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PrimusTrade Review: How They Compare to the Rest

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PrimusTrade is a live trading software provider started in 2007. The company was founded by two proprietary traders, Boris Shekhman and Ted Kleynerman, who developed a live trading software using modern algorithms. As a result, traders are ableto come up with their own strategies finally making profits from the market.

Today, PrimusTrade has continued to improve its live trading software finally providing users with a simple, intuitive and highly performing platform. This has made it possible for traders and investors to trade with automated tools.

Furthermore, it has eliminated the need for traders to hire expensive developers to come up with customized platforms for their own use.

Products and Services

As a live trading software provider, PrimusTrade offers the following products and services to traders and investors.

PrimusTrade Live Trading software

On its website, PrimusTrade describes itself as “a standalone black box design, back testing and live trading software.” As a result, it offers a robust suite of tools which helps to automate trading for users. The solution is also perfect for trading firms who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars hiring expensive programmers to develop customized live trading software.

PrimusTrade Live Trading software is characterized by a simple interface that allows any user to build, test and launch trading strategies. The platform is built for intraday strategies providing a simpler way for traders to access the world of trading.

To use the software, users can start with PrimusTrade Black Box Design to create a trading strategy. Here, traders have the chance of compiling triggers, entries and exits. The next step is back testing where strategies are tested on available historical data.

Primus Reporting

Traders need reporting tools to have access to data which they can analyze for better decision making. Primus Reporting offers a suite of reporting tools that allow traders to analyze and organize generated data. As a robust software, traders can interpret their data acquired from automated and non-automated daily trading performance.

The tool logs data automatically to the reporting database where traders can print statistical summaries of performance. This helps traders learn if implemented strategies worked or not. To ensure the best performance, the reporting tools have been designed to maximize on efficiency.

Primus Scan

This is a real time filtering and alerts software that helps to ensure traders never miss another trade. It allows traders to build proprietary filters using simple Expression Builder interface. The platform is designed with intuitive controls which make building custom filters easy.

To provide an efficient platform, PrimusTrade relies on Server-Client architecture. The server makes calculations which are broadcasted to the PrimusScan client. As a result, minimal bandwidth is utilized.

Furthermore, it allows users to change interface elements like fonts, background color and time fade behavior.


Automated trading has experienced significant growth over the past few decades. This is attributed to improved computer processing power and data connectivity. To eliminate the need of hiring expensive developers to provide customized solutions, PrimusTrade has provided easy to use live trading software. The platform is accessible to traders as a standalone platform.

To get started and learn how much is required to set up or license the platform for use, contact PrimusTrade sales team.

Final Thoughts

From a humble equities trading firm started in 2007 by Boris Shekhman and Ted Kleynerman, today PrimusTrade is a live trading solutions provider. Thanks to improved computing technology, the platform features intuitive controls, easy to use interface, reporting tools and automated trading tools.

That is not all.

The company provides PrimusScan, a real time filtering and alerts software that ensures you never miss another trade.


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