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+$620 on $CDTI long at 2.45


We NAILED $CDTI off the watch list this morning.

From the watch list:

CDTI: Clean Diesel Technologies – The Company announced very positive results for its “SpineI” technology, a proprietary system that reduces exhaust emissions and expected to drastically reduce the cost for auto manufacturers to attain the clean air standards. Gapping up 14% with a 13.3M share float.


I bought $CDTI long at 2.45 and scaled out on the move to 3.30 for a quick 10% avg return.  Fortunately, i’m not the only one who took the trade!  Many of our students are ALSO profiting from these setups.  We trade a very simple momentum day trading strategy.  I teach this strategy in our day trading courses.


How did our students perform?



From our Students

09:36 R M: out CDTI from 2.35-3.04

09:33 D S.: made 270 thks ross

09:36 J F: daily goal hit on that one…kaboom! Nice trade CDTI Ross

09:36 S W: Ive seen enough I need you in my life Ross!!

09:41 A M: $500 AVEO & CDTI.  Thanks, Ross!

09:54 b m: +.22 and +.13 on my CDTI trades, thanks Ross. great start to the day!

It took me about a week before I was consistent with Ross’s Gap-n-Go strategy. Like they said, paper trade and use small shares at first. And quickness is paramount, so make sure you’re using some form of hotkeys. I use a Razer Orbweaver (it’s for gaming) and have programmed my hotkey’s into the individual buttons.

I never touch the keyboard. One click and I’m buying/selling 500/1000/2000/4000 or 6000 shares. You can do this. You’ll find it easy before too long. Trust me. I went from consistently losing to consistently winning after joining this room. Had a $2,700 win on Friday (best day yet–previous was $1,600 three days before).

I took the daytrade course and signed up for the chat the same day. Like I said, it’s a lot of info to digest, but when you get it you get it. I’ve also found I’m developing a weird sort of intuition after doing this for almost 3 months – P. P.