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92% Accuracy this week! I’m loving the momentum!


92% Accuracy this week! I’m loving the momentum!


All right, everyone. Midday market recap here for Thursday. This is the 120th trading day of the year. I’m finishing the day up $1,578.31. Not too bad. Those of you that are in the chatroom, I’ll pull up my screenshot of my platform for today. You got to log into StockTwits where I posted it. Let me just grab this for you. So traded three stocks, total of six trades, five winners, and one loser. So the hot streak unfortunately ended, and I may be a little disappointed that I didn’t capitalize better on SPEX today. So you can see there’s the P&L. Only made 1,000 bucks on it. SPEX had this huge move after hours. It’s crazy because yesterday, it closed at like $2, and pre-market, it hit a pre-market high of $4.75, which is crazy. What a huge gap. But then it pulled back all the way down to $2.50, so that’s what made it a little iffy. Up to $4.75, back down to $2.50, and then it ended up opening at … Let’s see. Right around $2.28.

So let’s go over the trades on SPEX. This was the first stock that I traded today. So it ended up opening, and I’m going to actually have to back this down to like a 10 second chart to show you my first trade because it was a quick one. So it opened, and immediately pulled back. Now, that wasn’t particularly surprising because I figured that some traders might try to short it, or anyone that was holding it from over night would take profit, but right here you can see it pulled back, and as it popped back up, I got in right off the bottom at $320 with 5,000 shares. It pops up to a high of $3.45. I’m scaling out, taking some profit, and then just as quickly, it comes back down, and I bail out of the rest, break even. But right there, I expected that we would get that little pop, so in that pop, I was able to make, the first trade was $560, so about 10 cents in total.

Now the next trade on this, let’s see. You can see it. I’m going to switch back to the one minute chart. Scroll back here a little bit. So the next trade, you can see it squeezes up to a high of $3.65 and then does a little one minute pull back. So let me pull up my closed orders window. So first trade was $320. Okay. Second trade on this was actually an entry, it was actually a pretty high entry. I didn’t get in here. I felt that it was too high, I waited, and then you can see it had this really sharp pull back all the way down to $2.95. So really dipped down pretty fast, and then all of a sudden squeezed back up. Now as it broke over the VWAP here, it squeezed over $3.50, $3.60, $3.75, $3.80, and then all the way up to a high of $4.35.

I got in adding as it was squeezing up at $3.80, and the reason I added there was because we were breaking high of day, the high at [9:42 00:03:46], so when I got in there, I was just thinking to scalp that high of day break, because I thought that anyone that was short would cover over high of day. So on that one I scalped, and I was able to make an additional 300 or 400 bucks. I made an additional $412 on that trade.

The last trade I took on SPEX was … Let’s see. Entry at … Where was it? $4.19. That was right here on this one minute pull back. We pulled back right here for a second. I added at $4.19. It popped up to $4.23, $4.25. Because it came back down, I stopped out, made $75. So small winner there. You can see, though, this was crazy because it was whipping up, and then pulling back, and then way back up, and then way back down. So really all over the place. In total, $1022, three trades on the name, three winners, which is pretty good.

Now right after my first trade on SPEX, I saw MBRX pop up, and this was one that we had been watching, so I actually got in this right at $3, right here, and you can see it popped up to a high of $3.13, and then all the way up to $3.20. On this first trade, with 5,000 shares, I made $485. So just about 10 cents. Now you can see I’m only up $290. That’s because I gave back $200, or $300, whatever it was, on the last trade. I’ll show you that one in a second.

So this one popped up, it pulled back, didn’t hold that level, and I was like, “Huh, that’s interesting.” Kind of this long period of consolidation, and then all of a sudden, it goes from $3 all the way up to a high of $3.75. Just squeezes straight up, and this is the sympathy that we are talking about. It was sympathy to the move that we saw on SPEX. So we saw that squeeze up. I felt like I couldn’t manage risk on it, and it ends up pulling back, consolidating. I decided to get in here at 64 for the break over this level thinking that we were going to retest high of day the same as we did on SPEX.

So you can see it starts to pop up. This is like a ridiculous move. It pops up here, it pulls back for a second, I get in with 2,500 shares at 64, it pops up to a high of 68, and I’m like, “Hm, not really doing anything, so I guess I’ll stop out.” I stopped out right here at 56. So I lost 200 bucks on it, which was fine, and then it ended up coming all the way down to $3. What a crazy move. I was totally rejected, so anyone who was holding long through this consolidation stopped out and shorts piled in.

So it’s a false breakout. We broke over to make new highs, and then we quickly reversed and came straight back down. So on this one, I got obviously stopped out, and it was just … I mean, not frustrated really, but I was just impressed and surprised by how much it dropped right through here. All right. So that was MBRX, and then the second to last trade was NXTD.

This one, I took a scalp on it a little earlier in the day, got in for the break of … What was it? $2.30 I think it was. No. I got in at $2.25 right here on this little micro pull back. Pops up to a high of $2.44, pulls back, ended up making $265 on it. So a small win there. But in any case, even though today didn’t have any huge wins, none of them were really me leveraging myself for a $4,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000 winner, these were all really decent trades, good opportunities, and base hits, and base hits like that are what help you get to the daily goal.

So today’s another day where I’m hitting the daily goal, and so far I’ve hit it every single day this week except for Monday, where I only made 700 bucks. So my goal is $1,000 a day. So anyways, that’s about it for today. Those are my trades. Easy day, no stress, and one of the things that I was reminding myself of is that yesterday I made 5,000 bucks, so I really wanted today not to do anything crazy, because sometimes after a really big day, I can get overly aggressive and end up getting myself into a situation where I lose money, and you can see that on my TraderView stats that some of my biggest green days are followed by a big red day, giving back half the profit. I did not want to do that today.

So I’m just really pleased that I was able to finish the day green, and at my daily goal without doing anything crazy. Yes, the hot streak has ended, but that’s okay. I still have 92% accuracy this week, green on 13 out of 14 trades, focusing on quality, trade the best, leave the rest, and I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning with you guys hoping that we see a really good opportunity. All right. So that’s about it for right now, and I will see all of you here in the chatroom, I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning. Okay. Thanks, guys.

Oh, hey. I didn’t see you there. I was just working on the dream board for my next home-run trade. Hopefully it comes soon. Until then, make sure you subscribe to get email alerts any time I go live, or upload new videos. Until then, happy surfing.