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EquityFeed Platform Review

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EquityFeed Platform Review

EquityFeed is a renowned trading platform provider that offers innovative and intuitive solutions to retail day traders.

The trading platform comes with ultra compelling features and a rich suite of trading tools thus revolutionizing the way day traders monitor and implement trading strategies. It is designed to connect with multiple markets offering traders with a chance of locating trading opportunities as they occur.

The company was founded in 2002 and since then, it has been providing innovative trading solutions for day traders. Thanks to improved technology, EquityFeed has re-developed and re-designed its trading platform to offer users with an all-powerful platform.

As a result, traders using the EquityFeed platform are able to take advantage and dominate stock market opportunities and trades.

EquityFeed Features

Powerful Scanning
The platform allows traders to scan different markets, specific sectors or stocks scanning based on the criteria you want.

Alert management
Its alert management feature works with pattern recognition finally alerting you about proven and profitable events as they occur in real time. Traders are able to take advantage of securities of new highs and averages among others customizations.

News Streamer
Successful traders can take advantage of available news in order to profit. The platform has a News Streamer which is defined as the fastest and most advanced in the market. It is designed for active traders who are in search of real time news. A news filtering feature is available with the streamer and it enables traders to customize their news.

Market monitoring
Traders have a chance of keeping an eye on different securities with the market monitor. As a revolutionary tool, it is designed to display entire equity markets. Furthermore, the securities are ranked and sorted according to a trader’s desire. It helps to ensure that the trader is able to select active securities that are in play.

Decision support
The Chart Montage feature is available with the platform allowing day traders to select trades they are interested in. Furthermore, it enables traders to conduct in-depth monitoring which is crucial when it comes to decision making. Chart Montage feature has a new, clean and compact window that delivers real time data at all times. The data is required during the study of a stock before the trader pulls the trigger.

It is common knowledge among traders that the best securities are held in a personal portfolio that allows one to keep monitoring changes in real time. Furthermore, traders can monitor various news headlines and how they impacts their selected stocks. Traders can develop as many watch lists as they want with unlimited ticker symbols for every watch list.

Level 2 quotes
Market depth is key to successful buying and selling of securities. EquityFeed provides Level 2 quotes that display a stock order book with every Market Maker. That is why the platform is perfect for traders looking for advanced features that the pros use.

EquityFeed Pricing

EquityFeed has made pricing to be simple and has categorized its packages as follows:

Individual markets
Under Individual markets, the following exchanges are offered – NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTC and Level 2. According to EquityFeed review, the platform provides an intuitive calculator where if you select one of the markets above, a monthly charge will be displayed. For example if you select NASDAQ or NYSE only, a charge of $135 will be displayed and if you select both (NASDAQ and NYSE), a charge of $170 will be made.

Market bundles
Several US Stock exchanges have been grouped together in a bundle creating an affordable package for traders who want to diversify their trading activity. The market bundle provides access to NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC. It is priced at $200 and if you add Level 2, the charge will total to $220.

Microcap bundles
Under Microcap bundles, access is provided for the following US Stock exchanges for securities $5 and under – NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTC. The package is priced at $150 per month and if you add Level 2, the final charge is $170 per month.

For each package listed above, a 14 day trial is offered allowing traders to have access to the all-powerful features resulting in learning how EquityFeed works.

Some of the features traders will come across during trial period include 100% real time streaming, unlimited watchlists, customizable layouts, access to pre-market data and post market data.

Final Thoughts

EquityFeed is the best platform for rookies and experienced traders. It’s equipped with great features enabling the provision of real time trading information and news. The trading platform also allows traders to develop unlimited watchlists, unlimited ticker symbols and unlimited custom layouts. Visit EquityFeed website to learn more.


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