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How to Short Penny Stocks

How to Short Penny Stocks Like a Pro

Penny stocks are the most peculiar asset class that beginners get drawn to. At the same time as having immense benefits: least competitive, highly volatile, and daily runners, they also have huge drawbacks: they’re the riskiest, most of the companies are shoddy, and are often manipulated.   The drawbacks of penny stocks are reasons many […]

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How to Day Trade Without $25k

How to Day Trade Without $25k

  If you want to know how to day trade without $25k then this article is for you. We’ll cover how to get started, ways around the PDT rule and some valuable tips.  But before we do, lets remmeber that day trading is extremely risky.  Most beginner traders lose money, and certainly most traders with […]

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How Many Trading Days in a Year

How Many Trading Days in a Year?

If you’ve been trading stocks, you probably know that the stock market is subject to a seasonal effect in that at different times of the year, month or even week, share prices can increase or drop. So, not only do you need money to start day trading, but you also need to know how many […]

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january 2020 in review

January 2020 in Review

What’s up, everyone? All right. So I’m going to share with you a session that usually I reserve for my Warrior Pro students the first week of each month, during my Warrior Pro mentor session. So these are the sessions I have with all of my Warrior Pro students. I sit down, and I review […]

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M1 Finance

M1 Finance Review 2021

Brief Overview M1 Finance is a recent entrant into the brokerage world. Targeting Millennials, it brings with it a unique style of investing, combining features of robo investing and self-directed trading. Will M1 Finance be able to shake up the brokerage industry the way Robinhood did? Let’s have a look. Services Offered M1 Finance’s specialty […]

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Why day Traders Lose Money

5 Reasons Why Day Traders Lose Money

What’s up, everyone? All right, so in this episode I’m going to break down for you guys the five reasons why most day traders lose money. If you’re watching this video, there’s a good chance that your part of the nine out of every 10 traders out there who is consistently losing money. In fact, […]

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2019 year in review

2019 Year in Review

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are. It is time for 2019 Year in Review. I know this is a little late, but better late than never. My thing with this is I was having such a hard time putting it together because 2019, it was a year where I had some really […]

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What is a Margin Call

What is a Margin Call?

What is a margin call? This is a question we get all the time so we put together this guide on trading with margin and what to do if you get a margin call. Margin Intro Borrowing money is a way of life in our society. Whether you take out a mortgage to buy a […]

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Day Trading Buying Power

What is Day Trading Buying Power?

Believe it or not, you can significantly enhance your trading returns when using leverage if you have access to day trading buying power. Leverage is the use of borrowed capital to enhance your trading return. Understanding leverage and how much you can buy, or sell should be incorporated into your day trading strategy. As you […]

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