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10% in Wins on Swing Trade Alerts We Teach!

Another week, another couple small cap breakouts. The new strategy I have been using has been phenomenally successful for new traders to follow and for my own swing portfolio as well. We are averaging a 70%+ win rate for swings for the past couple months. The strategy is simple and easy to follow. In my watch list that goes out to our members every day, you get the 3 best trade candidates AND the trigger prices for each one. Along with entry prices come stops and profit targets.


Our swing trade alerts are easy to learn and replicate!

If you are a new trader seeking to get your trading career off the ground, this coming Monday, June 29, we are running a completely new course! The Intro to Trading Course is a 3 day course designed to get new traders off the ground in their trading. We understand that the amount of information, conflicting information and resources is incredible when you are first starting out in this industry. The course is 10 chapters, recorded LIVE that covers the most basic questions we receive as trading educators. After the class is completed each day, we will remain for a Q&A session until EVERYONE has had their questions answered. This class is being offered at a steep discount and is available for life, so you can continually review and pick up things you might have missed.


This week we had wins on:


SYMX– Alerted buy at $1.43. Max potential after alert $1.67 or 16.78% in 2 days.

RFP – Alerted buy at $11.60. Max potential after alert $12.06 or 3.96% in 1 day.

SEED – Alerted buy at $2.41. Max potential after alert $2.59 or 7.46% in 1 day.

LF – Alerted buy at $1.52. Max potential after alert $1.58 or 3.95%.


Now keep in mind, these are maximum potential gains that COULD have been realized without the trades EVER coming against us. These are great alerts, but because we never which trades are going to move 5% and which trades are going to move 15%, we are scaling out every 5% as long as we continue to see ascending volume and candle over candle confirmation of the trend continuation. Any trader will tell you, a 5% winner is a GREAT trade. And because we are scaling out on the move to the upside, we will never go broke taking our profits along the way!


Here is the weekly closed swing trade video recap for this past week. Every week we manage to find some stock, somewhere breaking out and putting in big moves. The best way to capitalize on these breakouts is to be in a position of advantage when they start to go. Sign up now for access to our day trading chat room and swing trade daily watch list, SMS text and email alerts.

Here is an example of the swing trade watch list that goes every night to traders in our community: