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Day 57 of the $583 Trading Challenge +$4,966.64

Day 57 of the $583 Trading Challenge +$4,966.64



All right guys, so here we are end of day 57. Of the $583 challenge. So, at this point I’m back over 100K. I started this morning. One hundred thousand six hundred twenty dollars. So, it’s not really the 100K challenge any more. It kind of hasn’t been for probably two weeks. So, we’ll just call this the $583 challenge and at this point I’m up over 100K.

So, finishing the day of day 57 with $4966 and 64 cents. So not bad. You know, not a bad day at all. And I’m really glad that I got a big day here. You know as I just kind of broke over the 100K threshold. I want to try to build my cushion off that level so I hopefully don’t fall back below it.

The victory candle, she burns strong today. But you know it’s funny, I haven’t really been using this candle since I broke over a hundred and then dropped back down to 87 thousand. I think I just kind of felt a little disappointed that I had that pull back and so even the green days that I’ve had in the last week, hadn’t gotten, you know I was still just kind of making back what I had lost. So they didn’t really feel like victories.

But now I’m back into fresh territory. I’ve never been at 105 at this account so I’m really carving a new path. And so that’s good and I’m happy for that. I think that it was definitely challenging having four consecutive red days two weeks ago and losing 15 thousand dollars not only because the financial loss is frustrating but then to do it as all of you guys are watching over my shoulder. I just felt a lot of pressure, especially on the second, third, and fourth day of consecutive losses. That I needed to bounce back and I kept falling deeper.

So that was tough but you know what did I do? I stepped back and I reevaluated my strategy. I recognized that the market at that time was a little choppy and that the best thing for me to do was to focus on one minute pull backs or five minute pull backs and not chase into a squeeze. And that’s exactly what I’ve done now for the last week and a half since I’ve been rallying back up.

So my trades today are for the most part examples of me using that strategy and not chasing. Today’s a day I could have gotten away with chasing a little bit on APOP. But by sticking to this rule I’m reducing my risk and you know even if I’m a little late to the party on some of these trades, I’m trading the best quality set ups. The set up I can really stand behind and feel good about it and so today is definitely the result.

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That’s on the agenda for today. Now to go over the trades from today. Obviously the two stocks I traded … I’m going to just back up here actually, APOP and GBR. Okay so today we had continuation on HTGM pre-market. So HGTM was continuing, it looked like it was going to continue higher pre-market, and I was thinking okay, if this thing is going to break yesterdays high, which was like 13 25 or something, there’s a possibility that we could get just this straight parabolic squeeze. Up to 14 to 15.

And then sometimes these stocks get into this place where they just start exploding. 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19, 20. And so on. SO I had that in the back of my mind that it was a potential possibility that we could see that. Like what we saw on KBIOS or KBIO GRYS AS etc.

That didn’t happen the market opened and it kind of faded. But we also have on the gap scanner was APOP. And this one I was gapping up about 35% on news. The headline here was about a stem cell, a successful stem cell treatment. So I saw this one and I was like guys, this looks really good. I really like it. But here’s my problem.

Right before the bell we were basically just squeezing up and so we had this high of the candle right before the market opened the high was 8.75. And I was like, well, the problem for me on this one is that if I get in right here at 875, I’m buying it and it’s really extended already. And I’m concerned that I’m essentially chasing this out of the gates. I’m chasing a pre-market set up. This is not a pull back. This is just an extended stock. So I was like, I’m going to wait.

Well, this is one of those times where I would’ve done really well with chasing. All right. You know, that’s the way it is. Because it broke, 8.75 pre-market … as soon as the bell rang, broke 9 and went straight up to 10 dollars. It pulled back for a second and so I got in with a thousand shares at 9.88. First little one minute pull back here, got in a thousand shares at 9.88 and then from there we got the move up to a high of 13 dollars.

The problem though, for me, was that I never felt comfortable taking big size on this because it was so extended. So we got two pull back opportunities. The first one was right here at 9.88. Which is where I added my first thousand shares. I sold it as we broke here up to 11.

We pulled back down to this little consolidation at 12.25 and I added again here for the break over 13. Now, well that’s what I was anticipating. We popped up to a high of 13.26, and then we dropped back down to 12.30 pretty fast. Came back down. I got back in here for the break over 12.50 and we got that squeeze up to 13.50. And then we pulled back very quickly. And on that one I actually lost 400 dollars because it pulled back so fast.

So I was up closer to 1900 on this one. At I think my high, and then pulled back a little bit. So again, you know, the set up here is a gap and go trade. Even though I missed the first move. The very beginning of the move, I was still able to capitalize on it. I just didn’t feel comfortable taking as much size as I might of liked to have.

You know this is a trade where with 3, 4, 5 thousand shares you could have made a killing. And there were a lot of traders in the room that did a lot better than I did on this stock because they got in either right here at 75 or 80, or because they jumped in at the whole dollar of 9. It’s a little bit more risky but this was clearly a day to be a little bit more aggressive.

So that was APOP. And I knew that APOP would be strong because of the fact that HTGM had just made this big move. So it was kind of a combination of number one, there’s a headline. And then number two, we have sympathy. Alright, so this is APOP right out of the gate squeezing up from 9 dollars up to a high of 13.50.

Next one is GBR. Now GBR was strong on Friday. And you can see here the green candle on Friday, but I was a little unsure about it because I didn’t see any news. And so I thought well, it’s squeezing up Friday but I don’t see a headline.

Is it possible for an entry over 2.27. It is but I’m not super confident. Well the bell rings and this things ends up just totally squeezing after a couple of minutes. I think on sympathy with APOP. And you can see this move here from 2 dollars all the way up to 3.79.

So on this one I took a couple trades. My first trade, 7500 shares. Let me scroll back to grab my first entry on this. Let’s see. So first entry was at 2.50. So I got in at 2.50, 7500 shares. That was … Basically we had two candles popping up so I saw it at 2.45 and I was like this looks good for the break at 2.50.

Breaks 2.50, we squeeze up here all the way up to 3.20. And then at 3.20 we had just a little bit of pull back right here. A little bit of pull back. SO I added for the break of 3.20 right here on the one minute chart. And we got the high of 3.25.

And then what was interesting is that this pulled back here, and it broke and went back up to high of day even though it was really extended on the five minute chart. And I didn’t trade there. I felt that it was a little bit too much. So I took those two trades and then my third trade was an entry for the first five minute candle to make a new high which was right here at 3.39 and 3.40. We got a high of 3.56. Only 16 cents.

But, you know, it was a decent move it just wasn’t as big as maybe I’d hoped. I thought we were maybe going to go back to high of day and then to 4 dollars. That was back of my mind target but didn’t happen. And I think this candle being as red as it was didn’t help, but the good news is that this red candle was on lighter volume.

So that’s in contrast to red candles on high volume. APOP, you know this pulled back here pretty sharply on the five minute and the volume was just, it was just not good. It really ruined the set up. And of course HGTM, as soon as the bell rang, just started selling off, so no trades on that.

So I had two stocks that I traded today and I took a total of, let’s see, 6 trades with 5 winners and 1 looser. So over all the average winners were 46 cents per share and my one looser was 20 cents. So that puts me up just under 5000 dollars on the day. That’s a great day, great start to the week.

Puts me up about 29000 on the month. And of course this is the last week of the month so hopefully I can have a couple more good days. Get myself up into the 30s. I won’t get as high as I made it last month but you know, that’s okay. This is a little bit of a slower period in the middle of the month. But it was a good start and hopefully we can have a good finish.

That’s the mid-day recap for today. Again, reminder classes starting at 4 pm this afternoon. It will be class one of the day trade course which we’ll be teaching for the next 15 days. Or the next three weeks. Right now I am trading in my Speed Trader account. You can see this says Speed Trader up in the top left. Using Dash Trader software.

Which is also utilized by Sure Trader and also by Interactive Brokers. It’s a good platform. I enjoy trading on it. That’s where we’re at right now. Just continuing to build the account. I don’t have any specific targets in mind but this is of course all from a starting balance of 583 dollars on January first. SO we’ll see how far I can take it.

All right guys so, that’s all for now and I will see you all at 4 pm for our live class. All right, thanks guys.