t seem to catch a break here, but we’ll go over that in a second. Here today is my 61st day of 2018. I’m going to be up around $42,000 on the month with a full three weeks left to trade. It’s like this is the type of hot streak that you just love to have. I suppose since the hot streak began I’ve got $42,000, $48,000, $50,000, about $50,000 of profit.

My last red day were two back to back red days actually and I lost $14,000. So down $14,000, that was a step back, and now $50,000 is a step forward. I will have another step back, whether it’s tomorrow or a week from now, I will have another step back. Maybe it will be $4,000, $5,000, whatever, and then start moving back up. That’s just the way it is, up and down, up and down, but as long as you’re generally moving up that’s the right direction. HEAR and TRPX were both straight off the watch list. We were watching both of these pre-market, so it was no surprise I was going to trade these. It was just a matter of what my entry points would be, and I suppose if they would trigger a good entry, which there was a possibility that they wouldn’t.

I was watching this here. As we came into the open it was kind of TRPX was grinding up, which when we see this type of setup usually what I do is I buy it right out of the gates and just try to scalp that squeeze, but I don’t usually get super, super aggressive on size. I tried to take 7,500 shares at 7.22 average. I filled 5,767 shares. So I won 5,767 shares at right around 7.23, and selling at 7.44, 7.41, and 7.33. Right there that was like a $700, $800 winner. Actually it was closer to $1,000. So $1,000 on that one, and that was scalping right out of the gates. We’ve got this scalp here where right out of the gates it squeezed up from 7.20 all the way up to 7.69. I get back in at 7.44, having at 7.44 and 7.46, and selling at 7.68. High of day was 69, so not bad at all there on that exit. Selling at 68, and then hitting the bid and selling at 61. Then selling the rest at 41 and 44.

I then got back in for one last trade right here as it dropped down and then came back up over 17, or sorry over 7.17. I jumped in with 5,000 shares at like 7.15 and sold at 7.27 and 7.25. There at that point I was up about $1,800 on the stock. Then I took one last trade getting in at 7.29 and 7.30. Right up here, it hit 35 then dropped, and I stopped out at 7.26 and $7.00, and gave back $750. You know, finishing up $1,000 on that one, not bad. Not as much as I could have been, but again if you don’t push it you don’t know. That could have been another winner, and another winner, and another winner. I keep kind of going with that until I have a loss. Then at that point I usually slow down. TRPX, three trades, no four trades and three winners, so pretty good there.

Then we had HEAR. This one was on our watch list. It was a gapper as you can see here. It opened and it was halted on a circuit breaker because I think it dropped down 10% or more right at the open. So it was halted, but I was watching it on resumption to jump in. You can see here this thing resumed and it went from 3.71 to 5.26. I saw it, I knew it was a recent reverse split price target increase, so I jumped in at 4.30, 4.32, adding at 5.10 and 5.25. Selling, oh looks like I tried to sell, it’s kind of a weird order there. Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t think I had a full 10,000 shares, but maybe I did. Selling at 5.40, and then the remaining 91 shares at 5.21. Now this was a recent reverse split setup. These often do these types of squeezes.

I tried to take it in my IRA as well. I tried to take a trade on Ford, that one got rejected, so no trade there. Here, got a partial fill of only, let’s see at 4.08 and 4.40 of 629 shares. Ugh, why? Again! How many times does this happen? This is crazy. That should have been a $3,000 position and a $2,500 winner. Instead, it was only 600 shares and only $466. That’s the luck of the draw I guess. Just again having trouble here, but whatever. It is what it is. This one, it’s just kind of funny the way it is, this sort of lag between the orders. One at 26, and then a partial fill at 34. I mean I was, in this account at 26 getting filled at 30. I mean literally between this time I filled, between 26 and 34, I filled 5,000 shares right here. On this side I couldn’t even fill 3,500. Give me a break. This is ridiculous.

But anyways, it is what it is. Another day that I’m kind of missing the boat. I think this really goes to show you how having the right tools make such a difference. Yeah, I know my account numbers here. I have two step verification on my login, so unless you also have my cell phone the account is locked. But yeah, you know having the right tools makes a big difference. This is my first time trading with interactive brokers, and it hasn’t been a very good experience for me, which has been disappointing, but they are one of the few brokers that offer settlement margin on an IRA. So for that reason I’ve been trading there. Yeah, I’ll trade there until Lightspeed offers settlement margin, and then I’ll move my money back to Lightspeed because this is just night and day, and it’s costing me money.

That just cost me a couple thousand bucks today. I had a $5,000 missed opportunity last week. It just keeps on happening, but that’s all right. I just want to get this account over $25,000 and then when Lightspeed gives settlement margin, which they’re working on right now, I’ll be able to start trading. I’ll move this IRA over to Lightspeed and be able to trade it there. In the meantime, I’ll just keep grinding away. $400 is profit. Green is good. It’s not as much as I would have liked, but I’ll just keep doing that. I think the biggest risk is that you miss all these opportunities, and then when you do get that big loss it feels like you’re not getting the benefit of having all those winners to make up for it, so the loss hurts that much more.

Not much I can do about it. Just do the best I can, but everything seems just a little bit slower here, and you can see just by comparison. No problems with the execution there, but on this side, even going through the same route, going through Bats, Bats here, and this I sent through Bats, just … I don’t know what it is, but oh well. So small profit there, $466, $9,471 on the other side, so I feel good about that. That puts me up almost $10,000 on the day, $42,000 on the month. Let’s just keep this momentum going. We’ll get back it first thing tomorrow morning and hopefully we’ll see some more really nice opportunities.

All right, so that’s it for me. I’ll see you guys back at it first thing tomorrow morning 9:00, 9:15 for pre-market analysis.

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