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Reinventing Yourself and Getting To The Dream


Reinventing Yourself and Getting To The Dream



What drives you every day? This one has been a tough question to me for a larger amount of time that you can think. In fact, it required me quite a while to realize I wasn’t fitting well in what I was doing. And in the overall life I was living. And you know why? At that time, I already got a Master’s Degree and worked for about 8 years in a 9-5 decent paying job in the automotive engineering field.

I had moved thousand miles away from my home country in order to get to that point. Obviously enough, there was a part of me telling that I had gone way too far to cut everything off and start from scratch again.

Long story short, I am so glad that I haven’t listen to that inner voice. I now gladly consider that step back as a sort of “stop loss” where I cut investing in that professional career and jumped in a brand-new lifestyle.

In other words, I traded the certainty for the uncertainty because I wasn’t excited anymore about what that path could have given to me. The great part is that, just like in trading, I’m bringing with me all the lessons that I’ve learned during those years.

Of course, everything comes with a price. And I really mean it. You simply can’t expect to start reinventing yourself and be immediately successful at the first attempt. So, the willingness to sacrifice comforts and live an essential lifestyle for as much as it’s needed for becoming self-sufficient is going to be a critical aspect for every journey. It’s been the key point for me too. And the greatest message is that getting to dream is actually possible and that’s what I used to think during tough times.


Focus on every moment but look at the bigger picture

Listen up now, here is the main thing. Because trading is a marathon, not a sprint (if you haven’t done so yet, please read my previous article here). And winning every day is not what this job is about.

So, the focus is on every single moment by striving to get the best possible decision on any given trade. With that said, it requires the same amount of effort but turned into a high degree of patience for the results to look great in the long run. Because if your intent is pure, you’ll win.

That’s why exercising skills day in and day out instead of looking every moment for the best P&L result is the only possible game if you’re serious about trading. Don’t chase money but work unceasingly for getting the best version of yourself out of you.


“People are chasing cash, not happiness. When you chase money, you’re going to lose. You’re just going to. Even if you get the money, you’re not going to be happy.” -Gary Vaynerchuk


Trade safe,


Roberto Barbaro