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How to Find Stocks

How to Find Stocks in an Exploding Theme

  Are you bullish on a idea or industry? Maybe you see the tastes of a specific demographic changing before Wall Street can see it. Or perhaps real estate in your area is booming, but the boom isn’t showing up in your regional homebuilder’s stock price. All of us have unique vantage points that allow […]

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Cash App

Cash App Review 2021: The Next Best Trading App?

Brief Overview Cash App is a new brokerage service. As the name suggests, most of its features will be found on a mobile platform. Because the company is owned by Square, the well-known payment processor, it also offers several cash management tools. Here’s the rundown: App Overview and Customization At the heart of Cash App, […]

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webull desktop review

Webull Desktop Review [2021]: How It Compares

  Brief Overview Webull recently performed a major overhaul on its desktop software. In this Webull desktop review we take an in-depth look at how it performs and how it matches up against their competitors. Called Webull 4.0, the new program is capable of delivering a high-level trading experience. The broker has continued to make […]

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market on open order

Market-On-Open Order: Should You Use Them?

  A market-on-open order is used to participate in the opening auction of an exchange. Because the MOO order is a market order, it guarantees execution, but not price. Interactive Brokers defines the market-on-open order as: “A Market-on-Open (MOO) order combines a market order with the OPG time in force to create an order that […]

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Broker Arbitration

Broker Arbitration: How to Resolve a Dispute

  Losing money while trading in the stock market is not unusual, but your stock broker should never be the cause of it. This is where broker arbitration comes in. So, what legal options are available to you when your broker has been negligent? In this post, we go into further detail about when traders […]

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Contingent orders

Contingent Orders: How They Work

  Contingent orders require an event to occur to trigger their execution. They’re contingent on something happening. If that something doesn’t happen, the order is never executed and remains resting with your broker. These might also be referred to as “conditional orders.”  Here’s how Nasdaq defines a contingent order: “An order which can be executed […]

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SPAC Stocks

Beginners Guide to SPAC Stocks [2021]

  What is a SPAC? SPAC stocks is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. They’re essentially shell companies that raise money, go public, then use the funds to buy a company and bring it public. You can think of them as publicly-traded venture capital firms that only ever make one investment with a specific deadline to […]

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Selling Calls and Put Options

Selling Calls and Put Options For Premium

Introduction to Options Every options contract has two sides–the buyer and the writer. You’re likely familiar with how buying an option works. You buy the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell a stock by a specified date, at a specified price. But someone has to sell that right, and that’s the option […]

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