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5% Multiple Swing Trade Alerts For the Week of 9/18/15

Swing trade alerts give us green during another choppy week.

Another hard week with market volatility, but still, we were able to manage a few good trades on the week with swing trade alerts on $NAVB $LBIO and $NK off the watch list.

If you are struggling with trading in these markets, you are not alone! Fortunately, with the right strategies and risk management techniques in place, we are able to claw profits, even on over night holds, out of this market. Expect the market chop going forward to continue for awhile and make sure you are learning from those who are still making money in any market conditions. It is possible to remain profitable in both bear and bull markets, despite the fear and objections from many long biased investors.  You just have to know how to do it, and understand how to capitalize on trades going in both directions, up AND down.

More important than anything, is to make sure you are truly prepared to trade during what many experts and traders would consider notoriously difficult market conditions. We recommend to all of our students that they paper trade before ever risking live capital. Who would practice something with real money? The importance of paper trading CANNOT be overstated! I wouldn’t, but so many people do. Get your mindset right and take the steps you need in order to be successful as a trader! It CAN be done. Simply relying on swing trade alerts or any kind of trade alerts is not the way to become a self sufficient trader, nor a master of risk.



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