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Friday 10/28/2016


$DELT 8.6mil share float gapping up 15% but on only 380 shares of volume.  There is a good chance this ends up opening as a non-gapper.


$GNCA 24mil share float.  Gapping up 14% but gapping into resistance, not sure I trust this one.  Headline: Genocea Presents New 12 month Data on Genital Herpes Immunotherapy GEN-003 at IDWeek 2016


$GNK 2.3 mil share float gapping up 5%.  Headline after hours yesterday: Genco Shipping & Trading Limited Announces Equity Private Placement


Friday Gappers


Thursday 10/17/2016

Overall market is gapping up and as a result we have a ton of stocks on the Gap Scanner.  These days can be tricky because I usually want to focus on the stocks that have  a standalone catalyst vs those just running on sympathy.  Finding those catalysts are a bit harder when we have lots of medium quality gappers.  Today I’ll probably focus on looking for alerts off the HOD momo scanner when the bell rings.


$PRQR 13mil share float.  Possible gap and go setup with a long entry over pre-market highs or first 5min candle to make a new high. Headline: ProQR Announces that QR-010 Meets the Primary Endpoint in a Proof of Concept Study of Homozygous F508del Cystic Fibrosis Patients


$AEZS 6.4mil share float, gapping up 14%.  No fresh headlines, seems like a bounce off yesterdays lows.


$SQNS 30mil share float gapping up 25%.  Headline: Sequans Communications Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results


$UCTT 30mil share float gapping up 12%.  Headline: Ultra Clean Announces Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results


Gap Scanner



Wednesday 10/26/2016

$TWER, 3.7mil share float.  Gapping up again this morning after a headline yesterday.  No fresh news today but we can see if we get a continuation setup.  Over 1.67 on the daily chart this starts to look pretty nice.

$DPRX 5.4mil share float and part of the 5 cent tick pilot program.  This one is interesting over 3.40 on the daily chart for gap fill, but with the 5 cent tick I’m not sure if it’s going to be an easy one to trade.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

$LGCY 76mil share float gapping up 22%.  This is a heavy float stock but there is a possibility it could move.  It’s the leading gapper this morning.  Headline: Legacy Reserves LP Announces Execution of $300 Million Second Lien Term Loan Credit Agreement, Additional Director, and Upcoming Q3 2016 Conference Call


Gap Scan for Wednesday


Tuesday 10/25/2016

$SAEX 5.1mil share float gapping up 42% on 100k shares volume.  This is a stock that is a former runner, so I’m going to keep it on close watch.  With that said, it started the move afterhours, and usually the cleanest stocks start their move pre-market.  Headline: SAExploration Announces Receipt of Alaskan Tax Credit Certificates and Access to Remaining $15 Million Under Senior Loan Facility


$EYES 24mil share float gapping up 18%.  Will watch as this is a former runner.  Possible long over 3.50 (pre-market highs).  Headline: Second Sight Announces Successful Implantation and Activation of Wireless Visual Cortical Stimulator in First Human Subject


$WINT 7.99mil share float gapping up 6%.  Possible long over 3.50 for the half dollar breakout.  Headline: Windtree Releases Data from Lung Deposition Study in Non-Human Primates Demonstrating Uniform Distribution of Aerosolized KL4 Surfactant in all Regions of the Lung


Continuation Names to Watch

$RGSE possible long over 2.25, high of day yesterday.  We can see if ti starts to get some momentum over that level.

$RTTR possible follow through over yesterdays highs.


Gapper Scan



Monday Watch List 10/24/2016

$OPGN 9.5mil share float, former runner.  Watching long over $2.00.

$CHEK 7.3mil share float, watching for possible long on Gap and Go setup.

$KONE, 1.1mil share float.  Watching this long over $7.00.  I think this has potential for an intraday squeeze.  Headline: None that I can find, just a technical breakout.



$DRWI 4.5mil share float.  Watching this for possible daily breakout over 4.50/4.60.  Headline:


Monday Gap Scanners



Friday Watch List 10/21/2016

There isn’t a lot today I’m crazy about.  I’ll watch $PTX to see if we get volume through $4.00, and I’ll watch $DRWI for continuation over 4.50 and yesterday’s highs.