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LUPA Stocks

What Are LUPA Stocks?

  You may have heard stock traders discussing “LUPA” stocks. But what are they? LUPA is a relatively new acronym that refers to four high-profile tech companies that have made their public debuts in recent years: Lyft Inc Uber Technologies Inc Pinterest Inc Airbnb Inc Take the first letter of each stock and you get […]

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What is a Thinly Traded Stock

What is a Thinly Traded Stock?

  If you’re new to the trading world, you might hear traders say that a stock is “thinly traded” in conversation and get a bit confused. No worries, because you’ll come to see that us traders come up with loads of jargon for the simplest of concepts and most of the time there’s no complex […]

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cyclical vs non-cyclical stocks

Cyclical Vs Non-Cyclical Stocks: What Are The Differences

  The stock market offers attractive opportunities of trading different types of stocks. While the moves of the stock market itself affect all stocks, there are plenty of other factors – from the fundamentals of a company to overall economy. Today, we shall discuss detailed differences between cyclical and non-cyclical stocks. So, let’s get started! Cyclical stocks Cyclical […]

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Floor Traders

What Are Floor Traders and What Did They Do?

  Today the market is entirely electronic. You generate digital order tickets and route them to an electronic exchange that automatically matches your orders with corresponding orders, or else it sits on the digital order book waiting for another trader to route an order that satisfies it. Outside of some hiccups created by high-frequency traders, […]

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