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Warrior Trading operates one of the largest day trading chat rooms for day traders and swing traders. We offer live trade alerts and stock market education in our day trading chatroom Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. We provide our daily watch list free for members and guests.  Check out some of my Recent Winners off the watch list here. On the watch lists below you won’t see the typical penny stock trade ideas of other sites. We typically focus on trading stocks priced above $2 and below $10, although you may see high priced names like $TSLA and $NFLX side by side with lower priced stocks. Remember that we are not investors and these are not long term investments in the stock market. We trade the stock market looking for quick opportunities to lock in 5-10% winners.  Small caps and penny stocks offer the best opportunities for those moves.

Most mornings the stocks on this watch list are already gapping up (opening higher than they closed yesterday).  This is indicative of a catalyst such as earnings, press releases, etc.  Sometimes these gaps are purely technical without news behind them. Regardless of the catalyst, I’ll be watching these for Gap and Go Strategy opportunities.  When stocks are gapping up they often have the potential to squeeze 20-30%.  If I can capture even 1/3 of that move, I can do really well.  My job is first to identify stocks with home run potential, and then second to find an exact entry.  I call out all my entries and exits in that chat room for our students.

As part of my Momentum Trading Strategy and Gap and Go Strategy, I want to enter these small caps and penny stocks as quickly as possible.  If they open and start selling off immediately, I may watch for a red to green move.  That means I’ll look for 2-3 red 1min or 5min candles as soon as the market opens, then buy the first candle to go green.  If they open strong, I may enter at half dollars or whole dollars, entry at 5.00 with stop at 4.90, or entry at 5.50 with stop at 5.40.  Alternatively, I can wait for the first 1min or 5min bull flag to form.  These pullbacks on the 5min chart are typically the safest entry points, but sometimes stocks are so strong they go parabolic (50-100% moves) before pulling back.

There are some days when I won’t have a watch list because there isn’t anything I like.  On those days I will instead be trading off my High of Day and Reversal Scanners.  These scanners will show me stocks that fit my requirements in the middle of the day, even though they weren’t on watch from the pre-market session.

Remember, always practice trading in a simulator before you trade these strategies with real money!  Prove you have what it takes to be profitable.  If you aren’t already a member we’d love to have you join us in our day trading classes or our chat room.


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Thursday 1/192017

$CATB 5.71mil share float gapping up 11%.  Watching for a breakout over $5.00, I may take a position in anticipation of that break.  Headline: Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Phase 1 Data on Edasalonexent (CAT-1004), a Potential Disease-Modifying Therapy Being Developed for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

$SSH 600k share float gapping up 16%, possible long over 9.00

$BIOC gapping up, possible long over 1.90, but I’m not the biggest fan of this stock.




Wedesnday 1/18/17

$NXTD 3.5mil share float gapping up 30%.  I’ll be cautious about the 200ema, but if we can break over that level, it looks great.  Headline: NXT-ID, Inc. Releases Preliminary Results for the Year and Quarter Ended December 31, 2016

$LIFE  16mil share float gapping up 22%.  The price is good but not sure we’ll get follow through.  Headline: FDA Grants Fast Track Designation for aTyr’s Resolaris™ to Treat Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2B and Removes Partial Clinical Hold for Resolaris

$APOP 3.15mil share float gapping up 7% off the lows, possible daily reversal over 4.00/4.50.  We’d need to see it break 4.50.  No news that I see, just technical.



Tuesday 1/17/17

We’ve been in an extremely volatile market for the last 2 weeks!  It’s been fun, but also a little tricky.  On Friday we had a big move on $GLBS, but then it was halted for about 5hrs pending news.  Once the news was released, it traded down slightly, but now looks like it might make a 2nd move today.  In the middle of the day on Friday we also say $NAKD release news.  Seeing mid-day new released or halts is something to be cautious of, and it’s a reminder to go in for a quick win, and then get out.


$BCEI 49mil share float gapping up 23%.  This one is more thickly traded than some of the others.

$XGTI, 1.8mil share float.  Possible long over 2.50, but will give it some time to shape up before the bell.  Not my favorite stock to trade.

$GEVO, 6mil share float, recent reverse split and headlines.  Watching long over pre-market highs.

$BVXV, 3.2mil share float

$OMEX Possible breakout over $5.00 on the daily chart.


Gap Scanners


Friday 1/13/2017

A few to watch today:

$PYDS 6.31mil share float gapping up 50%.  Watching long out of the gates over pre-market highs

$BIOP 4.2mil share float gapping up 11%.  Possible long over pre-market highs.

$APVO 15mil share float gapping up 32%.  Not crazy about the setup right now but possibly over $3.00

$TTNP 21mil share float gapping up 15%.  The 200ema is at 4.80, so that could be resistance.


Gap Scanners for Friday


Thursday 1/12/2017

$BSPM 1.61mil share float gapping up 32%.  Will be opening over the moving averages, watching long over the pre-market highs, or vs the first bull flag pullback, depending on the open price.


$LEDS 1.56mil share float gapping up 18%.  Watching long out of the gates for a move towards $5.00.  Headline: SemiLEDs Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results

Gap Scanners:


Wednesday 1/11/2017

Today most of the stocks I’m watching are follow through setups from big moves yesterday.

$SGNL, massive move from $5 to $17 yesterday, watching for continuation over 15.50.

$CUR, recent reverse split moving up, possible watch over 6, stop 5.90.

$SKLN, watching long over 3.30, stop 3.20.

$IMUC, a big move yesterday, seems to be fading, not sure I’ll trade this tot he long side.

$ROKA, also a big move yesterday & seems to be fading.


Gap scanner of Stocks to Watch


Tuesday Gap Scanners 1/10/2017

$GNVC 21mil share float gapping up 43%.  Watching possible long over 7.50.Headline: no news.

$ETRM 15mil share float gapping up 328%

$XGTI 1.89mil share float gapping up 28%

$DFFN 3mil share float gapping up 19%

$IDXG 7mil share float, watching long over 7.50


Stock to Watch


Monday Gap Scanners 1/9/2017

A few stocks to keep on watch today:
$PRPH 12mil share float, gapping up 15%.  Watching for a possible long over 2.50. depending on the open price.  Headline: ProPhase Labs, Inc. Announces Agreement to Sell Cold-EEZE(R) Brand

$ETRM Been very active for the last several days, will watch for follow through.

$PTX, 4.33mil share float on watch over previous days high (3.42)

$XGTI, 1.89mil share float gapping up 11%

High of Day momo Scanner



Friday 1/6/2017

$ETRM 15mil share float gapping up 80%.  This is our follow through setup!  What a move pre-market.  I’m disappointed it couldn’t’ wait until the bell rang to make the move from 5-7.  I’ll be cautious about how I trade this because it’s already super extended and will have over a 1mil share of volume pre-market before the bell.


Gapper Scanners


Thursday 1/5/2017

$HMNY 1.15mil share float gapping up 14% after a nice squeeze yesterday.  Will watch for gap and go trades over 3.93/4.00.  Stops will be 10 cents. Headline: None that I see.

$EVOK 5.16mil share float gapping up 11%.  It was active yesterday but not sure I want to trade follow through on it because unlike $HMNY, it wasn’t easy to trade.  No fresh news.

$KOOL 9.6mil share float gapping up 14%.  Possible long over pre-market highs of 4.45 for the 1/2 dollar breakout and a move up towards 5.00.  Headline:  Cesca Announces FDA Approval of IDE Supplement for Phase III Clinical Trial

Gappers Scanners


Wednesday 1/4/2017

$EVOK 5.2mil share float gapping up 24%.  I’ll watch for Gap and Go trades, but my only concern is that the 200ema is at 2.75.  We will need to break through that level.  Headline: Evoke Provides Additional Data Demonstrating Statistically Significant Benefit for Gimoti in Moderate to Severe Patients in Phase 3 Diabetic Gastroparesis Trial


$RTTR 5.27mil share float gapping up 6%.  Headline: Ritter Pharmaceuticals Phase 2a Lactose Intolerance Clinical Trial Microbiome Data, Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Also, a $7.00 price target rating out this morning:






Friday 12/30/2016

So far there isn’t a lot on the scanners so I will watch a few stocks for follow through, then I’ll be watching the HOD momentum scanners to see if we get any action once the bell rings.

$CETX 3.28mil share float.  Gapping up just slightly vs yesterday close.  Will be cautious on this one, not sure it will open up.  Headline: Cemtrex to Showcase IS-2500 Monitor at EUEC Conference

$KOOL consolidating below $4.00, could give us a secondary setup over $4.



Thursday 12/29/2016

$MARK 14mil share float gapping up 20%.  Headline: Remark Media Partners with Alibaba Cloud to Introduce Artificial Intelligence-Based Technologies to the Chinese Market

$KOOL, 9mil share float gapping up 17%.  Worth watching for Gap and Go trades with tight stops.  15 cent stop, 30 cent profit targets.

$PBMD 62mil share float gapping up 25%.  Headline: Prima BioMed Announces First Clinical Data From Combination of IMP321 With Anti-PD1

$FBIO 34mil share float gapping up 39%.   This one is tough.  It started the move afterhours and has now started to sell off.  I think this will be one to steer clear of.

Stocks to Watch:



Wednesday 12/28/2016

$LIVE 3.4mil share float gapping 29%.  THis is an interesting one because they just recently completed a reverse split.  The stock was priced much lower.  Today there is a headline that seems like it’s pretty big news.  I’ll be watching for gap and go trades, and entry on first pullbacks: Live Ventures Announces Biggest Year in Company History Achieving Record Earnings of $8.92 Per Share With Continued Growth Anticipated in 2017


$GALE: 5.54mil share float gapping up 25%.  Possible long over 2.60.  Headline: Galena Biopharma Confirms Regulatory Pathway for GALE-401 (Anagrelide Controlled Release)


$MICT 3.23mil share float gapping up 34%.  This is worth watching for a gap and go trade over 1.50/1.60.  The 200ema is at 1.81 which may represent resistance, we’ll see. Headline: Micronet Receives $1,060,000 continuous Purchase Order for its recently released TREQr5 product from a Leading Fleet Management Solutions Provider



Tuesday 12/27/2016

$MBVX 3.53mil share float gapping up 11% but on a mere 300 shares.  Not sure this will even open as a gapper.  We’ll see.

$CAPN 6.3mil share float gapping up 58%, by far it’s our leading gapper. This one will be work watching for Gap and Go trades, meaning possible long over pre-market highs, or entry on the first pullback.  Headline: Capnia Inc. shares halted on news of merger agreement with privately-held Essentialis Inc.  and Capnia and Essentialis Announce Merger to Create Rare Disease Therapeutics Company

$ESEA gapping up but it’s on my NO TRADE list.  It’s too choppy, too crowded, and the news is nothing special.




Friday 12/23/16

$DPRX 5.47mil share float gapping up 65% BUT it has 5 cent tick (read more about the 5 cent tick pilot program).  Headline: Dipexium and PLx Pharma Announce Merger Agreement

$URRE 11mil share float watching long over 1.68 for a possible 2.00 move.

$AKAO technical breakout over 13.20 for a move back up towards 14.00/15.00.




Thursday Watch List 12/22/2016

A few stocks to watch today

$CETX 3.28mil share float gapping up 17%.  Possible long over 5.60/5.70 for the 6.00 test.  Headline: Cemtrex Announces FY 2016 Annual Results: Sales Increase By 65% and Net Income up by 76%.

$TKAI 15mil share float gapping up 36%.  Possible long but this pre-market chart is a bit weak.  Making lower highs since it opened.  Headline: Tokai Pharmaceuticals and Otic Pharma Enter into Share Purchase Agreement