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momentum swing trading strategies

3 Simple Momentum Swing Trading Strategies

  Momentum swing trading strategies are perfect for traders looking to capitalize on strong moves that tend to materialize quicker than other strategies on a higher time frame. The Basics: Momentum Swing Trading Strategies All trading strategies fall into one of two categories: trend-following (you’re trading in the same direction that the market is moving/has […]

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Tesla: What The Bulls and Bears Are Saying

  Tesla is the seminal stock story of today’s bull market cycle. Despite possessing a small portion of the automobile market share, Tesla dominates the headlines and financial discussion. Regardless of their thoughts on Elon Musk’s business acumen, bulls and bears both agree on Musk’s marketing ability. Many call him the P.T. Barnum of the […]

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Wyckoff Method

Wyckoff Method Price Action Guide

Stock prices move up and down constantly because of small and large forces. These forces propel prices continuously up and down. If you can identify these forces and make sense of their influence, you can learn to predict stock price movements. The Wyckoff Method is a technical analysis approach to navigating the financial markets based on the study […]

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Harmonic Patterns

Harmonic Patterns Explained for Beginners

  Harmonic Patterns are a type of complex patterns that occur naturally in financial charts based on geometric price action and Fibonacci levels. The patterns were introduced to the trading world by Harold McKinley Gartley in 1932. Gartley created a pattern which he named after himself and outlined in his 1935 book, Profits in the […]

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bottom up investing

How Bottom-Up Investing Works

A bottom-up investing methodology focuses on analyzing individual companies initially before evaluating a stock-sector and the economic outlook. This differs from a top-down approach where an analyst would evaluate the macroeconomic environment first, and then focus on a sector before analyzing an individual stock. Bottom-up investors will first evaluate specific financial metrics, as well as […]

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Pennant pattern

Pennant Pattern For Beginners [2021]

Learning to spot technical patterns before prices begin to move is one of the most critical aspects of day trading. Yes, predicting the market with perfect accuracy is impossible, but if you trade long enough, you’ll start picking up on different patterns that could signal an upcoming price movement. Head and shoulders, cup and handle, […]

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Morning Trading

Why Morning Is The Best Time To Trade

  One of the things why day trading for a living has a strong appeal for many people is the fact that you can do it anytime and anywhere, without a manager or boss breathing down your neck. You can trade from home or even while traveling, thanks to advances in technology. And, in addition to […]

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Wolfe Wave Pattern Trading Guide

Predicting market movements with chart patterns is one of the most effective tools for making trade decisions. Chart patterns are pure price-action and the basis of underlying buying and selling pressure. They are formed by support and resistance levels, as well as by more complex versions of trend lines. Patterns have a proven track record, […]

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