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Top 3 Tech Penny Stocks 2017

Tech Penny Stocks

Top 3 Tech Penny Stocks 2017

Let’s face it. Technology start-ups are the hottest trending companies today and even VCs around the world cannot seem to get enough. New tech start-ups are founded nearly every day. They may offer a product or service directed towards IOTs, Internet, mobile, project management, data storage, virtual reality, drones and others.

On the other hand, well established tech companies are either purchasing controlling stakes in upcoming tech start-ups or buying out the start-ups with the hope of integrating their technology with their established and long running products and services.

As a result, the technology sector offers a wide array of penny stocks which are trading under $5 share. The best news about penny stocks is that they are great investment opportunities. This does not mean that you have to invest in every single penny stock you come across. As an investor, you must conduct a thorough analysis in order to determine if the penny stock is worth it.

To make your work easier, we have listed the top 3 technology penny stocks worth investing in 2017.

Arotech Corp

Share price – $3.35 per share
Average Volume – 231,417
Market Cap – 86.925 M

Arotech is a tech company renowned for creating quality defense and security products for military, law enforcement and homeland security. Trading as $ARTX, the company develops technology solutions that help to foster new product innovation. Currently, it has two businesses divisions:

a. Power Systems
This division develops sophisticated portable energy solutions that can be used to power vehicles and provide clean energy used to power military equipment, satellite radios and unmanned vehicles.

b. Training and Simulation
In this division, the company develops a wide array of trainers and simulators designed for military, law enforcement and commercial security services among others. Arotech has been able to position itself as a solutions provider of attack and surveillance drones deployed with AI capability. With revenue of $46.4M and a net income of $7.6 M, Arotech is a great investment opportunity.

MoSys, Inc

Share price – $0.94 per share at close
Average Volume – 1,451,085
Market Cap – 7.602 M

Trading as $MOSY, MoSys is a semiconductor company that produces leading solutions targeted towards networking and communication markets. Due to the continued rise in internet users, data and services, a need for better network connectivity and higher data speed transmission led to the founding of the company.

Its solutions eliminate critical data throughput and bottle necks thus improving data delivery speeds and intelligence. This is achieved at an affordable cost thus reducing power consumption, area, pin count and expenses.

The company markets its products to video-on-demand services, internet protocol TV, peer-to-peer, cloud computing and mobile service providers. With over 100 patents granted/pending, Mosys remains a penny stock to watch. Interested investors should take the time to check out its price action for the past few years before investing.

Quantum Corp.

Share price – $5.09
Average Volume – 386,331
Market Cap – 175.464 M

Quantum Corp. is an expert in providing the following solutions – data protection, scale-out tiered storage, intelligent solutions that captures, shares and preserves digital assets. Some of its customers include top movie studios who want to create the next blockbuster movie, scientific researchers and even small businesses that want to streamline their operations.

Trading as $QTM, Quantum has a portfolio that covers software solutions for physical, cloud and virtual environments. On August 14th, 2017, Quantum announced the election of Raghu Rau as chairman. Raghu held the position of director before succeeding Paul Auvil.

Before the announcement, Quantum was trading at $5.14 per share and after the above announcement, the share price jumped to $5.74 before dipping to $5.67. Over the past two quarters, Quantum Corp performance has been improving tremendously making it a penny stock to watch.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other securities, penny stocks require one to make a lot of guesses for the future. Furthermore, few of these penny stocks have a strong track record thus investors will have difficulty predicting if they will prosper or wither. Despite this, the technology penny stocks we have listed above have a lot of potential not only at the moment but in the future too.


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