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The State of the Tesla Autopilot Probe

  The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), the US automobile regulator, has opened an investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot feature based on twelve crashes in which Teslas with Autopilot enabled crash into emergency vehicles.  The NHTSA is asking Tesla for specific information on how Autopilot responds to emergency vehicles, as well as a barrage of […]

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Chobani IPO

Chobani IPO: Everything You Need To Know

  The hip Greek yogurt maker Chobani is prepping for an IPO later this year, according to reports that they’ve filed confidentially with the SEC. Reports say that the IPO could value the company at up to $10B.  Most of the time, the IPO of a company that sells 150-gram yogurt cups wouldn’t be the […]

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What Triggers A Volatility Halt

What Triggers A Volatility Halt In Stocks?

  Day traders need volatility in the markets but what happens when volatility becomes too much and what triggers a volatility halt? Earlier this year, we witnessed extreme volatility in “meme stocks” such as GameStop ($GME) and movie chain AMC Entertainment Holdings ($AMC) which triggered trading halts. Several other once-sleepy stocks like Bed Bath and Beyond ($BBBY) and Koss […]

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Pairs Trading

A Beginners Guide to Pairs Trading

  Most of the time when we make a trade, we’re making a pretty specific bet. We buy Apple because we think Apple is going up for whatever reason. It’s a simple bet with one way to win: the price has to go up.  With pairs trading, you’re combining two separate bets into one. Let […]

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Weakening Market Breadth and FAANG Leadership

  The recent sharp selloff in US markets might be indicative of a broader weakness developing in market breadth. Due to the top index components being so heavily weighted in the indexes, their strength is presenting a potentially misleading picture of how the average stock is performing. How Indexes Work: Why Index Calculation Can Distort […]

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