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Another HUGE for Small Cap Swing Trading

Small cap swing trading remains profitable across varying market conditions!

We did it again folks, the third straight week of massive gains from our small cap swing trade scanner this week.


On June 22, 2015, we will begin our next LIVE Swing Trade and Options Education Course where I will discuss not only how to find these trades, setup the scanners to do so, and execute the trades, but also risk management, fundamental and technical analysis, options and identifying breakout stocks before they breakout. It is an information PACKED course designed to help you become a self sufficient master of risk and a profitable trader. This will be the last live swing trade course offered at this price. After July 7, prices will be increasing!


This week we had wins on:

THLD – Alerted buy at $3.93. Max potential after alert $4.25 or 8.14% in 5 days.

ATEN – Alerted buy at $6.84. Max potential after alert $7.38 or 7.89% in 5 days.

FGEN – Alerted buy at $19.45. Max potential after alert $21.80 or 12.08% in 2 days.

RTRX – Alerted buy at 32.95. Max potential after alert $34.22  or 3.85% in 3 days.


Every week we find winners just like this. The past couple weeks have been even bigger for us! It is all about finding the RIGHT setups and using the RIGHT strategy to capitalize. These trades are simple, cheap and if done right, much safer than day trading in this choppy market. Check out these same types of results from our first week in June. It CAN be done, but it has to be done right. Rinse and repeat.


Small Cap Swing Trading – Video Recap for Week ending June 19, 2015