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Trading From The Beauty Of Eastern Europe – Traveling Trader

eastern europe

Summer is here and the time where I witnessed some snow falling in Madrid and Barcelona (unique events!) seems way far back than just a few months ago. That’s the great thing about traveling and trading. It doesn’t really matter how long the cold winter lasts because the sun is going to shine again, it’s just a matter of patience.


During these amazing weeks, this Trading&Traveling (or so called “TRTR”) journey got me under the flags of Hungary and Czech Republic. These two cities have been an incredible discovery due to their fine architecture, art, culture, food and, even more importantly, friendly people that I’ve been very lucky to meet.

On top of all, the internet infrastructure is super advanced and it made it really simple to set up and trade with my traveling station (nothing like the experience you may have seen from the Athens’ episode).

The only issue I had to deal with was a rough failure happened while updating my laptop that almost turned my trading station into a useless brick. Luckily, recovery process went well and I only lost a couple of hours of one trading day.

Budapest and Prague are incredibly cheap cities that offer an immense variety of entertainment options too. For a few dollars, you can relax in an immense SPA in the heart of Budapest after a great (or even a bad) trading day.

This is just an example of the dozens of unique experiences that these cities have to offer. In fact, I believe that either Budapest and Prague are among the best choices for nomad workers (and, of course, traders!) to be living in.

I could describe so many other great events that happened during these days but I really believe that the video can show you those far better than a million words ever could. Now, I let you enjoy the video, if you haven’t done so already!

Taking A Break From The “TRTR” Journey

I can’t thank you enough, really. Each one of you who has supported this crazy journey of mine by watching and liking those videos, by saying or typing some words of encouragement, by asking meaningful questions or even by giving me ideas on how to get better and better episode after episode, city after city.

These series of episodes could not have been this successful without your invaluable contribution!

Also, I want to thank each and every one of the people that I’ve met on each one of the stops that I’ve gone through. You are the ones who really made the difference and provided the high-quality content that would have just been impossible to provide without you.

I’m so glad to finish these series of episode with much more life experience and with a bunch of meaningful relationships that turned into true friendships and, in one case, even into something more.

Finally, I want to thank Warrior Trading for having believed in my idea and have made it really possible. Without this team and community, this experience would have never seen the light and we would have not inspired so many people to take bold decisions and to start changing their lives for good.

With that being said, it’s time for me to take a little break from this adventure. The past six months have been hands down the most incredible adventure of my life and so, even if I am tempted to get going right away, at this point I also have some great opportunities for developing something important in my personal life that require me to settle down and invest more time in.

Just a final note here. I’m not giving up on the idea of continuing this journey. At this point, I’m just taking a break and I have no idea about if and when this journey will continue. It really can be in a few weeks or in a few months but that’s not really the point of this article. I’ll make sure I’ll keep you updated about it.   

“People who make the choice to study, work hard or do whatever they endeavor is to give it the max on themselves to reach to the top level. And you have the people who get envy and jealous, yet are not willing to put that work in, and they want to get the same praise.” – Evander Holyfield

See you in the chat room!

Trade safe,

Roberto Barbaro