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Another Great Week for Swing Trade Winners

Another week filled with swing trade winners!

As I had hoped and expected, we started October and the fall off with some clean and much needed price action. Fall trading has returned with a bang, and as such, I am sizing up on trades and increasing trade frequency. As I have stated many times in my swing trading course, video recaps and in the chat room, we cannot force trades. We have to let the setups come to us and be prepared to sit on our hands when necessary. When the time is right, we will know and we will pounce. The key to being a successful trader is ALWAYS going to be good risk management. A gambler always talks about their wins, a traders always talks about the risk. Hitting swing trade winners is no different than finding intraday momentum opportunities. The advantage that we have with swing trading is generally, slower trending trades with a longer time frame and less risk.

New traders and part time traders alike, tend to gravitate toward swing trading. Day traders will also swing trade as well, realizing there are opportunities in diversifying strategies. In any case, the trades are heating up and it is never too soon learn how we make money trading stocks.

Swing trade winners and alerts this week came from INO MOMO ABCO TTMI IRDM NVAX LEJU and CONN


Watch below for details on the swing trades from this week: