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Comfort Zone

Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone

Breaking Out Of The Comfort Zone After intensively studying the precious material of the WarriorPro course and investing every minute of my free-time during each weekday night and focusing on it for entire week-end days I finally decided to make it happen. It was the end of March 2016 when I broke out of my comfort […]

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Always Review Your Trades

Always Review Your Trades   In days like today, when the US market is closed, it’s really a great time to take this time for stepping back to zoom out and look for the bigger picture. Keep reviewing the trades every day as things settle down allows every trader to learn from mistakes and to […]

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Trading and Traveling

Trading and Traveling with Warrior Trading   Hey everyone!  I wanted to make a blog post on Trading and Traveling.  As you guys all probably know, I don’t travel much.  I’m not a jet setter flashing dollar bills and a million dollar life style.  That’s just not who I am.  Even though I’ve been very […]

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