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3 Top Blue Chip Stocks in 2017 for Yield Hungry Investors

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Yield hungry investors are looking for solid companies with an established history of steady and substantial dividend payouts. It is natural, then, that these investors cluster in American blue chip stocks, who earn this informal title from being established market leaders, financially stable and household names.

Blue chip stocks derive their value from the expectation of steadily growing revenue for many years to come, which is contrasted with growth stocks where the expectation, or hope, is that revenues will rise dramatically within a moderate time frame.

So far in 2017 three names have stood out among the rest as the best blue chip stocks for yield hungry investors to hold.

Our Top Dividend Paying Blue Chip Stocks

Rio Tinto (NYSE: RIO)

Dividend Yield: 4.5%

Rio Tinto is an enormous mining conglomerate with stakes in mines and mineral processing plants all over the world. Rio is particularly focused on mining iron ore, which has unexpectedly maintained robust prices in 2017 despite fears of a slow-down in Chinese demand.

Rio has a policy of returning 40% to 60% of its cash flow as dividends for its investors. This policy is a significant deviation from the norm within the mining business, where most revenue is reinvested in new mines, equipment and prospecting. Rio, however, has such a large existing operation that they are able to maintain growing revenues without the need for massive capital reinvestment.

General Electric (NYSE: GE)

Dividend Yield: 4.1%

General Electric has been a household name in America and beyond for decades. From the iconic light-bulb to just about every piece and component of machinery imaginable, GE is a global manufacturing behemoth that is a cornerstone of the American economy.

After an ill-fated foray into financial services during the last decade, GE took some hits to its reputation and its ability to pay out large dividends to its investors. However, under the guidance of a new CEO GE has successfully spun off its financial services arm and is back to its tradition of solid, steady revenue growth and generous dividends.

Altria (NYSE: MO)

Dividend Yield: 4%

Altria is an American tobacco giant that owns some of the most famous brands in cigarettes, such as Marlboro. Despite the decline in cigarette smoking in America and much of the Western world, Altria has managed to maintain a steady rate of profits and shrug off regular predictions of its demise.

Altria has a powerful lobbying arm that continues to counter efforts to further limit the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in America, and the current legal and political landscape looks bright for cigarette makers as regulators have moved on from tobacco to many other pressing health and safety concerns.

While the sale of cigarettes in America and other Western nations is not expected to grow, global sales are expected to increase dramatically as a rising share of the world gains the extra income that allows for the indulgence of cigarette smoking.

Substantial Yields and Solid Foundations

While the American stock market as a whole continues to experience an unprecedented bull run, these top 3 high-yielding blue chip stocks continue to stand out above the rest for their generous dividends and stable financials.


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