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Worst Trading Day So Far +$2,295.26!

worst trading day

What’s up everyone? All right well today is worst day of the month. It’s a little disappointing finishing up only $2,295. And, I feel like I’m going to have to cut back on my expenses, because this is … things are getting a little tight. This is getting ridiculous, what can I say? The momentum is hot right now. I’m getting spoiled. I’m used to 7, 8, $10,000 days back to back to back to back.

So, making only $2,200 feels like a small day. But, in reality, it is a great day. My daily average right now is about $3,000 per day this year on the 64th day, right now. So, I am a little below my daily average. But, I can’t complain. This is still, the momentum is hot. We’re doing really well.


So, today, couple stocks I traded. It was a little slower. The watch list was a little lighter. Not as many gappers. So, you know, things starting to shift a little bit. And, I will have to be a little bit more careful going into to tomorrow and going into next week to see if we’re beginning to sort of see the tide shift a little bit. A little bit of a pull back off of this hot momentum. Or, if this is just a momentary rest before, boom, we get another stock that goes up 100, 200%. So, we’re going to break it all down in today’s midday market recap.

All right everyone, so we’re going to break down the trades from this morning. So, finishing the morning up here up $2,295.26. It is my 11th green day in a row, which is awesome. And, it puts me up just under $65,000, $64,000 on the month, which is terrific. So, just making my way here towards that, well not really sure. I guess I didn’t really assess strong goal for this month other than trying to get towards $80,000 in profit. And, I think that I’ve got a chance at that here with still two weeks left. So, if I could do $10,000 a week for the next two weeks, I’ll be in good shape there.

So, today was kind of an interesting day because there really wasn’t a lot that looked good. The scanners were pretty much dead this morning. The only gapper that we had that I did take a trade on was RESN. This was a little bit of consolidation pre-market. I took a scalp over the pre-market high. My entry here, very first trade of the day was a long at $4.12 and $4.14. It popped up to a high of $4.26, $4.25, and then it came back down. So, I stopped out of that with a $454 loss with 10,000 shares. So, not bad. In at $4.15, out at $4.09.

Then, I took a trade on NETE. This was a nice trade, popped up on our scanners. But, as has been the case several times this week, in the middle of the trade I lost my internet connection. So, I’m in with 7,500 shares at $8.50 for a break of this little flag, right here as you can see. That was the flag break. Got in 7,500 shares at $8.50, I wanted to add 2,500 at $9.00, for a total of 10,000 shares.

And, I lost my internet connection when the price was at about $8.80. I then didn’t know, I had no idea what the price was until I saw as my internet came back up, the scanner said $9.36 right here. So, as soon as I saw that, I just pressed ctrl-z to sell because I though I better just try to get an order in there to sell. I don’t have quotes yet, but maybe it will take my order. And, it did, and I sold it $8.95. So, $3,392 profit on that. It wasn’t as much as I could have made if I hadn’t lost internet, but it was still a good trade.

So, with those two trades I was up about 2,900 bucks. And, then we had MYND, which I was watching, and kind of not sure I really trusted. I was considering it at $2.09 right here. But, I thought it was a little extended. And, then I decided to take a little scalp right here at $2.25. It popped up to a high of $2.25 and then it dropped. So, I’m in at $2.23, $2.24, I stopped out at $2.11. So, I lost $643 on that one.

So, accuracy today not really that great. Only actually 33%. Three trades and one winner. But, when you have big winners, that’s fine, it doesn’t really matter. And, it still leaves me with accuracy of now 80% on the month. So, you know, I’m okay with that.

And, also exciting here today as you can see my main account is up at $135,000, growing quickly. And, my IRA is now up over $20,000 which is awesome. $25,000 is the line in the sand. I got to get above the PDT level so I’m really hoping that I get there by the end of this month. That would just be awesome. It will be really exciting when I cross that line. And, then, of course, then I have to stay above it, because remember I cannot deposit more money into this account. Roth IRA, you can only put in $5,500 per year. I put in $5,500 for 2017, and I already put in $5,500 for 2018.

So, I can’t add more money to this account. It’s not an option. If I go into the hole, I have to trade my way out of it. And, so, yes crossing $25,000 would be good, but I really need a little bit of a bigger cushion than that. So, I need to get myself up towards $28,000, $30,000 to really start to feel confident. But, you know, from a $10,000, $11,000 starting balance, this account has doubled this year. And, it will just keep growing. Once I get above 25K and I can actually day trade in it every single day, I’ll probably be trading in my IRA more than in my main account. Just because of the tax benefit. But, for right now, I’m still using Lightspeed mostly.

All right, so that’s about it for me. Yesterday, I accidentally uploaded the wrong recap on YouTube, so I took that down and put up the correct one. So, sorry about that for those of you that I know look forward to watching those recaps. The correct one is up there now. But, it was, it’s just a copy of the broadcast to Facebook because the file had a problem. So, it’s not as good a quality as normally we would have. But, we’ll get this recap up here today. And, hopefully you guys will enjoy it. And, if you have any questions, any comments, feel free to leave them below. And, I’ll come back through and answer them this afternoon.

All right, so I hope you guys have a great afternoon, really good day here of, just you know, well, pretty decent day of trading. Really just a great, great week of trading and so far a great month of trading. So, a little slower today, and we’ll be a little cautious tomorrow to see, you know, is it going to continue to be slow, or will things pick back up? All right, so that’s it for me. I hope you guys have a great afternoon. And, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.

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