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how to start day trading with $500

How to Start Day Trading With $500

How to Start Day Trading With $500 Making excellent returns as a day trader typically requires a decent amount of capital to start out, but today we will cover how to start day trading with $500. So, allow me to preface this article with that disclaimer: it’s quite challenging to multiply any amount of money […]

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Best Technical Analysis Books

Best Technical Analysis Books for New Traders

If you would like to start trading various financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, and mutual funds, it is important to read the best books on technical analysis. Reading books is one of the best low-cost ways to advance your knowledge of the financial markets. Since most of the technical analysis books that we […]

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Margin Account vs Cash Account

Margin Account vs Cash Account: What’s Best for You?

There are several types of brokerage accounts, but mostly, they are variants of two basic account types: margin account or cash account.  Put most straightforward, a cash account requires the client to pay in full for the securities they buy for their account. If they have $500, they can only buy $500 worth of securities, […]

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Day Trading Risk Management

Day Trading Risk Management Strategies

Table of contents Creating a Plan Paid to Take Risks Allocating Your Capital Risk Management for Different Strategies Systematic Day Trading Risk Management Discretionary Day Trading Strategies How to Measure Risk Different Types of Strategy Returns Here is the Math Here are some Techniques Determining a Stop Loss Using Technical Analysis Don’t ride by the […]

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Order Imbalance

What is an Opening and Closing Order Imbalance?

An order imbalance is when one side of the trade (buy or sell) meaningfully outweighs the other side. As a consequence of supply and demand, a significant imbalance in one direction is bound to affect the price of that security.  Understanding Order Imbalances The NYSE and NASDAQ both disseminate order imbalance information each day on […]

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How to Day Trade Options

How to Day Trade Options in 2021

Day trading options has become has become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons. The chance of a much higher rate of return is the main reason. Options offer several other benefits and, if used wisely, are an excellent way to help day traders reach their financial goals. If you are considering day trading options, […]

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Level 2

Spotting Breakouts With Level 2

What’s up everyone. All right, so during this episode I’m going to break down for you one of the tricks that I use in spotting breakouts with Level 2. Now this trick is based on using level two and seeing both big buyers and big sellers in terms of understanding where you’ve got points of […]

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hemp stocks

Top Hemp Stocks to Watch in 2020

With hemp stocks prices tied to regulatory decisions, all eyes are on the US government. Is it time to buy hemp stocks? The short answer is that you still might need to wait for a specific catalyst. Hemp stocks were taken out to the woodshed in 2019 as regulation, and overproduction put downward pressure on […]

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How to Trade the VIX

How to Trade the VIX

Wall Street investors tend to get very nervous during times of heightened volatility such as the 2008 financial crisis. That’s why some of them look toward the CBOE volatility index in an attempt to get some downside protection during times or market turbulence. What is the VIX? The CBOE volatility index, known by its ticker symbol VIX, […]

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