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three white soldiers

Three White Soldiers Pattern – What It Is And How To Trade It

  At a time when many traders are scratching their heads trying to understand how stocks can rise during the biggest economic downturn in nearly a century, it is more important than ever to use candlestick patterns within your own day trading strategy to understand price action. Candlestick patterns tell traders about price trends and the market sentiment. They have […]

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Linear vs Logarithmic Chart Scaling Explained

  The style of chart scaling you use on your price charts is one of those seemingly unimportant details that can dramatically affect how you perceive market action.  Linear vs Logarithmic scaling are the two primary chart scaling styles, and both are available in almost every charting platform. The Difference Between Linear and Logarithmic Charts […]

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wilshire 5000

What is the Wilshire 5000 Index?

  When we hear “stock index,” we usually think of the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average, and rightly so. Many prominent hedge fund managers refer to the S&P as their benchmark, and financial media like CNBC and Bloomberg discuss “the market” in terms of how these indices perform. But, did you know there’s […]

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rising wedge pattern

How to Trade the Rising Wedge Pattern

One of the most effective setups for profitable trading opportunities is the rising wedge pattern. Wedges form as a stock’s price movements tighten between two sloping trend lines that are drawn like a triangle. Many day traders are probably already familiar with rising wedge patterns (opposite of falling wedge patterns) as they are quite common […]

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Chaikin Oscillator

How to Use the Chaikin Oscillator (CO)

What is Chaikin Oscillator? The Chaikin Oscillator (CO), also called the Chaikin Indicator, is used by traders analyze the strength of a price trend based on trading volume. This oscillator is represented by charts: a divergence between this indicator and the price trend shows that most traders have less faith in the current price trend […]

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