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The World Is In The Hands Of Risk Takers

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The World Is In The Hands Of Risk Takers

One of the most prominent emotions that causes bad decisions in trading is without a doubt, fear. In fact, it is the leading factor for greediness, stubbornness and making irrational decisions. These decisions aren’t good habits for profitable trading in the long run. It is interesting to observe how those instinctive reactions to fear are very common among traders. This is because they are correlated with how we’ve grown up as human beings.

We can easily confirm that once the technical comprehension of the market dynamics is on point. (Warrior Trading courses are still the best possible source of knowledge for me) Learning how to handle the emotions involved by accepting fear as an essential part of the decision-making process can be a turning point into one’s trading career.

How is it really possible to overcome the fear of trading? How can we consistently execute the trading plan built with each setup? It comes down to risk management. I believe that learning how to manage risk in trading paves the way for living the dream of embracing a life where pure freedom is the main ingredient.

Do not be afraid to go deep into your own trading process of analyzing risk management techniques that you use. We all make mistakes. They have been part of each trader’s journey, even the most successful ones.

There Is No Such Thing As Zero Risk

It all comes down to accepting that risk is a part of trading, no matter what you try to do. It is simply unavoidable. This isn’t just about trading, risk is everywhere. It is a part of everyone’s daily life. We experience risk whether we’re crossing the street or taking the next trade. That’s why I often smile when I speak with friends that couldn’t live without their “safe” job certainty.

To me, living the dream means exactly the opposite. It’s all about embracing uncertainty and relentlessly working on how to maximize the risk/reward balance. Once I realized that, I’ve put the highest level of commitment into risk management. It is amazing how much work can be done on this one aspect after freeing your mind from the idea that risk could be taken out from any successful story.

World progress is in the hands of risk takers. Just pick your favorite story of success (I love Thomas Edison’s story) and you’ll totally get what I mean. Once I came to this realization, the way I look at everything has changed forever and that’s why I have invested my whole soul into this trading journey.

One of the main reasons why I enjoy writing every one of these articles is to encourage the brave ones. The tough moments they face while learning how to trade happens. It doesn’t really matter how hard it is to become a successful trader, what matters is enjoying the feeling of a burning passion within ourselves. In my humble opinion, there is no amount of money that can buy that.  


“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.” – A. Einstein


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Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro