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Warrior Trading operates one of the largest day trading chat rooms for day traders and swing traders. We offer live trade alerts and stock market education in our day trading chatroom Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. We provide our daily watch list free for members and guests.  Check out some of my Recent Winners off the watch list here. On the watch lists below you won’t see the typical penny stock trade ideas of other sites. We typically focus on trading stocks priced above $2 and below $10, although you may see high priced names like $TSLA and $NFLX side by side with lower priced stocks. Remember that we are not investors and these are not long term investments in the stock market. We trade the stock market looking for quick opportunities to lock in 5-10% winners.  If you aren’t already a member we’d love to have you join us in our day trading classes or our chat room.

Most mornings the stocks on this watch list are already gapping up (opening higher than they closed yesterday).  This is indicative of a catalyst such as earnings, press releases, etc.  Sometimes these gaps are purely technical without news behind them. Regardless of the catalyst, I’ll be watching these for Gap and Go Strategy opportunities.  When stocks are gapping up they often have the potential to squeeze 20-30%.  If I can capture even 1/3 of that move, I can do really well.  My job is first to identify stocks with home run potential, and then second to find an exact entry.  I call out all my entries and exits in that chat room for our students.

As part of my Momentum Trading Strategy and Gap and Go Strategy, I want to enter these stocks as quickly as possible.  If they open and start selling off immediately, I may watch for a red to green move.  That means I’ll look for 2-3 red 1min or 5min candles as soon as the market opens, then buy the first candle to go green.  If they open strong, I may enter at half dollars or whole dollars, entry at 5.00 with stop at 4.90, or entry at 5.50 with stop at 5.40.  Alternatively, I can wait for the first 1min or 5min bull flag to form.  These pullbacks on the 5min chart are typically the safest entry points, but sometimes stocks are so strong they go parabolic (50-100% moves) before pulling back.

There are some days when I won’t have a watch list because there isn’t anything I like.  On those days I will instead be trading off my High of Day and Reversal Scanners.  These scanners will show me stocks that fit my requirements in the middle of the day, even though they weren’t on watch from the pre-market session.

Remember, always practice trading in a simulator before you trade these strategies with real money!  Prove you have what it takes to be profitable.


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Wednesday 12/7/2016

Nothing in the way of fresh gappers that I like.

Follow Through setups

$BNSO – Opened up a bit aftehours, watching over pre-market highs of 3.80, or on Red/Green move if it dips down out of the gates.  Would like to try to get a piece of the move and I think 4.00 is realistic.

$GLBS – watching for first daily candle to make a new high after this pulback.  Yesterday high is 7.24, so that’s the spot I’ll be watching.

$CRDS watching possible long for a move towards 7.35 (200ema on the daily).

$SGY possible continuation over yest highs, 7.17

Gap Scanners:


Tuesday 12/6/16 Watch List

Not a ton that I’m crazy about so I’ll keep a close eye on the HOD momo scanners today in addition to the 3 I’m watching below.

$RCON 3.3mil share float gapping up 13% on only 10k in volume.  Headline: Recon Technology Shares Soar 28% in Pre Market on China PatentMIDNIGHT TRADER 8:55 AM ET 12/6/2016: Recon Technology Receives Patent for Oilfield Wastewater Treatment Device

$NVCN gapping up 21% on 1.5mil share of volume.  Watching long over 1.90/2.00. Headline: Boston Scientific Announces Agreement to Acquire Neovasc Advanced Biological Tissue Capabilities

$GLBS on watch for first daily candle to make a new high (bull flag breakout)



Watch List for Friday 12/2/2016

$BNSO 3.3mil share float.  On watch due to a strong daily chart and a nice window from 2.75 to 4.25.  I don’t see any news on it, so I’ll be cautious but still keeping an eye on it.

$NVFY  17mil share float (a little higher than I might ideally like), but worth watching for gap and go setups.  Either long over 2.85 (pre-market highs), or watching for first candle to make a new high on a red/green move. Headline: Nova LifeStyle Announces Partnership With Future World Lifestyle

$SGY watching possible continuation over 7.00.  Tight stops.

Gap Scanners:


Watch List for Wednesday 11/30/16

$SCON 2.4mil share float gapping up 65%.  Will definitely keep this on watch for momo trades.  If it opens a bit lower, I might look for a red to green move.  Let it form 2-3 red candles on the 1min chart, then buy the first candle to go green.  If it opens high, I could enter at 1/2 or whole dollars (3.50 – 4.00 with 10 cent stops), or I could wait for the first 1min/5min pullback bull flag setup.  Headline: DOE Awards $4.5 Million to Supercondcutor Technology Inc. and Partners to Improve HTS Wire for Next Generation Machines

$GLBS on watch for continuation trades, possibly over $6.00.   This is a continuation setup.

$DRYS watching for a bounce day.  First day to break previous days high will be worth a scalp I think.  Yesterdays high is 5.07, so I’d set a price alert at 4.89.


Gap Scanners:


Watch List for Tuesday 11/29/16

$GENE 9mil share float gapping up 37%.  Possible gap and go trade over pre-market highs.  Headline: Genetic Technologies Limited and The University of Melbourne Enter into Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement to Develop Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Test

$CBMX 1.06mil share float gapping up 35%. 5 Cent Tick Pilot Program, no trades. Headline: CombiMatrix’s Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening by Next Generation Sequencing Granted Conditional Approval from New York State Department of Health

$VBLT 8mil share float gapping up 19%.  Headline: VBL Therapeutics Announces Overall Survival Data for VB-111 Monotherapy in Phase 2 Study for Recurrent Thyroid Cancer



Watch List for Monday 11/28/16

There isn’t anything I’m super crazy about this morning.  I’ll be watching the HOD momo scanner.

$REPH 6mil share float gapping up 25%.  Watching possible long over 9.50, we’ll see how it looks at the open.  Headline: Recro Pharma Reports Positive Top-Line Results from Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial of IV Meloxicam

$HTBX 13mil share float gapping up 21%.  Possible gap and go trade over 3.10, the daily chart is clean.  Headline: Innovative Clinical Trial Implementation and Manufacturing Capacity Production Fueling Biotech Sector Growth

$GBR 125k share float, this one is a former running but only 100 shares pre-market volume.  No headline, but watch for technical breakout on this one.

$MDGS 2.15mil share float gapping up 15%.




Watch List for 11/23/2016

$ESEA 5.44mil shre float gapping up 30%.  Headline: Euroseas Ltd. Announces the Acquisition of a Drybulk Vessel and Short-term Loan Facility

$NSPR, $MDGS, $ESEA, $TOPS, all on watch to see if they get momentum.



Watch List for 11/22/16


$HMNY 1.15mil share float gapping up 14%.  Watching possible long over 7.00.  Headline:

$SKLN 3.15mil share float gapping up 27%.  Possible long over 3.00, not sure about this one because it’s already sold off a good portion of the pre-market move.


Continuation names:

$DRYS continues to be very active but at the same time choppy, and it’s been overtraded.  So I may or may not look to scalp this one.  The last few days it’s had a pop out o the gates, so that’s kinda what I’m thinking.