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+$1,116.62 this AM – WIN a Laptop, Register for LIVE webinar!


+$1,116.62 this AM – WIN a Laptop, Register for LIVE webinar!



All right, guys, so we’re going to do our midday market recap, go over the trades from this morning. But before I do that, I want to make a special announcement. Now, I already announced this on Facebook on Friday night. So obviously on Friday, I had a great day, made 5,100 bucks and I took myself on a little trip to the computer store. I got three new Lenovo computers. This is one of them. This is the second one. And this is the third one. So you guys know, these are the computers that I use to trade on. I use two … Well, I have three, but I’m only using two of them right now. Lenovo laptops. And so what I’ve decided to do was go ahead and buy these three new laptops, and I’m going to give them away on Thursday.

On Thursday, I’m going to give two of the laptops to students who join us in our upcoming Warrior Pro course. And the other one I’m going to give to someone, just a random attendee, who is in our Thursday webinar. So I’m going to put the link in the room here so you guys can see the URL to sign up for the webinar, but this will be a webinar where I talk about the strategies that I’ve used to turn 583 bucks into over 100 K this year. And during that webinar, I’ll be giving away one of these computers to a random attendee. Then, at the end of the webinar, I’m going to invite a couple of students to join me in our classes, and two of those students will get the other two laptops.

So I want to make sure that I get this guy branded up with the sticker. That’s what I have on mine right here. These got my stickers, Warrior Trading sticker. That way, anytime I’m traveling, I’m on the airplane, there’s no question what’s going on in this laptop. It’s a day trading laptop. So let’s see. Try to get one of these stickers on here. These stickers are actually, they’re really tough. They hang on to that computer really well. All right, so top corner. Here we go. That looks good. Perfect. All right, so this one is number one, ready to go, ready to get shipped out. And I’ll get the other two ready maybe later in the week. I’ll work on those ones tomorrow or the next day.

So these are brand new computers. They have, each of them, 16 gigabytes of RAM, solid state hard drive, 256 gigs. Pretty much the same specs as the computers that I’m using right now, except the processors are a little bit newer, and so they’re probably going to be a little bit faster. But I’ve been super happy with these computers. One of the reasons I started using Lenovos was because I noticed in all the … Well, whenever I’d go to the doctor’s office, they always had Lenovo computers, and so I was like, “Well, they must be reliable. They must be pretty decent.” And I’ve been super happy with mine. So I’m going to be really excited to give away these three computers this week, and give back some of those trading profits to students who are at the very beginning of their journey.

So whenever I bring new students into our classes, or host these webinars, it’s something that I do from time to time. It’s always a fun opportunity to meet new traders, meet new students. Many of you guys are in the room today, and have been with us now for several months. So the new group of students, they’re all going to owe you a big thank you for all the feedback that existing students have given me to help build out the Warrior Pro class. Right now, I’m working on a really exciting new section of the class, which is going to be swing trading and long term investing. So that’s coming up soon. I’m going to be really excited to teach that. Right now, I’m on about 160 slides of that new course.

So that’s coming soon. Just continuing to add content and make these classes the best possible education for you guys. All right, so stickers. I’ll have to ask Karina if there’s something we can do with these stickers. I know I’ll be giving these out during our inner circle seminar in New York City this fall. So have some of them for that for sure. I don’t know if we’re able to ship them out, or how we would do that in an easy way. But anyways, I’ll talk to Karina about that and think about what would make the most sense. So in the mean time, let’s go over the trades from today.

So we ended the week Friday with some really good trades, $5,100 in profit, and starting the week here with a pretty decent day. I was a little bit cautious. I wasn’t as aggressive as I could have been. But I took three trades, had three winners, an I’m finishing the day with $1,116.62, which is not bad. It’s the 153rd trading day of the year, so we have just under 100 days left for 2017, and I would love to be able to continue this thousand dollar a day average. This is for sure … I mean, I like to just sort of grind on that average. It obviously helps when I have big days like I had on Friday, because that boosts up my average. When I have those big draw downs, it really pulls my average back down.

So I really hope that I have a good last quarter of 2017, but taking it one day at a time. Today was a decent day. So it started with my very first trade this morning on ARCI. Now this was kind of a surprise trade because it wasn’t on my scanners. It wasn’t on my watch list. It just suddenly … Sorry, it wasn’t on my gap scanners. It wasn’t on my watch list. It just suddenly popped up on the momentum scanner at 9:31. So let’s see, let’s see. And I’ll just put that link there for the webinar by the way. But yes, so ARCI pops up on the scanner at a dollar four, and I was like, “Okay, this is reminding me of DGLT, and of R whatever that one, RBNT, RTNB.” So as soon as I saw it popping up, I was like, “Okay, this looks good, I’m just going to jump into this thing and ride the momentum.”

I got in with five thousand shares at a dollar 11. Pops up to a high of a dollar 25 and it took the profit. It was like 500 bucks, I’m out, that’s good. $545. I was thinking this might squeeze into a circuit breaker haul, I just wasn’t sure, and that ended up not happening. So I think this was a decent trade. Ended up hitting a high of 141 today, which was pretty good, but I definitely sold it a little on the early side. So that’s fine, first trade. And I said this morning, “Daily goal right now is like 500 bucks.” If I can get $500 a day right now, I’m pretty happy with that. $2,500 a week, $10,000 a month. That’s like slow and steady. So if I can grind on those types of gains for the next … Well, the rest of the month, but the next couple months, that would be okay with me.

I’d rather do that than try to swing for the fences and have a big strikeout, base hits. But today, I got to my typical daily goal of a thousand bucks, which is good, I’m happy for that. So first one, ARCI, took the 500, got my daily goal, and it was time to look for the next trade. Next trade was XPLR, and this one was actually … No, my next trade was FENG, F-E-N-G. This one was on our watch list for continuation over yesterday’s high. Yesterday’s high was 481. The bell rings, it pops up to a high of 478 or something like that, and then it pulls back a little bit. It flags out, and I was like, “Okay, that’s fine. I’m going to buy the first candle to make a new high on the five minute chart.” And that was my entry right here at 460.

In at 460, and we got the move up to a high of 470, but only 10 cents. As we were at 470, we were seeing lots of buying. Buying, buying, buying, buying, buying. The level two was not moving. That told me there was a hidden seller at 470, and so I hit the bid and bailed out at 69. I’ll show you my order here. So let’s see, so ARCI, got in at 10 and 13, sold at 22, 23, 23, 25. Kind of lot of orders on that one, but that’s okay. XPLR, I tried to get in, into the circuit breaker haul. No fill, no fill on those orders. Then it got halted on a circuit breaker, so I had to wait. FENG, got in at 360, added at … Sorry, got in at 360, and then I sold 600 shares at 370, and the rest at 369. Just hitting the bid, bailing out.

And the last trade was F-E … Was sorry, XPLR, which was on our swing trade watch list for a break over yesterday’s high, which was 338. Unfortunately, I didn’t take this for a swing trade because it just out of nowhere popped up to 78 and got halted on a circuit breaker. So when it was halted, just before it was halted, I tried to get in at 80. My order didn’t get filled. Ended up going up to 410, which would have been great, but obviously wasn’t in it. Comes back down, consolidates, and on this one I decided to take the first five minute candle to make a new high again. Same set up as FENG. So on this one, you can see this little one minute consolidation through here, and here roughly.

So my entry, I got in at 70 anticipating that break, because you can see how this is a very well-defined wedge. I got in at 70 with three thousand shares. So longest 71, three thousand shares. And then I added three thousand shares at 87, so now I have six thousand shares with an average of 81. It pops up to a high of 93, so I’m up like 700 bucks. On that next candle, it drops down to 76, so I’m down 400. It pops back up to 92, and at that point I was like, “I need to start lightening up my risk.” I sold 800 shares at 91, and then as it started to drop here below 85, I hit the bid, bailed out of the rest at 82.

So that ended up only being $248, which is fine. So finishing the day up a little over a thousand bucks. That’s a good day. Ended up hitting the daily goal, even though I wasn’t really expecting it. Three trade, three winners, good accuracy. Decent follow through, not the best follow through, but decent and good enough. So that’s a much better start to the week than the tech error that I had last week and starting the week last week in the red. But yeah, so bouncing back here on Monday morning, thousand dollars. Kind of building the account back up. The thing is right now, the last three days of July were kind of brutal for me.

The last … Actually the last … Yeah, the last three days of July I lost about three thousand bucks. And then of course, the first week of August, I lost 28 hundred bucks, the second week I made back two grand, the third week I made back about a thousand dollars. So I’m right now, like before today, break even on the month. As of right now, I’m up now about a thousand on the month. So it’s one of those things where you get yourself into the red, and then you got to spend days and days digging out. So here I am with two weeks left in the month and I’m break even. So I definitely have to adjust my goal for this month, which is a little disappointing.

But all of that was to say that I look at my account, and my total PNL, and the total right now is 61,700, plus or minus. And I think the highest this has been was like 67 thousand maybe, or 66 thousand. So I look at that and I’m like, “I’m still a little ways off my highs because of those few losses that I had.” So I’m trying to work myself back up to 68, 70 thousand. Sort of feel like I’m back in the driver’s seat. And then, keep grinding up towards 100 K. No new swing trades today. The bottom bounce reversals that I was watching, XONE, had it on watch. It’s bouncing, but I felt like obviously right out of the gates, it squeezed from 7 to 734.

It pulled back here, and I was like, “I could get in it here, but I’m buying at 20 cents higher than I really want to, and I’m not really sure that that’s a good idea.” So I decided not to do that. So let’s see, that was XONE. Obviously, XPLR ended up kind of just breaking out without me, so that one was off the list. IMNU, this was on watch, but right out of the gates, it was just squeezing up, and I can’t really manage risk very well on that one. So we’ll just keep waiting for a good bull flag set up. HIIQ is consolidating still, so that one might be ready tomorrow or the next day, but it’s got a five cent tick. So I don’t know, a couple I’m watching.

I’d like to take a swing trade Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I don’t … I wouldn’t take one on Friday because I don’t really want to hold into the weekend, don’t really want to take one on Thursday, because I only have one day until I have to sell it. So really Monday through Wednesday I think are the best times for me to take new swing trades, but I’m not sure. I still want to stay really focused and finding A-quality set ups. So far this month I’ve taken only three swing trades, but I am green on two out of the three, which is good.

So hopefully we can see that continue just by being focused on waiting for A-quality set ups. So being patient is really key. Okay, so that’s about it for today. Finishing the day up a thousand bucks, $1,100 dollars. And I’ll be back it first thing tomorrow morning. All right, so I hope you guys have a good afternoon. Trade smart if you trade through the afternoon, and I’ll see you first think tomorrow morning. Okay, thanks guys. Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Well, I was just working on the dream board for my next home run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.