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$AVEO +$769 in 30min



I’m so proud of our students today!  A 93% success rate among the traders who took positions on $AVEO. This is really great performance.  We have been working hard to teach our students how to trade the markets and these types of days are great reminders of why we work so hard.  Great job everyone!!
From our pre-market analysis I wrote “$AVEO – (50m share float) announced presentation of a study and FDA feedback at ASCO coonference May 31″, I told traders I was watching this long over 1.95.  I took my first position at 1.95, doubled at 2.00, and sold on the first move through 2.50 for a 16% winner.  We make these trades very simple to understand because we want trades to be able to learn our strategy.  This was a Gap and Go and Momentum Day Trading Strategy winner.

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10:07 Klim  Bim: Ross just thankyou +4360 AVEO


09:43 scott laing: all out up 900


09:42 david g: +315 on AVEO for that first 12 minutes


09:43 Kool MoDee: +$400


09:43 Don S: 375


09:44 P P: You rock, Ross. Wouldn’t have this level of confidence or success without your generosity and willingness to teach. Thanks.


09:42 A M: $300


09:43 Andres DSE: $159 first time ever paper trading