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Falcon Trading Computers Review 2020

Falcon Trading Computers
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  • Cost
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Falcon Trading Computers are some of the best in the business. We highly recommend checking out their products because when it comes to trading you need the very best equipment.

Falcon Trading Computers

Falcon Trading Computers specializes in building custom trading computers that extremely powerful and capable of running all your trading software programs with some systems supporting up to 16 monitors. They offer a wide range of customer computers based on your budget and personal needs.

They also offer custom laptops that are very powerful and able to support multiple monitor setups, which I found to be great for the traveling trader who wants to bring his workstation with them.

Not only does Falcon Trading Systems offer some of the best trading computers around, they have one of the best customer services I have dealt with in any business. They were quick and professional in their responses and were always willing to go out of their way to make sure I understood my options and what would best fit for my needs.

Falcon Computers Cost

Falcon Trading has a few different base models for both desktops and laptops that you can choose from and then you can go in and customize from there based on what you will need to with. Starting with desktops you can choose between the Falcon F-25, Falcon F-37x and the Falcon F-52x. They also have a GT series that features more expensive base models with the Falcon F-37GT and the Falcon F-52GT. Here is a list of the base prices for each one:

  • Falcon F-35 $1,493
  • Falcon F-37GT $1,946
  • Falcon F-52GT $2,130

With each of these models  you can go in and customize the parts so that you have the best setup based on how many monitors you need and how much power you will be using but keep in mind that prices can go up from there. I personally use the F-37GT with four monitors and it has surpassed all my computing needs and then some. It is a very powerful computer that runs all my programs seamlessly and even looks super cool.

Trading Laptops

Falcon also offers some high-end, custom laptops with three different base models you can choose from including: Falcon F-10, Falcon F-11 Pro and the Falcon F-30 Extreme. The Falcon F-10 starts at a base price of $1,549 and the Falcon F-11 Pro is a just a little bit more at $1,599 due to the bigger monitor size. The Falcon F-30 Extreme is a beast of a laptop with tons of power and is their most expensive laptop with a base price of $2,499.

The laptops are great especially if you travel a lot like I do. You can get a traveling monitor that hooks up via USB and can pretty much hook up anywhere there is internet connection. As with the desktops, the different base models are priced in accordance to the specs they come with but you can also go in and customize them if you want say a more powerful CPU or more RAM but keep in mind that prices will go up with the more customizations you add.

Now these may seem like high prices, but you have to remember that you are investing in a piece of machinery that will give allow you to trade the markets at ease with plenty of juice to run all your programs no problem. Computer issues are the worst so making sure you have the best tools available will only help increase your chances of surviving the markets.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been trading for a while now and when I first started out I didn’t have a computer that was designed to handle the amount of programs and monitors that is required for a full time day trader. I was at a clear disadvantage and it showed in my pnl. I’m not saying that if you buy a trading computer you will make more money but having the proper tools to compete with other traders is absolutely necessary to increasing your chances of survival.

At Falcon Trading Computers you will receive the highest quality components in your trading rig that have been vigorously tested before being sent to you. You will also be met with some of the best customer service I have dealt with and that is why I recommend checking them out if you’re looking to take your trading setup to the next level. If you would like more information you can check out their website here.

As always if you have any questions regarding Falcon Computers, please leave us a message below!


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