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ChartIQ Review | Warrior Trading Review

ChartIQ is an award winning company focused on building HTML5 financial charting and data visualization platforms for use in capital market applications. It is the only professional and advanced HTML5 charting library for technical analysis which works with desktops, the web, tablets and smartphones.

ChartIQ was founded by Dan Schleifer and Terry Thorsen. Dan is the CEO and has been building market enterprise software in the information sales enablement and financial technology markets. As a tech expert, Dan has a huge passion for data visualization which led to the founding of ChartIQ. The company was started with the goal of bringing data visualization and modern design to capital markets.

On the other hand, Terry Thorsen is the CTO and a co-founder of ChartIQ and is renowned for having developed the first online trading system. This platform later became AmeriTrade. Thanks to the success of the platform, Thorsen went on to found Automate Financial Systems. This is a financial solutions provider that develops and supplies software solutions to banks and brokerage firms.

ChartIQ as a platform is designed with HTML5 among other modern web languages. This was done to improve experience, to lower time spent on the platform, improve conversion rates and retention rates. As a result, it has helped to expand the platform beyond traditional charts.

Using the platform allows users to interact and engage with financial data by accessing customized charts. This makes the data actionable. According to ChartIQ review, the purpose of the platform is to eliminate the dependency on expensive capital markets technology. These legacy platforms have been able to collect vast amounts of data and information which does not empower the users.

To eliminate dependency on legacy software as well as improve the user’s experience, ChartIQ brings financial data to life through Visual Trade Lifecycle.

ChartIQ Products

1. HTML5 Charting Library

According to ChartIQ review, the platform is the first professional grade HTML5 charting library that doubles as a technical analysis solution. It is a developer friendly financial visualization engine that is built with highly robust and proprietary API.

The library provides a wide range of innovative data visualization for time series charting. This helps to place social, fundamental and macro data context of charts across assets classes.

The library is built by a powerful set of client side JavaScript libraries that create user experience envisioned for all audiences. It is common to find companies with a single charting library for every platform they are targeting.

This has led to users suffering and developers maintaining a vast database of codes. With ChartIQ, users access only a single library regardless of the device or platform.

2. Finsemble

This is an OpenFin application framework that allows the quick assembly of desktop applications from HTML5, .NET and Java components. The container uses HTML5 which is a modern web language for building powerful and beautiful applications.

Finsemble allows developers to come up with applications that have multiple windows, able to use multiple monitors plus easy to use navigation menus. As said earlier, Finsemble offers multi window layouts. It is designed to provide users with the ability to organize their desktop into saved workplaces. This feature is also possible even across multiple monitors.

3. Webtrader for MT4

The Webtrader for MT4 is a full featured HTML5 trading platform which connects as a plug-in to your MT4 servers allowing you to trade. The platform features the smart one-click trading mode that allows traders to set size TP/SL as well as open orders with unparalled speed.

Apart from that, users will have access to filter instruments that enable search by keyword or securities group. Furthermore, users can their own asset classes. The platform is complimented by the Mobiletrader for MT4.

4. Portals and widgets

They are developed to allow news outlets, brokerages and investor relation teams to provide timely and comprehensive market data which is needed for fast decision making. The financial widgets and portals solutions come with market data, zero change for exchange fees and the capability to be customized.

This allows users to have access to beautifully designed charting solutions finally doing away with market data pages. They are easy to implement and deliver financial content straight to the customer’s device. Key features include beautiful design, inclusion of market data, 100% customizable, viewer retention, easy to integrate and works with mobile, web and tablets.

5. Demo account

ChartIQ offers a demo service for its platform. To access the demo, all you have to do is select the link “Demo” located on the top right corner of the main page. You will be redirected to a chart window.

As a demo account, the data displayed is random. One thing you will note with the demo account is its responsiveness. This means the page can adapt itself depending on the resolution of your device. Furthermore you don’t need to sign up to use the demo account nor do you need to deposit any money.


The ChartIQ library provides a customized platform with different levels of sophistication needed by traders and investors. The library is available as an SDK with a complete HTML5 stock charting solution. This makes it easy to develop charts for a website or web application which can be deployed on desktops and mobile devices.

One thing you need to know is that the library is touchware which allows tablet and smartphone users to access all charting features. When using the library, no external libraries are required. To try out the ChartIQ library, you have to email the company via [email protected]

The developers will help you with your requirements and send you a full library to install and use.

Final Thoughts

Every trader and investor understands that charting is at the core of every capital markets application. Over the past decades, users have been using expensive charting platforms that are limited to desktops or the web.

With the ChartIQ library, users are assured of a fully functional and customizable application built around the charting engine. That is why ChartIQ is the foundation for nextgen financial technology platforms.


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