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MarketInOut is a renowned provider of trading tools with a platform that allows traders and investors to select financial instruments that meet their investment needs or trading strategies. As a backtesting tool provider, traders are able to test strategies with available historical data. Whether you are a novice or a professional trader, the screens and reports provided by MarketInOut will aid in optimizing trades.

Trading Tools

Stock Screener
MarketInOut provides a unique stock screener that allows investors and traders to find outperforming stocks. The tool is able to screen through a set of technical and fundamental criteria. Stock Screener has been found to achieve maximum flexibility as well as make investments safe through backtesting. It allows traders and investors to select a criteria category and group. A parameter must be provided and this is usually added by clicking on the Add Criterion button. As a result, the stock screener provides you with the ability of building criteria based on indicators and technical events.

Strategy backtest
With the stock backtesting tool, investors and traders are able to test their trading strategies before going live. The first step begins with the development of a stock fetching method. You need to provide a name for your strategy, select the position – long or short and finally select the strategy definition. This tool uses historical data allowing you to simulate real trading events. The end result gives traders and investors a clear picture to know if their strategies work or not.

International Stock screeners
MarketInOut provides a powerful international stock screener for US stocks traded at NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges. The tool helps traders to screen and analyze stocks from the largest stock exchanges around the world. For example LSE stock traders will find the UK stock screener very helpful. This is the same for Canadian traders. They can use the Canadian screener too.

Stock quote and chart
Traders and investors need to stay informed about the current changes in the marketplace. It is important for one to know the opening and closing price of a security. This is the same with volume and average volume. With this information at hand, traders and investors can know when to enter or exit a trade and when to buy or sell.

The stock chart tool enables traders and investors to monitor the performance for a particular security. Traders and investors are able to draw trend lines and even determine if the market is bearish or bullish. Furthermore, one is able to identify the existence of any discrepancies. As a result, one can take advantage of the market and profit.

Trade and Price alerts
This tool is beneficial to traders and investors in that they are able to receive trade and price alerts concerning specific securities. Delivery of alerts is made via email, SMS or Telegram Messenger. As a result, traders and investors are able to come up with sound strategies finally implementing them and earning profits.


While most of the trade tools available at MarketInOut are free, users are required to create an account if they want to take advantage of advanced features. Subscriptions are available as follows – six month, one year or two year memberships. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal or check. To learn more about MarketInOut products and pricing, contact support.

Final Thoughts

MarketInOut is a great platform that offers a wide range of useful tools perfect for traders and investors who want to profit as well as learn. From stock screeners to strategy backtests, traders and investors can finally optimize their trades at affordable fees.


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