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+$549 on $GIGA

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Today’s Best Trade was hands down $GIGA.  I said pre-market that I was watching it long over 2.60/2.70 for a move to 3.00 and that is exactly what we got.

I jumped in with 1k shares at 2.67 and doubled to 2k at 2.70.  I sold through the move to 3.15 before taking 2 pullback trades on the name.

Overall I locked in just under $550 in the first 5min of trading, and what’s even better is so did 88% of the students who traded with me!

Quotes from Chat
K M: GIGA, I’m out +$995, nice!

R P: +500 on GIGA

R J: GIGA Great trade, Ross!

L D: how Ross knew vol. would come in….I do not know, he is the true Ninja