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Tips To Build a Modern Trade Station


What’s up guys? It’s Roberto. I’m a trading educator for Warrior Trading, and today I’m going to bring you into the journey of my new trading desk. So I’m going to talk about each and every one of the tools that I use every day to trade the market, and I really hope you guys can also find some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your overall settings, when it comes to your trading desk. Because in the end, ultimately, the goal is to provide for yourself the best possible environment to take your decisions, especially when it comes to day trading.

Being in a positive environment, in an environment where you have the information that you need basically available to you in no time, it’s going to make the difference in the way you actually could manage your trades. So it is going to ultimately have an impact in your trading results as well.

So when thinking about how to set up your own trading desk, it is always good to actually spend time understanding what are your needs when it comes to trading, and so that you can design an overall desk that is responding to your actual needs. For me, what I wanted to achieve when I designed my new desk, was basically effectiveness. Having every single tool that I need to support my decision-making process, as well as I wanted it to be as minimal as possible.

So I would start with the actual computer here that I use, my workstation is here. The laptop is actually a HP workstation. So it’s a laptop, but a workstation from HP. It’s a ZBook series. I’m not really going to go ahead and talk about every single detail of the workstation, because I’m actually going to include all the details of the models that I have in the description, down below. So you can go and check those for yourself.

What I would say is that of course, for a good, professional trading, you will need a relatively powerful laptop. There are a lot of videos that talk about that, but generally speaking, everything that is related to the world of gaming would most likely be a good fit for trading, as well. So just make sure, all you fans, you have enough RAM. I would suggest 16 gigabyte DDR4 at least, and a processor that is not more than two or three years old. Another thing I would, I will pay attention to is to have an actual SSD when it comes to your hard disk, so that the overall speed of the laptop is going to be a great fit, especially for fast execution, and is not going to prevent you from getting the results that you deserve from trading.

So overall, when it comes to the laptop, that’s what I would say is particularly important. But as I said, we already have in our trading channel here, Warrior Trading of course, a lot of videos that talk about the ideal laptop for your trading, so you can go ahead and and watch those.

For the mouse, I use a Logitech. It’s a G-suite. So the series of G suite is I believe the G403. It’s actually a wired mouse. I personally don’t mind having having an actual wire there. I’m not too much a lover into the wireless setup when it comes to both the keyboard and the mouse. That’s why I went ahead and chose a solution to go with the actual wire. Just because I don’t believe it is too much of an obstruction on anything to be to be working with that. But definitely, you want to choose a very, very good mouse, and this is one I highly recommend.

And for the keyboard, I decided to go with a Razer Cynosa Chroma. I hope I just spelled it right, but it’s a beautiful keyboard, and once again, it’s certainly affordable. Is not incredibly expensive, and it is back LED, retro illuminated. So you would see the actual keys of the keyboard, even when it gets dark, and it can be important, especially if you use hot keys to get in or out of your trades. So I don’t actually mind the design. It’s all black. I like it. Very, very minimal. Black mouse, black keyboard, black microphone.

But with that being said, let’s now talk about the two things that really, really think are that the overall plus of this trading desk. The first one being the monitor, so the main monitor. I decided to invest into these 49 inches. It’s a 49 inches, super ultra wide monitor from Phillips. I believe that the model name is Phillips 499B9H, if I’m not mistaken. But of course you can find it online. I’m going to include the name, the exact model in the description down below, as well.

And the special thing about this monitor, it’s the fact that its resolution is 5120 by 1440, which basically means that it would be equal as having two 28-inch monitor side by side, in only one display. Which really, really I believe it’s amazing not to have that division, that split in the middle of the two displays, because in my past trading desk, I actually used to have two 28-inch monitors side by side. I always wondered how it would be to not be having anything basically right in the middle.

So when I tested this monitor, I really, really enjoyed the way this one looked, and also the quantitative information that I could put in just a single display, and having right at my disposal, because at this time, I am displaying my charts, I am displaying my broker, and I am displaying the Warrior Trading chatroom, all in the same display. Which if you’re familiar a little bit with trading, you would know that it’s almost impossible if you don’t have that big of a display, to be able to have that information all available in just one monitor.

So I would say that the game changer number one is my display, and the number two is my actual desk. This desk is a FlexiSpot. So that’s the brand, and by the way, I’m not sponsoring any of the gear you see here. It’s just what I use, and just what I believe … It’s very, very, very useful, and it really, really represented for me an upgrade compared to what I was using before. So that’s why I’m talking so good about this set of tools.

But what’s special about this FlexiSpot Desk is that it’s a sit/stand desk. You can basically work in on the same setup either sitting or standing. It is incredibly, incredibly simple to switch between the two different setups, because of course it has an electric motor, and so with just a push of a button, you can change actually up to three different heights. Personally, I only use two. I use the sitting, which I set to here at my number one button, and the standing, which is here now stored under my two, my button number two.

And what I love about this is the fact that I could basically work whether sitting or standing. In this case, I am sitting, but typically when it’s about 9:20am Eastern time, since of course I trade the United States market. So 10 minutes prior for the open, all that I actually do, I push the two here, to switch to the standing posture, and I am going to be standing and trading for the first full hour of the day.

That is basically it for my trading station. Of course, if you have any questions, just make sure you drop those down below in the comments. I will comment back an answer to each and every one of your questions, and if you enjoy any of this, just please, the easiest way to show me some love is by hitting the like button, so that I know that I can continue to provide good, cheap tips and tricks for your future and for trading.

So I really, really want to thank you for watching the video, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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