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Multiple Swing Trade Alerts for 20%+ Wins

This week’s winning swing trade alerts

As we move into fall trading, we leave the light volume choppiness of summer behind us. We now move toward the inevitable “Santa Rally,” as traders get back to work and moor their big yachts for the off season. The trading this summer and overall this year, as I have mentioned on multiple occasions, has been insanely difficult. The volume of swing trade alerts is down year over year as a result of the unreliable market conditions. As always, risk management is paramount when swing trading.


The macro economic influences from abroad, and even with our own economy have wreaked havoc on logic and made volatility the new norm. However, we continue to remain quite profitable and with a healthy 65% win rate on the year, despite the choppy conditions. We accomplish this again, through risk management and finding only the highest quality trades we can locate and manage.


The swing trade alerts from this past week have been exceptionally clean and helped us finish September strong, and start October fall trading even stronger.


Swing Trade Alerts for the Week of October 2, 2015

SFUN – SouFun Holdings Ltd (NYSE:SFUN)

Trade alerted on 09/29/15 – buy alert $6.00 – maximum profit potential $1.34 or 22.33% over 4 days

FCS – Fairchild Semiconductor Intl Inc (NASDAQ:FCS)

Trade alerted on 09/30/15 – buy alert $13.90 – maximum profit potential $.23 or 1.65% over 1 day

NFLX – Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) – Options trade

Trade alerted on 10/01/15 – buy alert $3.25 – maximum profit potential $.55  or 20% over 2 days

IMGN – ImmunoGen, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMGN)

Trade alerted on 10/02/15 – buy alert $10.33 – maximum profit potential $.63 or 6.1% over 1 day


One other trade worthy of mention that I did not alert, but did put on my watch list, was THRX. Several students out traded me on this one and banked huge. I am super proud of them for taking the initiative to trade on their own, based on what I taught them. They didn’t wait around to mirror an alert, they did it themselves! Remember, winning swing trade alerts don’t always have to come from me! Learn to trade the strategies we teach, learn to build your watch list and learn to trade your own alerts!

THRX – Theravance Inc (NASDAQ:THRX)

On my swing trade watch list for a buy over $7.88 – maximum profit potential $.79 or 10% intraday

All you had to do to make money on THRX today was read my watch list email sent out the night before, set your order to buy, and then sell for profits when you felt comfortable. I know I regret not taking this one, but am happy for those who got paid with this easy 10% runner.


Always let your winners run, and cut your losses early. I did not capture the full range of these winners, but we did have Warrior Trading students who did. Good job this week everyone!


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