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Trading Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Trading Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint


It may sound weird to realize that, although we were all born knowing how to run and we all started doing that since we were very little, the ability to continuously do that for more than 42 kilometers (or 26 miles if you prefer) is something feasible only if the candidate has built strong foundations.

There is no such a thing like presenting themselves at the starting line of a marathon and hoping to be able to get to the end without proper training. Even the most successful marathon runner in history did not come with that natural talent and, instead, had to work hard to earn the greatest achievements, long before they could happen. It is only after several struggles and enormous dedication that results begin to show up. The same applies for trading, where the strongest foundation and source of training is simply education.

When I first started this journey of becoming a day trader, I’ve really considered it my dream job opportunity and there was nothing I wanted more than being successful at this. I knew by life experience that I had to stay away from those “becoming rich quick” false promise that the internet is full of, especially when it comes to trading.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of different services and communities before making the final decision to invest resources into Warrior Trading. The selling point to me was the outstanding quality of education material which was simply too much superior compared to what I could find anywhere else and today, I can’t be any happier with the choice I’ve made.


Find inspiration first, then rely on yourself only

 I’ve already written many times about the key importance of surrounding yourself with people you appreciate a lot and you enjoy spending time with. The same goes for trading, especially when you’re in need for the best possible trading mentorship. Browse around accurately to choose the best possible education option for yourself. Find inspiration first, then study and practice really hard to get ready for relying on yourself only in the long run.

The ultimate goal in every professional career is reaching the ability to walk on your own feet only. Just like the marathoner metaphor mentioned above, you can’t just watch and admire another great runner and pretend to be able to do the same without commitment. At some point, you’ve got to take responsibility. Being mindful that this journey isn’t just like winning a sprint race will help enormously. In fact, it’s about living a thoroughly immersive experience instead.

“We are different, in essence, from other men. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.” – Emil Zatopek (winner of four Olympic gold medals)


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