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Wow! Trades are GREEN up $3,916.99!


What’s up everyone. All right, another day here wearing red in the green up $3916.99. This is the best week so far since January. It’s awesome. I’m up $28,000 almost $29,000 on the week and just like that my month has taken a big turn. So, nearly $30,000 in one week. I’m up close to $48,000 on the month and that’s fantastic. So I was looking at my metrics and right now I’m at 78% accuracy on the month with my average winners being $1042 and my average losers being about $630. So my profit-loss ratio is good. My winners are this big, my losers are this big and my percentage of success, 78% is fantastic.
So, this was really what I needed for the month of March, is what I was really striving for to turn things around after in February having poor accuracy, big losers and being down 10,000 bucks. So a really nice turnaround today and another green day. So, anyway, we’ll break down today’s trade and today’s midday market recap.

All right, so this morning we had a watch list, we had OMEX, we had SNGX and we had EARS. All three of the stocks I traded today were right off the watch list. So OMEX was a huge gapper, gapping up over 100%. I was not totally sure this one was going to work. So basically my approach on it was since it seems strong I’m going to try to scalp it out of the gates. The market opened and I jumped in at 12.94, it pops up to a high of 13.75. I threw out an offer at 13.74 to sell half. I didn’t get filled so I sold half at 13.49. I sold the rest at 13.05, $332. Not a big winner but it didn’t hold up and it was the right move to get out.

I then got back in this right here for a break of $11, back in, let’s see, at 10.95 and I sold it 10.91 so I lost 40 bucks. It didn’t work out and I stopped out quickly. It went out to 11.48 but it didn’t hold that level so I got out. Good job there getting out of the way. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome on that. It’s just been pretty much fading this morning. Nothing really interesting here.

SNGX was the other stock on our watch list this morning and I said I’d be watching it over 2.35 but the thing is I was really so focused on OMEX because that one was like parabolic pre-market and so I really thought it had the potential to do something kind of crazy and that’s the one I was really, really focused on. So I said yeah guys, I’m watching this over at 2.35. I had my order SNGX ready to go, 2500 shares, I put it at 2.50 and the bell rings and it pops up to 2.50 and that I was in OMEX. And then I see it and it said 2.60, 2.70 and I was like oh my god, this thing is running, I’m missing it. Well, maybe I’ll take a scalp at the whole dollar.

So I jump in it at 2.97 and $3. It squeezes up to 3.23 and I’m like I got to sell half because I took 7500 shares at three bucks after it just squeezed up 50 cents. So I sold half. It then goes up a little bit more and I add it squeezes into a circuit breaker halt. So now I’ve added it 357. We get a high of 3.54, it’s halted, it then resumes and squeezes up to 3.57. On this one I was a little bit aggressive. I was thinking it would maybe tap $4. It opened down, I added at 3.47 and 3.38 at 13,000 shares and I’m selling half at 3.60, 3.64, 3.65 and 3.62. So boom, $3,545. Solid trade there on SNGX.

Had the little trade on OMEX and then we had EARS. EARS was on the watch list. I didn’t know if it would open up yesterday. It was also on the watch list but it didn’t do anything but today all of a sudden it goes from $1.60 to $1.99 and it’s halted. So I’m like all right, clearly it’s strong. It resumes from the halt and I jump in at, I try to get in at 35, I got filled at 35 and at 50. It’s then halted at 2.53. It resumes and hits a high of 3.08 and I added it 3.07. I thought it was going to keep going into a second circuit breaker. I thought it was going to be really strong like SNGX but it was not.

So now I have 8000 shares with an average cost of 2.61 and when it came back down I was like, I got to get out, breakeven. So I sold basically breakeven. I made $83. But you know what, 8000 shares, I think that’s good risk management. Yes, I had the potential to be a bigger winner, I did give up probably $2500 of profit but I’m in a position now where being up as much as I am on the week and on the month, it’s okay to take a little bit of risk because if that had gone to 3.50 then I would have had 8000 shares from 2.61. It would have been a six, seven thousand dollar winner and that would have been awesome.

So, right now is the time that I can afford a little bit more risk but on this one it just didn’t work out and I’m totally okay to walk away with profit, with $83 profit. If that’s a bad trade, that to me is okay. It’s better than being actually red on the trade. So, you know, $83 profit on it. So with that I’m up $3,916.99. It’s one of these things, you know, this morning on my way in just kind of getting myself organized I went out and grabbed a bagel and a juice, stuff like that. I think it cost, I think it was like $13 or something like that. It’s just kind of crazy.

If I had this money in my pocket, the amount of money I make every day trading, yesterday I made $14,000. If I had that $14,000 in my pocket, like this is my daily, this is what I made working today, $14,000. Today, here’s what I made working today, $3,900, the cost of living is like just so small. Yeah, here’s 80 bucks for groceries for like the week or five days. It’s really crazy. The amount of money that you can make when you’ve really got it dialed in trading, it’s really quite something. I try to save as much of it as I can, it’s the smart thing to do. Save it and reinvest it and by doing that, I’ve been doing that basically since I started trading and so now I’ve been able to save up quite a bit.

Five years from now, I’ll probably have enough in savings where I could just live off the interest. I’d be making as much on the dividends as I would trading full time as a beginner trader. You know, $100,000 a year in dividends or maybe $200,000. I don’t know, we’ll see. But, that’s kind of the dream because then if you want to keep trading you keep trading and you’re just continuing to grow. It’s that compound interest plus just the exponential growth as you build skill and build confidence and you get to a point where you’ve been doing this probably for 10 years and you can keep trading because this is a pretty easy job to sit down for two hours and make a couple thousand bucks but you also know that you’ve got your, you’ve really got total financial security because you can live off your dividends.

So, that’s the reason that I don’t have a Ferrari parked in the driveway just yet. It’s not that I can’t afford, it’s just that I want to make sure I, I’m right now doing myself a favor for me in five years or me in 10 years, right? So the me in 10 years can time travel back and say thank your ass for putting that money into savings because got carpal tunnel in my wrist and now I can’t use the hot keys as much and I’m not as good of a trader at 45 for whatever reason so thank you for putting that money away and making it so I can live comfortably for a long time.

That’s kind of the goal. We all think about retirement I’m sure to a certain extent. We to wanted work but we also want to make sure that we are financially secure. And the reality is, only one percent of the people out there in the world have financial independence, have financial security, right? It’s really not common. But those who have been able to master the market and really become experts at this, you’re going to be among those who have that confidence and have that independence. So, just as a motivator to keep you guys going, even when you have a bad day or a bad month, when you get to the other side it’s really great and it took me a long time to get here.

Anyways, that’s about it for me. Have I been playing music? I didn’t mean to be playing music if I am. Let’s see. I’ll double check that. I had this video up, this is Roberto’s video from trading in Barcelona. You guys know that he’s been traveling to 17 different European cities in 2018 and so he’s just finished his trip to Barcelona. So you guys can check out that video of him on YouTube, on our YouTube channel.

All right. So, that’s about it for me, I hope you guys have a great afternoon and I will see you back in the chat room first thing tomorrow morning. A reminder, 1PM Eastern today we are hosting a live webinar so I would love to have you guys register and attend, that will be a lot of fun. So that’s coming up in about an hour and a half, live webinar, 1PM Eastern. All right, so I’ll see you all back here first thing tomorrow morning.

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